Supernatural Recap: Family Matters

Sam awakens, feeling like he was hit by a freight truck, in the form of his brother, he’s tied up with Dean and Castiel looking for some answers. Sam has none to give, so Castiel sticks his fingers inside to see what he finds, and he finds nothing. Sam is, as was feared, soulless. And Castiel is off to see where it is.
After doing some checking they find that it’s still trapped in Hell in the cage with both Lucifer and Michael. Probably not the best place for it.
Grandpa Samuel Campbell, who does have a soul, is working for Crowley; he’s behind the whole Alpha round up. Crowley is the one that brought back Sam san soul, and he’s the one that pulled out Samuel as well. But it’s not revealed why Samuel is doing Crowley’s bidding.
Big surprise, well not so much since he was kinda of a douche, but Christian is a demon. He was sent to make sure Samuel and crew did Crowley’s bidding. Crowley is looking for purgatory, and the Alpha’s are gonna lead him to it, and he wants Sam and Dean to help too.
He’s holding Sam’s soul hostage, and once he has the location he’ll snap his fingers and give it back, you know just like he did Bobby’s. And if not, he’ll send Sam back to hell. All Crowley wants is the souls of purgatory, as the Alpha vamp says its “filled with the soul of every hungry thing like me that ever walked this earth."
The war in heaven is getting serious, which explains the lack of Castiel. He tells the boys that he’ll be in touch.
Crowley implies that Samuel knows more than he’s letting on, and the Alpha Vampire talks about his mother, which I’m guessing we don’t want to meet, but will.
 And finally even though Dean is down he’s not out. In this episode we finally see Dean taking control back. He tells Sam how things are gonna be, that if he wants to work together then Dean is gonna call the shots. Which makes sense since Sam can’t tell right from wrong anymore.
 Sam goes “undercover” to talk with Samuel, trying to pump him for some information, but Samuel doesn’t fall for it, so Sam actives the GPS in Samuel’s phone to find out the location of the Alpha Vampire. Sam returns to the Impala, and Dean is more than a little surprised to see he came back.


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