I Am Number Four Pre-Screening Sponsored by Hot Topic

When I heard about this event I was pretty excited because not only would I get a a chance to attend a pre-screening of this action packed science fiction movie with some pretty hot actors, but I would also get the chance to meet them in person and get their autographs! Wow what a deal right? Well on February 12, 2011 I would actually meet Alex Pettyfer an English actor known for his work as Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006), Tormented (2009), and Beastly (2011), Dianna Agron, who also stars on the hit television series "Glee" on Fox, which by the way is one of my favorite shows, and Teresa Palmer known for her works in "2:37" (2006), "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (2010), and "Take Me Home Tonight" (2011).

First they would be making an appearance at the Hollywood & Highland Hot Topic located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, CA. 90028 at 2pm. Hot Topic +1 members could purchase any I Am Number Four T-shirt at this location and receive a wristband that guarantees the opportunity to meet these three beautiful stars and also have access to the special screening immediately after the signing event. Only one catch though, there would be no photos taken with or of Alex, Dianna & Teresa during the meet and greet session. We did come away with a nice sized poster with their autographs, which by the way is among the other signed posters I have on my wall of fame from last years Comic-Con 2010. Dianna was nice enough to actually sign the "Glee" poster I acquired that year so I am definitely glad I had brought it along since she was not among the cast members to not show up. The publicist for "I Am Number Four" wasn't too happy about it but Dianna didn't seem to mind. She was actually the only one who extended her hand out as she greeted me, Teresa and Alex not so much of a greeter. In fact Alex didn't even say a word, just smiled and nodded as I said "I can't wait to see you in 'Beastly' next month as well." All in all it was fun meeting and talking to them in person.

Now for the pre-screening of the movie. It would be my very first time watching a movie at the Grauman Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, because as you know this is where all the red carpet premiers take place. As an avid movie goer, I was so ecstatic! So after waiting a few hours in line, in walks Alex & Dianna with a couple of Hot Topic backpacks! Alex wore a Star Wars Storm Trooper backpack & Dianna wore an oh so cute Yoda backpack. Now how awesome is that! I couldn't tell if Teresa had one too, but nonetheless I am such a huge Star Wars fan myself that when i saw them wearing them i screamed a little inside. I only wish that i could have taken my own pictures and recorded the whole thing for everyone to see. I did mange to get a few photos from Hot Topic though as you can see. Dianna, Alex and Teresa said a few words about the movie and Teresa stressed how sweet the soundtrack to the movie was and to be sure to get it. Nice plug for the artists i must say.

The movie was as good as I thought it would be, the storyline riveting, the acting genuine, the love story very believable, well there have been rumors that Alex & Dianna had been dating, and the special effects pretty damn awesome. There was also a hint of a sequel towards the end.
So yes I would definitely recommend watching this movie and of course anything these fabulous three are working on in the future.


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