Supernatural Recap: Let It Bleed

March 15, 1937 H. P. Lovecraft finishes a manuscript during a storm. A window shatters, a dark figure enters, he says “we didn’t know, we’re sorry.” It slaughters him spilling blood on the manuscript titled “Haunter of the Dark.”
Sam tries to comfort Dean, as they comb hopelessly over journals. He says that Cas also stole a journal,but luckily paranoid Bobby made a copy. Moisha Campbell paid H.P. Lovecraft a visit before his death, and his stories about going between worlds may not have been fiction.
Two men break into Lisa’s house. Capturing Lisa, and killing her new boyfriend. Ben calls Dean for help, but there’s little he can do over the phone for him. He vows to come for them, telling Ben to jumo from his window. Crowley picks up Ben’s phone, revealing himself to Dean. Dean threatens to kill Crowley, but he’s holding them as insurance for the boys not hunting him.
Dean and Sam assume that Cas knows what Crowley is up to. Dean and Sam go after Lisa by summoning Balthazar. He claims he knew about Crowley, but by the look on his face it’s obvious he didn’t. Dean begs for his help, but Balthazar doesn’t say anything either way, he disappears.
Bobby follows a lead that leads him to a Lovecraft enthusiast. Castiel has already been there, but the guy reveals that on March 10th, the same day listed in Moisha’s journal, Lovecraft held a dinner party to open a door to another dimension. The letters he had that detailed that event were missing, Cas being the culprit. All of the guests that were invited died or disappeared within days, except for the maid’s son, who wasn’t invited to the party.
Dean heartlessly slaughters demons looking for any information on Crowley, unwilling to let Sam help out. Sam prays to Castiel for help. And although Cas does not come to him, he hears him. Cas immediately goes to Crowley, upset about his taking Ben and Lisa. He demands their location, and tells him not to harm them. But Crowley takes a stand, telling Cas if he wants to stop him to go find Purgatory.  Cas gets a call.
Balthazar called Cas, demanding answers. Balthazar asks if he’s working with Crowley, and even though Cas denies it, Balthazar sees right through it. Cas says that it’s a means to an end, but Balthazar isn’t satisfied with that answer. He wants to know the endgame, how Cas sees it all playing out. Balthazar worries that the risk of taking purgatory may be too high. Cas wants to know where Balthazar’s allegiance lies, and it does lie with Cas for better or worse.
Bobby goes to the maid’s son, who’s now an old man. The man says that Cas is not who he says he is, he’s a liar, and Bobby can’t deny that. He asks about the dinner party, everyone has been asking about it. He says that they did their spell, and they all said that they failed, but the old man says that the spell worked. The door opened and something came through, but it was invisible, but no one knew. It went inside his mother, she looked the same, but she was different, she even smelled different, and then she disappeared, and then they all started dying. The man shows him a picture of his mother, Eleanor, and all he can say is “All be damned.”
Dean continues to torture the demons, and one manages to fight back even though he should be bound by the devil’s trap. As he man handles Dean, Cas comes and smites him. Dean says that he didn’t ask for his help. Cas tells him that he didn’t know that Crowley was going to take Lisa and Ben. He tells him that trust runs both ways. That he comes when Dean calls, that he’s always done everything that Dean asks, but this once he needs him to trust him, but Dean can’t.
Bobby goes to his old friend Ellie’s safe house. He didn’t come for a social call, like she wishes, she’s the old man’s mother. He asks why she’s here. She tells him that they’re not all alike, she tells him that they’re lucky that she fell through. She spent the last 75 years to keep the door to Purgatory closed, and she knows how to open the door. Bobby begs her to let him keep her safe, but she refuses.
Sam pours a drink when Balthazar appears. He’s now on team Winchester, disliking Cas’s answers. He knows where Lisa and Ben are, but he can’t get to them. He’ll get them near, but no further.
Dean and Sam immediately take out a demon on watch, as they go into a building they split up to search. Sam is caught by the demons and placed in a cell, knocked out.
Lisa and Ben are tied up, their guards go to check out noises. Dean single-handedly takes care of all the demons and frees Lisa and Ben. Only Lisa isn’t Lisa, she’s possessed. She holds a Ben hostage, and spews lies, making both men bristle. Dean throws holy water on Lisa, but can’t bring himself to hit her. He begins exorsing her, when she stabs herself to keep him from finishing, he hesitates for a minute, and then says it anyways ridding Lisa of the demon, but she’s still injured. Ben takes up the shotgun, as Dean carries Lisa, and he kills all the demons in the way. They find Sam and the four of them make it out of there. Dean tries to comfort Ben, but urges Sam to go faster.
Dean sits at Lisa’s bedside, telling Ben that he’s sorry, but Ben walks away. Cas comes, and offers his condolences, but Dean is beyond forgiveness. He tells Dean that he didn’t come for him, and he lays his hand on Lisa’s forehead, telling him that she’ll wake soon. And although he’s grateful, Dean tells him it doesn’t change anything. Dean asks him for one more thing. When Lisa awakens, she doesn’t remember anything, and Ben tells her that she was in a car crash. Dean goes to check up on them, and neither remember him. He says he’s the one that hit her, that he was out of control for a moment and that he’s sorry, but he hopes that her life can get back to normal now. Lisa says that she’s ok, Dean says his goodbye, and walks away.
Sam tells him that this is the worse thing that he’s done, that he shouldn’t have whitewashed their memories. Dean tells him if he mentions Lisa or Ben again he’ll break his nose, and the two drive off in silence.
Cas finally catches up with Eleanor.


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