Supernatural Recap: Mommy Dearest

8th Street Lounge, two guys leave, sees the Mother in her blood smudged dress. One throws out a cheesy pick up line, she caresses his cheek, and goes inside, locking the door behind her. A patron inside asks if she’s okay seeing the blood on her dress, she kisses him and he slumps over, his friend tries to help him and the friend assaults him. Eve claims she gave him a gift. She walks around bestowing her gifts and soon everyone is attacking and eating everyone else, spreading the infection, as she sits watching.

Dean loads shotgun shells with Phoenix ash. Dean doubts the ash, rubbing it on his skin to no effect. Sam thinks its like iron against fae, doesn’t hurt humans, burns the fae. Bobby tells Dean its time to call Cas, but he balks. Cas appears suddenly to see the progress on finding Eve. There’s tension between he and Dean. Sam thinks that they should look for a “friendly” monster. They send Cas for Lenore. She’s less than pleased to see the boys, they want to know about Eve, but she wants nothing to do with Eve. Lenore has been doing her best to resist Eve, she claims that she can’t help them. Sam tries to reason with Lenore. She finally tells them where she’s at, Grant’s Pass. Lenore begs for death, because she’s a danger and she can’t help herself because of Eve. Castiel lays hands on her and fries her.

The boys arrive, and the town seems too normal. Cas says he’ll search, but when he tries to pop out, he finds himself blocked, powerless. They don’t find much off in the town. One case called into the CDC is the only lead. They go to see the doctor handling the case, Cas makes for an awkward and hilarious partner, but the doctor isn’t in. Dean and Cas decide to pick the lock and have a look around his office. Dean notices blood, leading to a corpse.

Bobby and Sam head to the doctor’s house, no answer. As they’re leaving, a sheriff stops them. He was coming to see if the doctor was feeling ok, Bobby’s fast talking gets him to put out an APB on the doctor. Reunited Bobby, Sam, Dean and Cas compare notes.

They go to the corpse’s house, to talk to his roommates. No answer, so the boys bust down the door, but all are dead inside, except one. He looks like the original corpse, Ed, but his driver’s license shows different. The boys learn of Ed and Marshall’s encounter with Eve.

They head to the 8th Street bar, and Dean coins the new species of vampire/wraith’s Jefferson Starships, because they’re horrible and hard to kill. The cause of death seems to have been flu like symptoms. They suspect Eve is creating monsters, and then the cops bust Bobby, Cas and Sam as Dean hides. As they get to the police station, one of the cops begins to attack the others, he’s a Jefferson starship. Dean arrives, taking out a few, and Cas gets a few as well. They refrain from killing them all, as they question the Sherriff, who seems to have been in on it the whole time. He’s the healthiest specimen yet.

Noises draw Sam and Dean away from the interrogation. They find two young boys bound and gagged in a cell. They put the young boys through tests to make sure they’re human, and deem them to be so. The boys were suppose to be food for the monsters they say. Cas tells Dean that they need to find Eve, but Dean insists on taking the boys home, on making them the top priority.

Cas sees Sam and Dean’s soft spot for children to be a danger. Bobby set him on the course of making the sheriff give up the mother, as Sam and Dean return the boys to their family. The sheriff taunts them, Cas tells bobby that he needs five minutes alone with him, even if his angel mojo isn’t working. He leaves and Cas gets the address where the mother is.
She’s been at the diner they’d gone to when they first arrived in town. Dean and Sam decide to go in alone, with Bobby and Cas as a failsafe. Using his phone to check, Sam sees that all of the patrons inside are starships. Before they can leave the boys come face to face with Eve, who quickly disposes of their phoenix ash filled bullets.

Eve claims that she doesn’t want to fight. She’s a fan of the natural order, a few of her children turn humans, and hunters kill her children. She turns into Sam and Dean’s mother to get her point across. She doesn’t want them, she wants Crowley. He’s not really after Purgatory, but the souls. They’re power. She claims that she’ll turn all the humans, so that all the souls will come to her. She’s been building the perfect beast, and she finally has, one of the little boys, Ryan. Little Ryan’s uncle finds the other brother, Joe, dead right before Ryan kills him too.

Eve gives the boys an offer. If they bring Crowley to her, she lets them live. Dean refuses, and the starships bring in Castiel and Bobby. Dean stands firm with her against her offer. He tells her to bite him, and she does. She immediately starts choking. He ingested the phoenix ash. They all stand by watching her die, the starships start to panic. Cas tells them to shut their eyes, and Eve’s death is marked by a ball of light. Cas fixes Dean’s wound.

They go back to Ryan’s house and find that someone has already taken care of the problem. Looks to be the work of demons. The boys try to make sense of it all, which makes them believe that what Eve said was true about Crowley. Cas says that he burned the bones, but he’ll look into it, and disappears. Bobby says that its not like Cas to make mistakes like that unless he meant to. Dean doesn’t want to believe it, but its hard for him not to.

Cas goes back to the diner, standing over the mother’s body. Crowley comes saying that he’s tired of cleaning up Cas’s messes.


This Just In: High Flyer Death Defyer


The office of Aerospace Security Today Released New Images of HFDD Agent Known as “Jon Doe” Fleeing Previously Unknown Defector Strongholds

WARNING! The Office of Aerospace Security is cautioning all residents of the floating utopia Caen and outlying sky cities to be on the watch for the infamous High Flyer Death Defyer rebel known as "John Doe." Doe was recently pursued into restricted airspace where government forces discovered settlements operating off the grid - leading officials to believe that rogue populations may be larger and better organized than previously anticipated. Surveillance photos of Doe and the rogue sky cities are included for public dissemination and review here:
About High Flyer Death Defyer
High Flyer Death Defyer (HFDD) is an "avoider" style action game that has players free falling through floating cities in a shattered world design with a comic book aesthetic. Taking advantage of the mobile platforms' accelerometer technology, HFDD straddles the line between casual and hardcore gaming with its production quality, depth and pick up and play ability. Scheduled to release Summer 2011, HFDD will be available on all iOS mobile platforms and the Android.
Game Mechanic Studios, LLC is an independent video game development studio dedicated to developing and publishing high quality games. Launched in 2008, the company has worked with numerous artists, designers and programmers in the gaming industry to create a number of top-notch titles. Based in Tarzana, Calif., Game Mechanic Studios is helmed by industry veterans Jason Alejandre, Jeff Hua and Henry Ji. More information is available at 


Game of Thrones Recap: The Kingsroad

Daenerys has a rough time riding with her nomadic tribe, and adjusting to life as the Khaleesi. The riding is hard on her, but her brother Viserys is doing fine as he continues making promises of what his reign will be like.
Tyrion awakes with the hounds, his snotty nephew Joffery  finding him. Tyrion smacks some common sense into the boy, I do love Tyrion. Peter Dinklage plays him to perfection. The Lannisters discuss Bran over breakfast. Despite his horrendous fall, Bran will live, much to the Queens dismay. Tyrion plans to go to the Wall, and he’s hoping for Bran’s recovery wanting to hear the boy’s story.
Caitlyn sits watch over her son, Bran. Queen Cersei tells her of the black haired son that she lost, and says that she prays that Bran will be returned to her. Cersei almost sounds sincere.
Jamie Lannister finds John Snow at the Blacksmiths. He claims that he is thankful for the men on the wall, but he’s condescending. Snow tries not to take offense, but it does plant a seed of doubt in him. He goes to see his sister Arya, to give her the gift from the blacksmith, a sword she names Needle. He gives her some sage advice “Stick him with the pointy end,” and they say goodbye. Next he comes to say goodbye to Bran, though Catelyn is less than happy about it. He tells Bran of his plans to become a member of the Night’s Watch, and that he wishes for Bran to come visit when he awakens. Catelyn tells him to leave, as Ned overhears. He watches his son leave, before going to sit with his wife. 17 years ago he road off with Robert and came back with another woman’s son, John Snow; she tells him that she cannot do it this time, she doesn’t want him to become Hand, but he says that she must.
Snow and Robb say their goodbyes, before all set off. Ned is the last to say goodbye to his son as he goes with the King, and Snow to the Wall. Ned tells him that the next time they see each other they will finally talk of his mother, and with that, they take their separate paths.
Ned and Robert reminiscence about old times and Lilah, Snow’s mother, there is regret in Ned’s voice. Robert tells Ned that Daenerys has married a horse lord. Robert wants to kill the lot of them, but Ned does not believe they are a threat since there is a sea that separates them. Robert says that a war is coming.
Khal Drogo takes his wife roughly from behind once again, as he does she finds pleasure in her dragon eggs.
John Snow meets his new brothers, rapers who chose the wall over castration. Snow asks Tyrion why he reads so much. He tells him that things are expected of him, that his father was Hand for the old king. Until his brother killed the old king, Snow points out. The two form an uneasy friendship through banter.
Catelyn so distraught over the turn of events cannot handle the simple takes her domain requires. Robb steps in, and tries to get his mother to take care of her other children, he sees a fire, and runs to take care of it. Once alone, Catelyn is attacked by Bran’s would-be assassin. She fights him off as best she can, but Bran’s direwolf saves them both. He takes up post on the boys bed.
The women bathe Daenerys. She talks with them of the dragons, one tells her a dragon tale. She makes the other women leave, and the two get to know each other better. Daenerys wants to learn to make the Khal happy.
Snow, Tyrion and the others make it to the Wall.
Catelyn leaves Bran’s bedside, to see where Bran fell from. Walking through the ruins she finds a suspicious clear spot on the floor and a blonde hair. She tells a group of trusted men that she believes that Lannisters are behind it. The men agree, the knife the assassin used was Valarian steel and dragon bone. Catelyn decides to ride after her husband to tell him her findings.
The whore tells Daenerys that she must look him in the eyes. “Love comes in at the eyes.” She writhes on top of her, showing her how to seduce him, and although Daenerys takes charge she is still unsure. When Khal comes to her bed she refuses to let him take her like a slave. She takes rides him instead.
Sansa walks Lady, bumping into the Hound and Joffrey. Joffrey and Sansa go for a walk. Arya and the Butcher’s boy, Micah, sword fight with sticks, when the two over hear them. Joffrey tells him to draw his sword, but Micah doesn’t want to. Cruelly Joffrey cuts his cheek, but Arya hits Joffrey with her stick before he can hurt Micah more. Micah runs away, and Sansa whines that Arya is ruining everything. Joffrey attacks Arya with his sword, and she falls. Her direwolf leaps to her rescue, biting Joffrey’s arm. Arya throws his sword into the river, and she and her wolf run away. Sansa goes to comfort her prince, but Joffrey does not want her to. As armed men look for Arya and her wolf, she sends the wolf away so that she will not be killed. Night falls and they still search for Arya. The Lannisters find her and take her before the King and Queen.
Ned is furious that his daughter was not brought to him. Joffrey claims that Micah and Arya attacked him with clubs as her wolf mauled him. Sansa is brought forth, but she is torn between the two. She says that she does not remember what happened. Robert says that children fight, but Cersei wants the child punished. Robert says it is over and that they will punish their own children. Cersei asks of the direwolf, but Arya’s cannot be found. Cersei wants the other killed, even though both girls protest since Lady is innocent, but Robert just wants to be done with all of it.
As Ned goes to be Lady’s executioner, the Hound comes with the Micah on the back of his horse. He road the boy down. Ned goes and  kills the wolf himself, though it pains him to do it.
Bran awakens.


Supernatural Recap: Frontierland

Sunrise, Wyoming March 5, 1861, Dean is sheriff and he has a shootout at high noon.
Two days and multiple years earlier, the boys go to the Campbell family library. The boys go to look for something to use against the mother. They find that the ashes of a Phoenix will burn the mother, but none know where to find the Phoenix, so on they search. Dean finds a reference by Samuel Colt from 1861. Dean says that “We’ll Star Trek 4 this bitch” and they call Castiel. A bitchy Rachel comes claiming to offer assistance, but instead she delivers a lecture. Castiel comes to intervene and sends her away.
Castiel tells Sam that they have 24 hours to pull this thing off, after that they’ll be lost to him. Dean arrives with cowboy gear, and Sam doesn’t want to dress the part, but at Dean’s insistence he does, enjoying it all way too much. Cas flashes them back, telling Bobby to pray for him in 24 hours and he’ll return.
Dean and Sam head to the saloon, witnessing the hanging of Elias Finch. Elias tells the judge, sheriff and deputy that they’ll burn for this every one of them, and then he dies. Dean and Sam don’t fit in as well as Dean had hoped as he would. They head to speak with the sheriff to find Samuel Colt, Dean goes by Marshall Clint Eastwood, and introduces Sam as “Walker he’s a Texas Ranger.” The sheriff tells him to go to the saloon.
The authenticity is less appealing to Dean at the saloon. They get their information, and Darla the saloon girl with grimy teeth and sores on her mouth, comes to accost Dean. Luckily before he can throw up on her, the judge comes for his appointment and the two head upstairs. She screams, and when the boys come to investigate they find a pile of ashes.
Darla claims that it was a ghost, says that Elias Finch did it. The sheriff says they’re going to form a posse at dawn, and put a bullet in Elias’s head. The boys go to pay their respects, sure that they’ve found their phoenix. They decide that Sam will go to find Colt and get the colt, and Dean will work with the posse. Sam buys a horse and awkwardly rides off.
The sheriff comes face to face with Elias. He shoots him with no luck,and Elias turns him to ash.
Rachel summons Castiel to an empty building. She gives him a holier than thou act, hinting at a dirty little secret. Castiel says that he doesn’t have a choice, and she attacks him with her angel blade. She manages to nick him before he ganks her. He’s leaking light, when he shows up on Bobby’s floor. He uses his blood to make a angel sigil. Bobby doesn’t know if they’re running or fighting, and Cas can’t tell him as he passes out.
Dean shows up in new duds, ready to ride with the posse, which it seems that it’ll be a posse of one. They come across the sheriff’s ashes, and the barkeep names him the new sheriff.
Two demons come across Samuel Colt, he tries to send them away. He tells them to walk away, but they want the devil’s gate opened. He shots them both dead.
Dean finds the deputy on his way out. Dean wants to use him as bait.
Finished disposing of the bodies, Sam finds Colt. He splashes him with holy water, and Sam has to prove that he’s actually a hunter from the future. He gives him his cell phone as proof. Colt doesn’t believe that a phoenix exists, and Sam shows him his journal. Even though he’s suppose to shoot the phoenix in a couple of hours, the drunk Colt wants nothing to do with it. Sam tells him he either has to come with him or give him the gun. Colt tells him the gun is a curse.
Cas awakens, tells Bobby that he was betrayed. Less than an hour remains, and Castiel says that he can’t get the kids from Frontierland, he’s too weak, and the only way to get enough energy is to touch Bobby’s soul. How he delivered that line without laughing is beyond me, I snickered a little. The catch is if he slips, Bobby will explode.
Dean has the deputy in a cage, he wants to know why Finch is after him. Finch arrives, tells Dean to open the door. He can’t get touch iron. Finch’s wife was taken in an alley, the assailant shots both Finch and his wife. The wife dies, and Finch is charged with her murder. Dean doesn’t care if he kills the deputy, but he has to kill him all the same. Finch shoots the deputy, and then turns his attention to Dean.
Sam arrives with the colt, and time continues to tick down, less than 2 minutes left. Dean calls Finch out for a show down, Cas sticks his arm into Bobby. Dean shoots Finch with the colt killing him, and as the seconds tick down, they drop the gun and run towards the pile of ashes, coming up empty handed.
Dean wants to go back, but clearly everyone is spent, it’s not gonna happen. Sam gets a package. They post office has been holding it for over 100 years. Samuel Colt came through. He sent Sam’s phone and a bottle full of ashes. Now the boys are ready to take the fight to the mother.


Meeting "The Robert Pattinson"

Who is Robert Pattinson you might ask? Well if you've been living in a cave or somewhere up in the mountains then yah I could understand why you would not know who this fine specimen is. Rob has been playing 'Edward Cullen' for the last three years from the best selling book series to the movie mania "Twilight Saga". When I found out he was to make a special appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, I had to call up my old high school friend to get me in as VIP again! Well because the show was already booked with an audience, I told him anything. Even just to be in the green room. So that's what I did on April 20, 2011, a day I will never forget. My cousin Jasmine and I waited patiently before he arrived. I couldn't even eat because I was so nervous and excited. I said forget about food, Rob's coming soon and I don't want to miss his arrival. When he did arrive, he looked so cute and adorable in these turqoise pants, and navy blue hoodie with the Nike logo in bright green across it. He had the hoodie over his head along with a pair of ray bans to try and disguise himself. Yah right, like that would actually work on his Twi-hard fans. Well I guess I can also be considered a Twi-Mom, because after all I am not a teenager. In fact my daughter is the teenager and is not Team Edward.
She says she prefers Jacob because his body is hotter. Believe it or not there are alot of women out there just like me, and I am proud of it.

Alright, now that we catch a glimpse of Rob, we yell out his name, and all he could do was smile and giggle like a little boy. How cute is that? Not in the least bit full of himself, never letting stardom go to his head. My brother Eric says he loves me because we had eye contact at least four times during the times he arrived, went out onto the set for the taping, on his way back into the dressing room, and also after the show when he came to greet his fans for autographs and photos. Yes I believe Rob even waved and said hello to me a few times in the green room as he walked to his dressing room. My heart was palpatating during the few seconds our eyes met. I know I am acting like a silly school girl, but seriously I am so star struck I cannot help it. 'Edward ' is such the perfect vampire. Old-school morals and values that I actually look for in a man. He knows what eternal love means, but of course this is just a character in a book, but not just any book. 'Twilight' was actually the first book series I have read yet alone the first book I volunteered to read in probably 10 years. Yes this book saga got me interested in reading, I mean really book shelf is completely full of the vampire/werewolf supernatural genre and I haven't even read all of them yet.

Before Rob steps into the studio/audience for the taping, he changes into this beautiful Gucci navy blue suit that just makes us all swoon, I mean he is Hollywood personified. WOW!

I wished this night would never end, it was literally a dream come true and I could not believe it was actually happening. Ok enough of the teenage babble. What was Rob's purpose for being there one might ask? Well he was promoting his new movie "Water For Elephants" which I could not wait to see. I already knew it would be a smash hit because Rob is an excellent actor. Have you seen "Remember Me"? Rob was also one of the executive producers for this film as well. Someday he's going to have his own production company, mark my words. He's not just a pretty face you know. Not only can he act, but i'll bet you anything he will be a director as well. I saw an interview where he once said that he likes to be behind the scenes as much as onscreen.

Once the taping is finished, my cousin and I rush outside because this is the only place where we can get our 'Water For Elephants' book signed and possibly a photo op with him. Yah, thats what I thought, but as soon as we get to the barricade of fans who had been eagerly waiting to meet Rob, they started yelling things like..."get to the back, we've been here since 5am!!!!" And 'm here thinking how can we? There's no way to squeeze back there, so security says we can stay to the side and hopefully not get beat up by crazy fans. Rob comes out, everybody starts screaming his name, and immediately I begin recording as he is walking in my direction. OH MY GOD! I don't know if he remembered my face and me waving and saying his name like a little girl inside the green room, but that's what he does, walks right in my direction. My camera somehow finds its way down as I hand him my book for him to sign, but with everyone screaming I didn't have a chance to ask him to take a picture with me! I got my autograph but no picture so I am hoping he will come back in my direction for this photo i desperately need. Too many people there so i continue to record this momentous event but then my camera says memory full. What? Memory full, that can't be argh!!!! Security guard says delete some things, haha.....but instead I ask my cousin Jasmine for her camera and start taking pictures, but by this time Rob is well on his way to the other side of the barricade signing AND taking pictures with the other fans! Hey, wait why couldn't he have done that with me and Jasmine? Turns out nervous Nelly, that's me, forgot to put a memory card inside my camera. I recorded what little footage I got in the camera's internal memory. I did manage to take a few pictures but definitely not my best work. Not only that, my cousin did not get her book signed and we both did not get a photo taken with him. But it's ok, we got to see him in person and that was good enough for us, until next time!

If you'd like to see my brief encounter with Rob Pattinson along with the screaming fans, here's a link I've provided. Thanks for watching.


Game of Thrones Recap: Winter is Coming

The Gate opens and three men on horses go down a dark ominous tunnel, they emerge on the other side of a giant wall of ice. From the looks of things winter isn’t coming, it’s here, as the men dismount and investigate, one finds an entire wildling village slaughtered, with heads in pikes, and a child hanging from a tree. The bodies are laid out in a circle with a line down the middle. He tells the others. The leader wants to know how they died, though the others would rather go back. They go back to the camp, but all are gone. They go to find where the bodies have gone, when they’re attacked. The leader is cut down first, and the horses run. The child is spotted, and the young man who originally saw the camp runs in fear. He sees the last member of his group beheaded.
A large group on horseback find the wandering man, they capture him with swords drawn. A single rider goes to the keep.
Young Bran practices his archery as his mother and father watch. Ayra practices her stitching bored as she listens to her brothers. Bran gets coaching from his brothers, and Ayra surprises everyone when she shoots a perfect bulls eye from further back. Lord Eddard Stark, Ned, gets news of the deserter, and sends someone to tell the boys, including 10 year old Bran to come for the execution. The deserter mumbles to himself. He doesn’t cry for absolution, just tells Stark that he saw white walkers, and to warn his family that they are coming. Stark softly gives his sentence and them swings his large sword and beheads the man. Bran is told by his brothers to not look away, and he doesn’t. Stark tells his son that the white walkers have been gone for a thousand years when Bran asks, but he doesn’t sound so sure.
Upon investigating a carcass on the road home, the party come across a liter of direwolf puppies, and their dead mother. Stark thinks to put them down, but Bran begs otherwise. Bastard son, John says that there are five pups one for each of his children, as the direwolf is a symbol of the household. He hands off the pups, and then he finds a sixth pure white pup, just like his last name Snow.
The bells ring, the hand of the king has died. Jamie Lannister tries to comfort his sister the Queen. She fears that John Arryn told someone their secrets that could lead to their beheading. But he thinks otherwise, knowing they’d already be dead if he had.
Catelyn Stark goes to her husband, Ned and tells him of his brother in law’s, John’s death, and that the king rides toward their home Winterfell. He knows that can only mean that he’s going to be offered the job.
The Stark boys prepare for the arrival, and climber Bran warns his mother of their imminent arrival. His mother makes him promise no more climbing, and he does, but she knows he is lying.
The Starks await the Royal party, Sansa with her eye on the prince. When the King finally arrives, it’s a tense moment with he and Stark. The king says “You’ve got fat.” And Stark merely looks at the King’s waist, both embrace each other. The King looks over the children, talking to each, and the Queen finally makes her way over when the King takes Stark off to the crypt to pay his respects to Stark’s sister, his first love. The King offers Ned the job, but Stark is unsure. The King tells him that they will join their houses via his son and Stark’s daughter.
Jamie goes looking for his brother, and he finds Tyrion in a whorehouse nearby. He relays their sister’s summoning.
The King still feels the loss of Ned’s sister at the hands of the Targaryen. The Targaryen’s hide away on a nearby island. Viserys exposes his sister’s, Daenerys, body, caressing her, telling her that he needed her to be perfect today or that she’d wake the dragon. Gross. After the dirty groping she plunges herself into hot steaming bath. Bathed and ready the Targaryen’s await the Dothraki horsemen. Visery tells his that her intended husband Khal Drogo has never been defeated in battle. She walks to meet him, he eye fucks her, and rides off. Visery’s plots his return to the Iron throne. Daenerys doesn’t want to be Queen, but Visery makes her understand that he will do what he needs to, to regain his crown. Telling her “I would let his whole tribe fuck you, all 40,000 men and their horses too if that’s what it took.”
Sensa wonders if Prince Joffrey will like her. She begs her mother to talk her father into taking the King’s offer so that she may marry the prince.
At the King’s feast Caitlyn and the Queen sit together. Outside, Snow practices his sword, he wasn’t invited to the feast to avoid insulting the Lannisters. His uncle talks of the wall, and Snow begs to be taken when he goes back, but his uncle tells him to think what he’s really giving up. Tyrion, the Imp, gets to know Snow. He gives the bastard some advice, knowing how it feels to be an outcast.
Ned speaks to his brother about the deserter that he beheaded which leads to talk of the strange events that have occurred recently. The Queen Cersei talks with Catelyn and Sensa. She compliments Sensa, and even as she says all the right things, Catelyn looks uneasy. Jamie makes taunts Ned, who holds his own, making it clear there is no love loss between the two.
Later alone, the Starks receive a letter from Catelyn’s sister. She says that her husband was murdered, and that Lannister’s conspire against the throne, which makes the decision on the hand offer. Ned will take the job to protect the king, even if it means his life.
At the wedding, Daenerys receives a box of snakes.. Visery’s continues to whine about his crown, and there is a death which pleases Khal Drogo. To the Dothraki, it is a good omen for the marriage. Daenerys looks at it all in horror. She finally receives a gift she actually likes, three petrified dragon’s eggs from the Magister. The Khal leaves, and Daenerys slowly follows behind, fear etched on her features. He leads her to a white mare, asking how to say thank you in Dothraki, but there is no word. The Khal lifts her onto her horse, her brother tells her to “make him happy” before they ride off. Alone after the sun has set, Khal strips her down. She weeps, but he doesn’t speak much of her language, and he takes her from behind.
The Starks prepare for a hunt. The king thanks Ned for accepting the job, his last loyal friend. Bran takes to climbing again, this time some ruins, with his direwolf watching down below. He hears some sounds coming from inside, and goes to investigate. Jamie Lannister has his sister bent over, moaning like a whore.  They catching the peeping Bran, and Jamie throws him out of the high window.


Supernatural Recap: My Heart Will Go On

Pennsylvania a man works has a series of accidents, and ends up beheading himself.
At Bobby’s the boys worry about him. They pussy foot around him, but Bobby wants to find and kill Eve, he claims that it has nothing to do with Rufus, but they think a diversion is in order. Bobby plays grumpy old man to the hilt, and the boys decide to investigate, beside the guy who was beheaded, 2 others are dead, all blood relatives, they wonder if they should wait until “she” returns, but decide against it. The boys drive off in something not the impala! A mustang.
The “she” turns out to be Ellen, now Bobby’s wife? Last we saw Ellen, she and Jo were awaiting hell hounds before they blew both themselves and the hounds sky high, but she’s just returned home from hunting with Jo.
The boys go to investigate the handyman’s death. And they find nothing supernatural, they find gold. Dean goes to talk to a cousin, Russo, but he knows and cares little about the family or the recent deaths. He’s put off by Dean’s seemingly random questions, and Dean tries to warn him of his impending death, and he throws him out of his office.
Time pauses around a travel agent, a blonde comes and steals her keys, hiding them. Time starts again. The travel agent searches for her keys, sees them under the copier, and after a string of random occurances her scarf gets caught in the machine, strangling her. A string falls from her book, and the blonde crosses a name off her list.
Dean and Sam look around the travel agent’s office, she isn’t related to the Handyman, making the boys no longer believe it’s a family curse. And Dean finds a gold thread. Ellen tells Dean that Jo and the other hunters are finding the same thing all over the country. The only thing they’ve found that links everyone together is that they all came over on the Titanic, which means nothing to any of them. Someone’s messing with history, and it looks like its bad boy angel Balthazar. The boys summon him, and he readily admits that it was suppose to sink and he saved it. He said he did it because he hated the movie, and that the “god awful Celine Deon song made me want to smote himself.” He delivers some great lines including telling Dean that he’s not the other angel in the dirty trench coat that’s in love with him. But he doesn’t care whose killing the descendants only that the boat didn’t sink.
Bobby now has the culprit, Fate, whose busy cleaning up Balthazar’s mess. Bobby says that the best way to fix all this is to have Balthazar sink the boat, which the boys do not want. They tell him that if the boat sinks then Ellen and Jo would die, and he’s on board with the whole not sinking of the boat. They decide to try to save Russo.
The boys save him from getting hit by a car, and he’s very ungrateful. But as he goes to get away from Dean and Sam he’s hit by a bus. But Sam spots Fate, and she sees him as well. Dean wants to go talk with her, and Sam reluctantly follows. They go into an abandoned restaurant a ticking clock suddenly stops, as Fate turns the knobs of the stove. The clock restarts, and Dean’s flashlight dies. He tries using a lighter for light, and as the fire ignites, Castiel takes the boys away from harm.
The boys want to know why Fate would try to kill them. Castiel tells them that they averted the Apocalypse, putting them on top of her hit list. Castiel tells them that Balthazar has a weapon to kill Fate, and they start planning.
Ellen tells Bobby of the additional bodies on the west coast. She says the same as he did earlier, that they should just resink the boat, that dying bloody isn’t the same as never being born, and Bobby overreacts. She finally drags out of him what’s wrong, and Bobby spills. They have a little awe moment.
The boys try to act natural, and it seems like Fate is taunting them, as they use themselves as bait. Skateboarders nearly crash into them, snarling dogs sniff too close, jugglers with knifes, hatchets, and fire, a guy with a nail gun, and when they think that maybe Fate isn’t going to kill them a piano falls, and time freezes.
Castiel and Fate (Atropos) have a little chat as the boys life hang in the balance. She’s upset because God gave her a job, and she was good at it, but Castiel says that freedom is preferred over fate. He tells her that her services are no longer needed. She tells him that she held her tongue but changing the past is not allowed. He claims that Balthazar did it on his own. But she knows better, that he tried to “mint his own money, ” that by not sinking the boat he created 50,000 souls, and that he must sink the boat to put things back to rights or she’ll kill Dean and Sam. Castiel balks at the idea, but Atropos tells him that he can kill her, but she has 2 sisters bigger and badder than he, and they’ll avenge her death. Castiel and Balthazar decide to do the right thing and sink the ship.
The boys awake to Celine Dion. The boys both claim that they had weird dreams, and Castiel tells them that it wasn’t a dream. Sam says that he killed 50,000 people for them, but Cas says that he didn’t, that they were never born. The timeline that they created by not sinking the boat is erased, but they remember because Cas was trying to teach them a lesson. Fate is cruel and capricious, and free will is worth fighting for. He says it with more sadness than normal. Dean asks if Balthazar really did it over hatred of a chick flick, and Cas lies, saying that he did.
The boys go to check on Bobby, sad at what they took away from him, what he could have kept if not for them.


The Immortals at Wondercon

Director Tarsem Singh delighted the crowd with some stunning footage of his new film the Immortals.

Style wise he referred to it as Caravaggio meets Fight Club, in a good way. And it did look pretty amazing, looks like the producers of 300 were putting all their green screen work to great use.

Of course it was a first look, and it didn't really give much insight, but if the movie is as good as it looks visually, it will be pretty darn amazing.

There were some great shots of Mickey Rouke as King Hyperion, the troublemaker of the story. Luke Evans, as Zeus, brandishing a lighting whip was equally impressive. And various of shots of warriors, the other Gods, maidens in formations, and a very lovely Freida Pinto.

But pretty much the whole room was going bananas for the soon-to-be Superman, Henry Cavill, who plays Theseus.  And who wouldn't, it was Cavill that originally lured me into watching Tudors, which was an amazing series.

Henry is more than fit in the film, with invitation muscles shown in all their glory, so of course, his exercise regime was asked about. Which he described in the most self-depreciating way in his sexy British accent.

Can this guy get any hotter? Seriously, he is adorable when giving interviews, or being grilled during a panel.

And then the Superman questions came, but all he could really say was that the suit was still being developed. Hopefully he is fond of spandex, because any suit obscuring the view would be a shame.

Over at the Archaia booth, an upcoming graphic novel was discussed. It will be a prequel to the movie, to introduce the audience to the world of the Immortals. David Mack, Ron Marz, Ben Templesmith, and Dennis Calero are attached  to it. The book is set for release in September 2011, while the movie is headed to theaters in November 2011.


Priest at Wondercon

Sitting in for the Priest footage left me saying just three things. Oh. My. Gawd.

Seriously, it was that good. Director Scott Charles Stewart teams up once again with Paul Bettany, to bring some major butt kicking to the screen.

They last teamed up on Legion, where there was some butt kicking as well. Some hated Legion, whereas I loved it, because I'm of the belief that if Paul Bettany is in it, it can't be that bad. 

But even the greatness of Paul Bettany aside, this movie looks pretty bad ass.

It looks like a mash up of wastelands, futuristic weaponry, western, and Mad Max with vampires, and a heaping scoop of crazy. Probably more than one scoop of crazy with all the insane religious weaponry.

I'm not a huge fan of 3D, but this one convincingly pulls it off. Even Paul Bettany said he was a little taken aback by how good it looked in 3D.

The film is based on the graphic novel also named Priest, by Min-Woo Hyung.

Bettany's character a legendary Warrior Priest who breaks his vows in order to  rescue his niece when she's abducted by a murderous pack of vampires. He's joined by his niece's boyfriend, a trigger happy sheriff, and a former warrior priestess.

That description does not do it justice, and all I have to say is Maggie Q should always have a whip. The girl is amazing. In the sneak peak she does some major damage to a group of vampires with her whip, and it rains down body parts.The movie also stars Cam Gigandet, Lily Collins, and Karl Urban.

Lily Collins was adorable and very excited in the press room, she's just been named the new Snow White in Relativity Media's new picture, so the girl has much to be excited about. 

Paul Bettany was delightful backstage, and very enthusiastic about the movie.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Cam Gigandet, so don't ask me about his hair. I'm just as confused by the awfulness as everyone else.

Priest is set to open May 13, 2011.


Immortals Release New Posters at Wondercon!

These hit the internet this weekend, but they were first unveiled during WonderCon in San Francisco, on Friday April 1st and I was lucky enough to be on hand to get a first look.

Stars Henry Cavill (Thesus), Luke Evans (Zeus), and Isabel Lucas (Athena) along with director Tasim Singh came out to show off the new posters, which I must say look pretty awesome. They literally glowed.

The actual panel took place the following day, and I'll be posting more cast pictures and a little recap from that later!


Interview With Michael Geszel

This weekend's Wondercon gave me a chance to sit down with some wonderful people, including the talented Michael Geszel, author of Tribes: The Dog Years, which tells the story of a future in which NANO-VIRUS shortens the human lifespan to TWENTY-ONE years. Civilization has collapsed, and now its up to Sundog to help an ancient that fell from the sky locate the cure, to take it to the city under the sea, and save all of humanity. I'll be posting my glowing review of Tribes later, which is definitely a can't miss, but first my little sit down with Michael.

Can you tell me where the story goes from here? Well yeah, of course. From here they go to Solacia, and work to heal humanity. So they can ultimately finish what the ancients started and failed to complete and heal the world.

So after they heal the world, do you see the series wrapping up or going on? No, that would wrap it up. I’d say four or five books, probably four.

Do you know when the next one is coming? I really need to develop the readership, its been really very expensive to develop these widescreen epics. I self financed it, through soul craft media, my company. And so I co-wrote it and produced it, and IDW is distributing it, but it’s a very expensive proposition. So yes is the short answer, I'm just not sure when. I’ve got a few complaints on facebook from people saying well when’s the next one, it’s been forever. Well it hasn’t really been that long, its only been 6-8 months since its release June 30th 2010, it just came out on the iPad so I’m hoping that will help.

I read that your artist, Inaki Miranda, said you hand-picked him, how did you find him? I was at comic con looking for an artist. And I saw a cover he did, he did the whole, it was something called the Lexian Chronicles, by London Publisher, Markosia, and I saw one image, and it was a cover and thought that is what I’m looking for. And I opened it up and said yes yes yes. And basically got in contact with him, and told him about it, and he loved the story and the rest is history.

How did you come about the widescreen? Because I mean most comics are done vertically. It was really Inaki who suggested it after I told him what I wanted. I mean I wanted it immersive. We did some sketching, it was sort of frustrating dealing with the vertical format. I saw it so immersive, so wide screen, so cinematically. And he said lets do it widescreen, and I said yeah, ok lets do it.

And it’s beautiful. I love it, because it is so picturesque. Thank you. It really makes the story kind of jump off the pages more. So that is really amazing. So how hard was it to sell it? It’s very, very difficult to sell. Oh, you mean to publishers? Yeah, to a publisher in that widescreen, I mean were they kind of reluctant for that? I’ve developed a relationship with Chris Ryall, through a friend, through someone whose my first consultant, David Tishman, and I did a mini-trailer of the first design. Not the pages just yet, and I showed it to Chris Ryall and said I want to publish this. And I gave them the entire book finished soup to nuts, designed everything, and they put it out. But I’m doing my own PR, my own advertising. So its very much a do-it-yourself situation. But I think with the IDW brand I think that platforms it out there, and I’m able to do signings and so forth, and they’re a pleasure to deal with. Chris Ryall, and Justin Eisinger, I dealt with him on trade paperbacks and now he’s senior editor in books, Dirk Wood they brought in from Dark Horse to do retail marketing, and Alan Payne has been wonderful, he’s the Vice President of Sales. So they’ve been really supportive. But it’s very challenging.

So with Comic Con coming up, do you have anything planned, in the works that you can tell me about? Yeah I do, my next comic book project. I’m actually co-writing a science fiction novel with my partner that I wrote Tribes, Peter Spinetta, and I’m working on my next comic book project tentatively called Vines. It’s sort of jungle Jumanjii set in New York. It’ll be a vertical book, because it’s really a vertical story, because New York is vertical that way. I’m finishing up the script, and will probably be looking for an artist in about two months. And I’ll be working with David Tishman, well, he’ll be editing me because I need it.

How did you come up the story of Tribes? Images just flash through my head, and then I share my ideas with my partner Peter, and we develop the stories from there. I initially tried to work with other writers on it, and I initially tried with other writers on Tribes, but found that it just didn’t work. I am demanding and ultimately I found that I basically have to do it by myself. In fact, it was Richard Starkings of Elephantmen who told me that “You’re gonna have to do it yourself.” And he was absolutely right.

And his booth isn’t very far from here,Richard Starkings, his booth, he’s just right over there. Right, I haven’t seen him here yet, but I do really must credit him for that, he really told me that I had to write for yourself because he was totally right. I tried and it just didn’t work.

So from here, are there any artists, or writers that you’d like to work with? Well, there’s the dream of working with, he’s a good friend, he does his own stuff. Paul Pope, he’s really a writer, artist himself. But you know if there was a day he’d be willing to work with another writer, that’d be a dream. And some of my favorite artists: Frank Quietly, and Frank Miller and honestly Tony Harris, Ben Templesmith, and John Cassidy. And you know Nate Simpson, I just saw some of his stuff, really beautiful. He’d be someone I’d be interested in working with. So um, yeah some people just don’t collaborate, and some do. I’m a collaborator at heart.

If this were converted to a movie or television, which format would you prefer? It was really envisioned it as a movie, a trilogy, a sort of franchise epic, and I do have a major screen writer attached to adapt it. I can’t say at the moment, but soon I’ll be able to say. And I’ve worked with him on the movie version on it. So I should be able to say something shortly on that.

Well I’m excited for that. Thank you so much. So I’ve heard a lot of people describe Tribes as being like Lord of the Flies and Mad Max being rolled into one. How do you feel about that description? Yes, very much. Absolutely. Those are my inspirations, Road Warrior, Mad Max, Lord of the Flies, Logan’s Run, in comics I’d say Paul Pope’s science fiction work, like THB, and Heavy Liquid and also Transmetropolitan, Grant Morrison, Frank Quietly, and also Grant Morrison’s We3 as comics. Storywise definitely Lord of the Flies, Road Warriors, even Lord of the Rings a little bit with a sort of epic quest adventure. I acknowledge those and it was really the ifanboy review that really hit it on the head mentioning We3 as a big influence to the way that I approach comic storytelling and format, We3 was a huge influence on me in use of insert panels. Paul Montgomery of ifanboy, really nailed it, and he also gave it five stars which was really nice.

You know honestly, I was looking it up, after I saw that it was here, and I don't think I even saw a 4 ½, you know everyone is 5 stars across the board. Even Amazon, which I usually find the snarky comments, even there it was all fives. And that is very gratifying, and that helps, it really helps when you’re struggling to sell a book, you’re struggling to get it out, and it really helps when you get that kind of response. It really does, it gives you fuel to keep going.

Do you have any advice for others that are trying to get their stories out there? Well I would say never give up, never surrender. It’s sort of like you have to be pushy in a gentle way. It helps get out there and meet people, don’t ever be afraid of saying hello, of putting out your hand, of getting to know people. Ultimately that’s something. You’ve got to know people to get places. You’ve to know people who know other people. And you have to feel really passionate about what you’re doing.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? I just want to acknowledge Inaki Miranda, and Eva de la Cruz for their wonderful work, and how wonderful they were to collaborate with and work on this with. And I’m very happy for them and their success at DC.

A special thank you to Michael Geszel for a lovely interview, and to Jeff Newelt for arranging it. For a sneak peak, and to read the first 34 pages of Tribe: the Dog Years check out


This Just In: Supernatural Anime


World Renowned Anime Studio Madhouse Recreates
Popular Warner Bros. TV Series in Japanese Animation Style

Coming to Blu-ray™ & DVD from Warner Home Video

BURBANK, CA (APRIL 4, 2010) – Warner Bros. Television’s popular series SUPERNATURAL makes history this summer as SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIME SERIES is released in the United States as the first-ever live-action series to be re-imagined in Japanese anime style. The all-new, 22-episode animated series will be distributed July 26, 2011 by Warner Home Video on Blu-ray™ for $54.97 (SRP) and DVD for $49.98 (SRP), as well as On Demand and for Download. Order due date is June 21, 2011.

SUPERNATURAL, noted for its creative storytelling of the occult during its first six seasons on The CW Network, has also achieved great popularity across the planet – particularly in Japan. Inspired by its sensational following overseas, Warner Home Video Japan and renowned animation studio Madhouse combined forces to envision SUPERNATURAL as an anime series – first released in Japan and now translated for American audiences.

SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIME SERIES revisits the Winchester brothers’ journey down the backroads of America as they search for clues to their father’s disappearance, hunt down the supernatural in all its unearthly forms, and enter into the unexpected mystery of their destinies. The SUPERNATURAL anime episodes mirror the story arc of the series’ first two seasons, providing supplemental stories ranging from prequels and spin-offs to untold tales that fit within the SUPERNATURAL mythology.

To maintain continuity with the live-action series, the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester in SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIME SERIES reflect the look of the SUPERNATURAL actors – in vibrant, exciting anime and, presented in full 16x9 widescreen format.

Enhancing the connection to the live-action series, SUPERNATURAL star Jared Padalecki reprises his role as Sam Winchester for all 22 episodes. Padalecki’s SUPERNATURAL co-star Jensen Ackles also provides the voice of Dean Winchester in select anime episodes.

Padalecki and Ackles are also ever-present in the Blu-ray™ and DVD enhanced content. The SUPERNATURAL co-stars provide a video introduction to each of the 22 anime episodes, and are also featured in a series of interviews that include conversations with live-action series creator Eric
Kripke, and SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIME SERIES directors Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuko Ishizuka.

Special features on the Blu-ray™ and DVD also include a two-part featurette, “The Making of Supernatural: The Anime Series,” an intriguing behind-the-scenes revelation of how the live-action series was actually re-imagined into its new art form.

Madhouse, working with full approval of Kripke, produced the series in full high-definition animation utilizing both American and Japanese creative teams. The Madhouse production team is headed by executive supervisor Masao Maruyama and directors Miya and Ishizuka. Takahiro Yoshimatsu and Kenichi Takefuji are in charge of character and art design.

As the 2010 People's Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, SUPERNATURAL continues to increase in popularity in the US and abroad. In addition to its three nominations for both Emmy® Awards and Teen Choice Awards, SUPERNATURAL has spawned 10 books, a bi-monthly magazine, a comic book series, and now an anime series.

“The worldwide popularity of SUPERNATURAL is undeniable, eclipsing cultural and language barriers to easily fit into the unique artistic approach and alternative style of storytelling offered in anime,” said Rosemary Markson, Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. “This groundbreaking vision of the popular series will give SUPERNATURAL fans an altogether new experience, mixing familiar themes and characters with intriguing new stories from within the series’ haunting mythology. Fans of the anime genre will enjoy this high quality, one-of-a-kind production as well.”

To generate buzz and excitement, select episodes will be screened to fans at anime and entertainment conventions leading up to the July release date. In addition, the release will be supported with an online and print media campaign, targeting both SUPERNATURAL fans and fans of the anime genre.

Street Date: July 26, 2011
Order Due Date: June 21, 2011
Languages: English (5.1) and Japanese
SD Subtitles: ESDH, French, Chinese, Spanish, Thai
BD Subtitles: ESDH, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish,

Audio: Dolby Surround Stereo
Format: 16x9 widescreen
Color / Closed Captioned
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Supernatural: The Anime Series
SD 3-Disc - $49.98 SRP


Romance Times Book Convention 2011

As an avid reader, not so much romance books as the title implies, I favor science fiction with the supernatural flavor and with a glint of romance in their stories. If there are vampires, werewolves, faeries or nephilims I would certainly read it. The underworld has always fascinated me, why I do not know but there has been a theory as to why Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood have hit so big in today's day and age. With all the relationships that people go through and end as quickly as they begin, people today are looking for something to hold on to as in an 'eternal love' in relationships. I for one am still looking for that one true love that will be perfect for me and me for him. I suppose you can say a soul mate if you really believe in that sort of thing. Vampires & werewolves have this mentality that love is forever so it only makes sense that we are drawn to these type of stories. The love triangles in each of these books turned into movies and television shows just adds more excitement and drama which many prefer. Who wants to read a boring story anyhow?

The RT Book Convention was held April 2, 2011 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca. There were over four hundred authors on Saturday from 11am-2pm for this giant book fair which included thirty nine young adult authors signing as part of teen day. Some of the more popular young adult authors include Cassandra Clare of the "Mortal Instruments" book series. These include 'City of Bones', 'City Of Ashes', 'City Of Glass', & 'City Of Fallen Angels'. Cassandra also wrote a spin off of this series, but rather a prequel to "The Mortal Instruments" called "The Infernal Devices" which include 'Clockwork Angel' and 'Clockwork Prince' soon to be released August 2011. When I spoke with Cassandra she said that the rights to all her books have already been bought and will be made for the big screen. Another popular author that attended the convention was Alyson Noel known for "The Immortals" book series that include 'Evermore', 'Blue Moon', 'Shadowland', 'Dark Flame','Nightstar', & 'Everlasting' which has a release date of June 2011. Alyson's books have been bought and will most likely be made into movies as well. Ok, one last author I will plug I promise and that is Melissa De La Cruz of the "Blue Bloods" series which include 'Blue Bloods', Masquerade', 'Revelations', 'The Van Allen Legacy', & 'Misguided Angel'. She has written a few more book series as well but the "Blue Bloods" have been the most popular among the young adults and adults just like me. I would even say that the majority of the people attending the RT Book Convention were adults rather than teens.

My cousin Jasmine and I brought rolling suitcases of all the books we owned and knew the authors that would be there to sign. I brought "The Hunger Games" book series just in case Suzanne Collins might happen to be there even though she was not on the list of scheduled authors. Just wishful thinking I suppose. "The Hunger Games" will start filming the first installment of the three book series this summer 2011 and will be released March 2012. Very, very excited for that one. All the authors were all so very nice and even asked us which characters were our favorites and why. I even overheard other people saying that they should have brought a rolling suitcase too because it's so hard to carry all of them especially if they are hardcovers!

I even got to meet the Men Of Romance contestants (winner gets to be on the cover of a romance novel) whom I became friends with. Last year's winner of Mr. Romance, Charles Paz, also a photographer like myself have been friends since we met and keep in touch on Facebook as well as the winner of this years Mr. Romance Len Gunn. These guys were not in the least bit arrogant or conceited due to their handsome looks, in fact just the opposite. They as well as the authors made my first book convention fun and memorable.


Wondercon Kicked Off Today!

Wondercon kicked off today, and the place was packed for a friday show. God forbid, a zombie bites someone this weekend or we'll all be done for.

Heck, as the lines wrapped around the building there was a storm trooper standing watch waiting for such a fiasco. I kid, but he did stand there for a good hour or two.

But with the slightly smaller crowd, than what is surely to come Saturday it's a great time to get on the floor and talk with some of my favortie artists, and meet some new ones.

There are lots of different artists, most of them very friendly, and enthusiatic to talk about their work, but no one was more fun than Richard Starkings of Elephantmen. He was hilarious, and witty, and well, I'm a sucker for an accent.

Not only is he giving away free comics at his booth, if you ask he'll sketch you out something. And watching him sketch, watching any of artists do a quick sketch always bumps up my level of awe. So if you're at Wondercon stop by and see him, you won't be disappointed! 

And being a True Blood fan, I had to stop by J. Scott Campbell's booth. Located in the Artist Alley, he was a little harder to find, but definitely worth it. He did the covers for a few of the True Blood Variants in the All Together Now series, as well as the current Tainted Love series.

He shared with me that with the current covers, if you collect all his variant covers, in the end they will form one big picture. Currently the Bill and Lafayette covers are out, with others to follow. Also just released was a Marvel group with the man Stan Lee. These are larger than Campbell's usual prints and of very limited quantity. So if you love Campbell's work like I do, be sure to grab one. They run about $60, pricer than some of his other prints but they are bigger, and truly stunning.

The last artist that I really had time to stop and chat with was Jake Forbes. He just finished up doing some work on the new Fragglerock series. And talking to him, I discovered he also worked on the Return to the Labyrinth series.

Pretty much anything that has to do with 1986's Labyrinth or David Bowie I love, so I was really excited to chat with him. And he sealed my nerd crush with a little rendering of Jareth.

And the zombies, they did make their way out, even infecting a storm trooper. I narrowly escaped without a bite, but kept my smile, because friday was a good way to start the con!


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