True Blood Recap: First Three Minutes of Season Four

If you have HBOGo you can catch the first three minutes of Season Four, as if waiting wasn't hard enough without the tease!

The fairies are in Fairyland. Out of a bright light Sookie and Claudine appear. Sookie's nauseas from the leap. Claudine tells the others to continue as they were, which leads Sookie to ask if Claudine is the Queen. She's not, she's Sookie's Fairy God Mother. It's Claudine's job to look after Sookie, which Sookie tells her she kinda sucks at, and I have to agree.

Sookie sees Barry the Bellboy, whose also just arrived. And Barry also has a fairy god mother, whose a boy, Lloyd. Claudine and Lloyd leave to get drinks, and Sookie and Barry are offered light fruits, but Sookie refrains from eating hers, as she sees everyone else lost in its deliciousness.

She has a flashback from her childhood, and sees someone who looks like her granddaddy Earl. It is her granddaddy, he says he saw her last week, but it was twenty years ago...


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