Supernatural Recap: Caged Heat

Meg is back, and I’m loving her just a little bit. Sam gets kidnapped by Meg and her demon goons, and he convinces Dean to work with her, She’s a Lucifer sympathizer and Crowley wants her dead. Bottom line, they all hate Crowley, and she’s willing to torture him to get Sammy his soul back. So the boys reluctantly agree to team up, and even take back the demon killing knife. 
 The boys need a little help locating Crowley, so they call upon Castiel, whose been a little MIA. When he doesn’t come upon first call, Sam lies about finding the Ark of the Covenant, but when Cas comes and he can’t deliver he goes to leave, Sam promises that he will hunt and kill the angel if he doesn't help out. Can we say worse idea ever? But he’s suddenly seeming like he actually wants his soul back even if Castiel and Crowley agree it’s kind of a bad thing.
His soul’s been trapped in hell with Michael and Lucifer all this time, and they’ve been taking their frustrations out on it the entire time. His soul is in shreds, and it’s a good likelihood that if Sammy does get his soul back he’ll be drooling in the corner. But onward he pushes.
As the boys research, Castiel watches porn, curious to see why the pizza boy was repeatedly slapping the babysitter’s bottom. Hilarious, and awkward.
Once learning the location of Crowley’s prison, the boys, Cas and Meg make it inside, but Crowley’s got hellhounds guarding the place. Meg’s gonna cause a diversion while the guys get away. She plants a wet one on Cas, stealing his angel blade, and he kisses her back harder, the way he learned from the pizza boy.
Samuel Campbell betrays the boy, giving Crowley a heads up that they’re coming his way. And he finally reveals why he’s been Crowley’s bitch all season, Crowley plans to bring back Mary if Samuel cooperates. As the boys are locked up Dean promises to hunt him down and kill him.
Having no feelings finally comes in handy when Sam takes a bite out of himself. But its for a good cause, he uses the blood to draw a devil’s trap on the ceiling of his cell. Not only getting himself free, but he manages to free Dean as well.
Demon Christian tortures Meg for some information, which does him no good, and Dean kills him for his trouble. Turns out Meg is much better at whole torturing thing, when she turns her charms on Crowley, he ends up spills the beans on ole Sammy’s soul.
And when it became apparent that Crowley could do no more for Sam, Cas arrives bones in hands, ready for a little bonfire, and its bye bye King of Hell. I’m more than a little sad about that one.
Sam decides he doesn’t want his soul back, he’s fine without it, and it’s too damaged, whereas Dean wants nothing more than to have his brother back, soul and all.  Instead of getting into the Impala in the end, Sam walks away. I don’t blame him for not wanting it, but at the same time, he can’t keep down the path he’s on.


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