Meeting "The Robert Pattinson"

Who is Robert Pattinson you might ask? Well if you've been living in a cave or somewhere up in the mountains then yah I could understand why you would not know who this fine specimen is. Rob has been playing 'Edward Cullen' for the last three years from the best selling book series to the movie mania "Twilight Saga". When I found out he was to make a special appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, I had to call up my old high school friend to get me in as VIP again! Well because the show was already booked with an audience, I told him anything. Even just to be in the green room. So that's what I did on April 20, 2011, a day I will never forget. My cousin Jasmine and I waited patiently before he arrived. I couldn't even eat because I was so nervous and excited. I said forget about food, Rob's coming soon and I don't want to miss his arrival. When he did arrive, he looked so cute and adorable in these turqoise pants, and navy blue hoodie with the Nike logo in bright green across it. He had the hoodie over his head along with a pair of ray bans to try and disguise himself. Yah right, like that would actually work on his Twi-hard fans. Well I guess I can also be considered a Twi-Mom, because after all I am not a teenager. In fact my daughter is the teenager and is not Team Edward.
She says she prefers Jacob because his body is hotter. Believe it or not there are alot of women out there just like me, and I am proud of it.

Alright, now that we catch a glimpse of Rob, we yell out his name, and all he could do was smile and giggle like a little boy. How cute is that? Not in the least bit full of himself, never letting stardom go to his head. My brother Eric says he loves me because we had eye contact at least four times during the times he arrived, went out onto the set for the taping, on his way back into the dressing room, and also after the show when he came to greet his fans for autographs and photos. Yes I believe Rob even waved and said hello to me a few times in the green room as he walked to his dressing room. My heart was palpatating during the few seconds our eyes met. I know I am acting like a silly school girl, but seriously I am so star struck I cannot help it. 'Edward ' is such the perfect vampire. Old-school morals and values that I actually look for in a man. He knows what eternal love means, but of course this is just a character in a book, but not just any book. 'Twilight' was actually the first book series I have read yet alone the first book I volunteered to read in probably 10 years. Yes this book saga got me interested in reading, I mean really book shelf is completely full of the vampire/werewolf supernatural genre and I haven't even read all of them yet.

Before Rob steps into the studio/audience for the taping, he changes into this beautiful Gucci navy blue suit that just makes us all swoon, I mean he is Hollywood personified. WOW!

I wished this night would never end, it was literally a dream come true and I could not believe it was actually happening. Ok enough of the teenage babble. What was Rob's purpose for being there one might ask? Well he was promoting his new movie "Water For Elephants" which I could not wait to see. I already knew it would be a smash hit because Rob is an excellent actor. Have you seen "Remember Me"? Rob was also one of the executive producers for this film as well. Someday he's going to have his own production company, mark my words. He's not just a pretty face you know. Not only can he act, but i'll bet you anything he will be a director as well. I saw an interview where he once said that he likes to be behind the scenes as much as onscreen.

Once the taping is finished, my cousin and I rush outside because this is the only place where we can get our 'Water For Elephants' book signed and possibly a photo op with him. Yah, thats what I thought, but as soon as we get to the barricade of fans who had been eagerly waiting to meet Rob, they started yelling things like..."get to the back, we've been here since 5am!!!!" And 'm here thinking how can we? There's no way to squeeze back there, so security says we can stay to the side and hopefully not get beat up by crazy fans. Rob comes out, everybody starts screaming his name, and immediately I begin recording as he is walking in my direction. OH MY GOD! I don't know if he remembered my face and me waving and saying his name like a little girl inside the green room, but that's what he does, walks right in my direction. My camera somehow finds its way down as I hand him my book for him to sign, but with everyone screaming I didn't have a chance to ask him to take a picture with me! I got my autograph but no picture so I am hoping he will come back in my direction for this photo i desperately need. Too many people there so i continue to record this momentous event but then my camera says memory full. What? Memory full, that can't be argh!!!! Security guard says delete some things, haha.....but instead I ask my cousin Jasmine for her camera and start taking pictures, but by this time Rob is well on his way to the other side of the barricade signing AND taking pictures with the other fans! Hey, wait why couldn't he have done that with me and Jasmine? Turns out nervous Nelly, that's me, forgot to put a memory card inside my camera. I recorded what little footage I got in the camera's internal memory. I did manage to take a few pictures but definitely not my best work. Not only that, my cousin did not get her book signed and we both did not get a photo taken with him. But it's ok, we got to see him in person and that was good enough for us, until next time!

If you'd like to see my brief encounter with Rob Pattinson along with the screaming fans, here's a link I've provided. Thanks for watching.


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