Day Three of San Francisco Salute to Supernatural

The boys finally take the stage for the final day of the convention. The house was jammed packed, and the boys did not disappoint.

Jared was asked about bad hair days to which he asked " Do I have bad hair days?" and the fan responded with "All of Season 3."

Both were asked about shows that they have to endure because of their wives. Jensen: Real Housewives, Jared: Jersey Shore, though it was more his guilty pleasure than his wife's.

Both Jared and Jensen showed some dance moves. And the teasing continued with questions about Jared and his scarves, (he has 3, and no he doesn't share them with Gen because he's so big and she's so small they'd be blankets on her) and the fact that the boys are man-whores.

The boys entertained themselves and the crowd with a catchy little beat of the banging of their mics, much to the dismay of the sound guy, but normal Jensen and Jared antics when they're together.

And they wrapped up their session by auctioning off items that Jared had lifted from the set, but for a good cause. The first items up for auction from Jared's klepto acts were a watch from the third season and a chair back, and the second auction was the name plates from their trailer from an upcoming episode. All proceeds went to the 5 Gyres, an organization trying to bring attention to and tackle the trash islands, one of which is twice the size of Texas.

Brock Kelly aka Young Dean Winchester came onstage a little late. Jensen and Jared ran over in time for both their session and the autographs, not that the fans were complaining. There are a couple of guest spots coming up, but nothing big yet. It is pilot season after all and Brock seemed hopeful.

Richard Speight, Jr. wrapped up the convention, and even though he had been on stage the day before, he still had plenty to keep us all entertained until the end. From his Snoop Dog stories from when they filmed the Pepsi commercials to buying tickets for Ice Dancing with Misha, to fan questions about his eyes, which are whatever hazel is, he never missed a beat. And the perfect ending to the weekend, Richard's Trickster snap.


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