This Just In: High Flyer Death Defyer


The office of Aerospace Security Today Released New Images of HFDD Agent Known as “Jon Doe” Fleeing Previously Unknown Defector Strongholds

WARNING! The Office of Aerospace Security is cautioning all residents of the floating utopia Caen and outlying sky cities to be on the watch for the infamous High Flyer Death Defyer rebel known as "John Doe." Doe was recently pursued into restricted airspace where government forces discovered settlements operating off the grid - leading officials to believe that rogue populations may be larger and better organized than previously anticipated. Surveillance photos of Doe and the rogue sky cities are included for public dissemination and review here:
About High Flyer Death Defyer
High Flyer Death Defyer (HFDD) is an "avoider" style action game that has players free falling through floating cities in a shattered world design with a comic book aesthetic. Taking advantage of the mobile platforms' accelerometer technology, HFDD straddles the line between casual and hardcore gaming with its production quality, depth and pick up and play ability. Scheduled to release Summer 2011, HFDD will be available on all iOS mobile platforms and the Android.
Game Mechanic Studios, LLC is an independent video game development studio dedicated to developing and publishing high quality games. Launched in 2008, the company has worked with numerous artists, designers and programmers in the gaming industry to create a number of top-notch titles. Based in Tarzana, Calif., Game Mechanic Studios is helmed by industry veterans Jason Alejandre, Jeff Hua and Henry Ji. More information is available at 


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