Twilight's Peter Facinelli: Alex's Lemonade Stand Charity Event

Twilight's Peter Facinelli held a charity event called Alex's Lemonade Stand on May 29, 2011. The charity is for children with childhood cancer and Peter has been traveling all over the U.S. promoting it by taking photos and signing autographs for Twilight fans and Showtime's Nurse Jackie fans. Each photo with him is $40 and each autograph is $25 and $10 for each additional person in the photo. The event was held at The Block in Orange, CA. from 11-5pm, so of course since I am a huge fan of both shows I jumped at the chance to meet him for the very first time in person. Peter arrived on time and of course looking awesome in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. There weren't as many fans as I expected there to be, which wasn't good at all for Peter's charity. I would say a couple hundred fans showed up, more would have come but I suppose they did not have the money to donate to his charity.

When I got up there to the stage to meet Peter, he was so gracious and very kind. I only had a 4x6 photo of him to sign and he asked where I got it. I was a little embarrased and laughed and I told him I got it online and had it printed up, but that was the maximum size it could be printed or else it would be grainy. He bent down and picked up an 8x10 glossy of himself and says "here ya go, I'll sign this one and the other one too if you like." Wow, what an awesome guy! I was so excited because not only did I get an 5x7 photo of the two of us together, he signed it after they printed it up, Peter gave me an 8x10 signed glossy (freebie) of him and he also signed my 4x6 picture which were all later framed of course. Oh and his publicist didn't want anyone to take photos with their own camera but he allowed my cousin Jasmine to take our photo with my camera as well. Yup he TOLD the publicist it was cool, and he still kept blocking Jasmine's shot. Good thing I set my camera on continuous shoot mode so it could take more than one picture at a time. So yah, we got one shot out of maybe four that she took. Frakkin' publicists, I mean I had already paid $65 for his charity so why wasn't I entitled to have one of my own? I wanted a record of it to enlarge, make copies, post on Facebook or what not. Shoot its free publicity for Peter if you ask me, right?

My cousin Jasmine on the other hand wanted to take more than one photo with Peter, so she got one solo, one with her daughter Mariah and Peter, then another one with Mariah solo. Peter signed all of those as well as the photo of his beautiful wife and three girls I had gaven her, and he also gave her an 8x10 glossy and signed it just like he did for me. So yah, she spent a pretty penny for his charity and not to mention got a good tax right off as well.

The whole time this event was going on, I was taking pictures and shooting video footage. This seemed to annoy Peter's publicist because he kept blocking my shots, but if you know me, I move around quite a bit so I got my photos haha... I'm guessing Peter didn't mind because he even smiled in a few of them.

Peter took a short break but when he came back to take more photos with his fans, a huge group of people surrounded the left side of the stage taking pictures with their own cameras and his publicist told him that was it. WOW....what a way to end it when there were still people coming to meet him. They finished about 2 hours earlier and while I was still there putting my camera equipment away, some girls arrived and were very upset that they had just missed him. The camera crew said it was because there wasn't enough people there, the turn out wasn't that great so they ended it early. I say it was because they didn't like the fact people were photographing him without paying the donation fee. But as nice as Peter is, he did pose with a few younger fans whose friends took their pictures and quickly left. If it were up to Peter I am sure he would have loved to stay the entire duration and please his fans with his presence. I had a ball oogling him with my zoom lens, as you can see from the photos I've attached haha. I look forward to watching Peter Facinelli on the big screen when "Breaking Dawn I" opens nationwide Novemner 18, 2011. Hope you to see you all there as well!

If you'd like to check out some of the video footage I took check these out at this links, thanks for watching!


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