Supernatural Recap: Hammer of the Gods

A security guard looks into some strange noises at the Elysian Fields Hotel, when he comes upon a man in a suit who tells him that they are coming that that he will be dinner.
Sam and Dean arrive at the renovated Elysian Fields Hotel. The suited man is working the front desk, and as they check in he notes that Dean nicked himself shaving. The man directs the boys to an all you can eat 24 hour buffet. Instead of eating Sam wants back out onto the road, but Dean doesn’t want him to get burned out.
As they go to their room, they pass a honeymooning couple in the hallway. In their room they find plush furninshings, porn and chocolates on the pillows. Sam wonders why there’s such a nice hotel in the middle of nowhere. They hear the amorous couple next door, but when the wall shakes with a heavy impact the boys go to investigate. The couple is gone, and only a wedding ring remains. The boys turn the ring in, and find out that the Logans have checked out.
The boys hackles are raised, so they split up to search for clues. Sam follows the clerk, but he suddenly disappears, and then he feels a prick on his neck with blood on his neck. Dean passes an elephant, but on second look it’s a man dressing.
A man and woman are talking when the clerk comes in, they call him Mercury. He’s stolen the boys’ blood at super speed. And then he tells them that everyone is now there.
Dean and Sam go over what they found and find that not only are they locked in, there isn’t anyone else left. In the kitchen, Dean finds eyeballs in the soup, and Sam finds some guests in the walk in freezer. The boys are brought to the ballroom, where they meet some guests bearing the nametags: Ganesh, Kali, Odin, Baldur, Baron, Samedi, and a few others. Baldur announces that their guests of honor, the Winchesters have arrived.
Everyone sits, and Baldur urges all the Gods to put aside their squabbles, and look to the future, but as they start to bicker Dean and Sam slip away, only to be stopped by Kali. She tells them that the angels only understand violence, and when Mercury suggests talking instead she causes him to bleed until Baldur stops her.
Gabriel appears, and Baldur calls him Loki. He knows they can’t stop the Apocalypse. He gets Sam and Dean out of there so the gods can talk in private. He’s there to save them, and maybe Kali too, they had a thing, and who wouldn’t with Loki or Gabriel or Trickster, or any other name he’s going by at the time. Sam suggests that the Gods should fight Lucifer, but Gabriel knows they are no match for Satan. Nor can he free them from the hotel without drawing attention to them, so for the time being they’re all stuck.
Gabriel flirts with Kali as Sam and Dean sneak around, unable to save the human guests as the Gods kill them. Gabriel urges Kali to run away with him, but she cannot she must stay and fight.
Sam and Dean go to walk in trying to pick the lock and free the remaining humans, but Zao Jun attacks them. Dean stabs him. Gabriel meanwhile tries to steal the vials of the boys’ blood, but Kali catches him, scratching him and binding him to her.
Once again taken to the ballroom, Dean and Sam are brought before Gabriel and Kali. She knows about Gabriel, has known and he’s forced to come clean. He’s gone rogue because Michael has become too strong, but Kali is in denial. She insists there are billions of gods that came before him, and if the world will be destroyed she will be the one to do it. She takes his archangel blade and stabs him with it, killing him.
Dean agrees to help the other Gods kill Lucifer, but they have to let the people go. The gods agree, but as they’re leaving, Dean sees Gabriel hiding in the Impala. He replaced his blade with a fake one, and now its up to Dean to get the blood and free them all. Dean urges Gabriel to come back and help, but Gabriel says he can’t kill his brother. Can’t or won’t, Dean asks, and Gabriel doesn’t answer.
Inside Sam tells Kali to remove the sigils so that Lucifer can find him, but before she does Dean spills that Gabriel tricked them, but it doesn’t matter Lucifer is already there. Mercury called him, and Lucifer snaps his neck for his efforts.
The lights flicker, and Baldur and Kali know something is wrong. Lucifer comes in smashing his way through the other gods. It’s too late, and Baldur cannot get them out now. Lucifer quickly kills Baldur, and Kali is his next target as the boys duck for cover. Gabriel comes to the boys, porn DVD in hand, and tells them to guard it with their lives. He goes to help Kali, he tells the boys to get her out. Lucifer taunts Gabriel about his slumming, but Gabriel notes that he’s playing the role of victim, even though god loved him more than any other angel, until God had humans. Grow up.
Dean and Sam drive away with Kali in tow, as the storm gets worse. Inside Gabriel admits his loyalty isn’t with Michael either, but with humanity. God’s right, humans are better, it’s the flaws that make them better. Lucifer tries to half-heartedly change his mind, but ultimately kills him. He cries over his loss.
The following day Dean and Sam watch Gabriel’s porno. Gabriel is the star, and before it can get too weird he breaks it down for the boys. He’s dead, and they cannot kill Lucifer. They can, if they can get it back open, put Lucifer back in his cage. There are four keys to it, the rings of the four horsemen. Gabriel is scared for sure, but he’s ready to stand up to his brother. The boys already have two keys, they just need Pestilence and Deaths.


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