In Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 1

Released: 7/19/2006 304 pages
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58240-619-7

News from Comic Con is that the Walking Dead comic books are about to be adapted to television. I could not be more excited to hear that great news. They are set to premiere on halloween, so in honor of that, I'll be reviewing each of the past editions before that!

The first book of the series covers #1-12, and if you haven't picked this one up yet, I highly recommend it.

This series is about more than the zombies and the chaos, more than about how it all happened. In fact, how isn't even really touched on. Because lets face facts, if the dead are up and walking, and eating everyone, the why isn't nearly as important as the surviving part is.

The beginning is very 28 Days Later in that our hero, Rick Grimes, wakes up amid the chaos that the world has become. Everything around his is destroyed, and hope is fleeting. His goal is simple to get back to the family that he knows is still out there.

It's a quick paced introduction to the rag tag group that has banded together for safety, from not only the undead but other survivors who may just be a bigger threat. We get a glimpse at how much life has changed, and how much has stayed the same.

The comic is completely done in black and white, its very gritty, and very realistic. The hardcover version includes a sketchbook along with notes from Robert Kirkman and cover art for each of the issues.


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