Game of Thrones Recap: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Bran walks after a raven, down into his family crypt, the raven looks at him with three eyes, and he awakens. His brother wishes him to accompany him.
Tyrion stands before a hostile Rob at Winterfell when Bran is brought in. Bran still says that he has no memory. Tyrion has brought a gift for Bran, the sketches are those of a saddle which will allow Bran to ride again. Because of his kindness, Rob offers him the hospitality of Winterfell, but Tyrion does not want the false welcome.
John Snow continues to help train the others, encouraging and offering constructive criticisim. When a new recruit, Sam Tully, comes and is in worse shape than the others Snow must step up and protect him. He gains Sam’s admiration, which leaves he and the rest of the men at odds.
The Dothraki continue their trek, and finally they come to their home city. Viserys continues to be a spoiled child, and Daenerys continues to learn about her people. She wonders if the Dothraki have a chance against King Robert. Daenerys’s maid, Irri asks Viserys about dragons, and what happened to them. A dragon created the Iron throne. Viserys puts Irri back in her place, he bought her not for his sister, but his own pleasure.
Sansa looks at the Iron Throne, and fears that she will bear Joffery only girls when the time comes. Her nurse tries to comfort her, to have her remember her lessons, but she changes the subject to her family, and how she hates her father.
The hand’s group of men go over the realm’s  problems, going as far as using his own household guard to keep the peace. After the meeting, Ned speaks with Grand Mister Pycelle about John Arryn’s, the former hand’s death. Before his death, he was looking at a book in regards to noble births. In it is the birth and death of all children, as well as a description of the child. His dying words were “the seed is strong.” Ned believes his death was poison, but Pycelle thinks not. Ned claims that poison is a woman’s weapon, Pycelle  says women, cravens and eunuchs, pointing out the Varys is a eunuch.
Arya continues her training, she talks to her father of her brother Bran. He tries to comfort her telling her that she will marry well, but that’s not what she wants, and she goes back to training.
Sam is named Snow’s new partner and his shortcomings are many. Sam’s birthright was taken away by his father, who gave him the option of death or Night’s Watch. He had not choice, and though he has no hopes, Snow tells him he can’t get any worse, and an easy friendship is formed.
Baelish aka Littlefinger and Ned speak of spies and what Arryn was looking into prior to his death. Ned says that he was wrong to have distrusted him, but Baelish tells him that’s the wisest thing that he’s done.
Ned goes to the blacksmith that Baelish told him about, and finds the boy that John frequently visited. The boy’ tells him of his conversations with Arryn, and when he says his mother had yellow hair Ned knows what John found, King Robert’s bastard son.
Jaime sits listening as the King enjoys himself. He’s feeling ill tempered finding offense at the slightest. The messenger asks to leave Starks message with him, but lucky for Ned Jamie sends him away.
Back at the Night Watch Snow gets tries to get through to the others about protecting eachother, and Sam. One of them mocks him, and later that night Snow, with the help of his direwolf make his point clear. The next day during training, the mocker refuses to raise his sword against Sam, as does the others. And another lets Sam take him down. The one in charge is not pleased.
Viserys brings Irri back by the hair, thinking that she’s trying to control him. He raises a hand to her, and she finally fights back, shocking him.
Sam and Snow scrub the tables and we learn that with their vows of celibacy Snow may die a virgin. A shame, lovely thing that he is. And it seems that everyone loves the red headed whore Roz from Winterfell, John too. The one in charge comes and tells them of the last winter, and its pure horrors.
Daenerys cannot believe that she hit her brother, and she finally has to admit to herself and Ser Joran that she does not wish her brother on the throne. She knows that her brother will never take back the seven kingdoms even if Drogo gives him the army he desires.
Sansa and Joffery seem at odds. Arya and Sansa meets Littlefinger. The Queen departs from the Kings side in distaste as he awaits the joust. And the tourney begins. The hound’s brother the Mountain killing his opponent in the first run. Littlefinger tells Sansa the story of the Hound and the Mountain, a brutal one that could easily get her killed.
Cersei comes to see Ned. She offers to put the conflict of the Kings Road  behind them, claiming they acted harshly. He suspects she has other motives, as does she, and they both make veiled threats.
Lord Tyrion happens upon the same inn that Catelyn is in. He quickly discovers her, and she goes about calling forth allies from around the inn before laying down accusations against Tyrion for plotting to murder Bran. With swords drawn all around him Tyrion is trapped.  


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