"The Almighty Thor: God Of Thunder"- Chris Hemsworth

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thor? Well you might think comic book hero, God Of Thunder of course, but when I think of Thor I think of Chris Hemsworth who he did such an awesome job becoming this fantastic character. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at the Jimmy Kimmel show on May 5, 2011, I know it's like my second home now, haha. I had been looking forward to watching this movie since last year hearing about it at last years Comic Con. This year alone has been awesome for comic book turned into movies such as "The Green Hornet", "Sucker Punch", of course "Thor", "Priest", "X-Men:First Class", "The Green Lantern" and "Captain America". So when I heard about Chris Hemsworth coming to Hollywood, CA. to appear on Kimmel, I just had to be there! Chris looked very debonair in his grey designer suit, he didn't shave but I wished he had. I really just love that clean cut look about him, but then again Thor had facial hair so I guess that's alright.

Looking at Chris at first glance you wouldn't think of Thor. What I saw was a humble, nice and considerate man. In the green room he was very polite towards everyone, and myself. He actually extended his hand out to me and shook my hand as he greeted me, and of course I just smiled and melted inside. He is very handsome and tall, I believe 6'4, but by all means a very nice and genuine guy who enjoys meeting his fans. I asked him if he would sign my 27x40 Thor poster I had brought and he automatically said yes and reached out for it, but I told him not here but outside because it wasn't allowed in the building. He said alright, and I told him to look for me when the show was over, I knew I'd be at the back of the line because there were already people waiting for him outside since early morning.

That day was Cinco De Mayo so there were some special skits that needed to be done in the green room area and guess who the show's coordinator asked to be in it as an extra? Yup, me!! Oh this was going to be fun! Guermo partying it up telling Jimmy he can't come into work today because he's sick, haha. But really he's celebrating the holiday with getting sloshed. Chris joined the fun and took a couple shots of tequila while a mariachi band played live mexican banda music. I grabbed someone's foam hammer, kind of like Thor's hammer, and used that for the segment screaming "chug, chug, chug...." as Guermo chugged back a bottle of tequila! They even brought in a miniature donkey for the segments, pure comedy I must say. Makes for excellent television.

During his talk with Kimmel out on the stage, he spoke a bit about his childhood. How he grew up in an aboriginal community in the bush north of Melbourne, Australia. Chris and his brother Liam were the rare white children, and his parents ran a multi-purpose store that served as a grocery & mail store. He even spoke about how he had heard about many aboriginal spiritual beliefs and was told there was a cave nearby that had actual spirits in it. He spoke about his Thor workout and how he had to eat to become this colossal comic book hero. He became so huge the costume had to be cut for him to actually fit into it. Yes he was too big for Thor's armored costume, can you believe it? After bulking up and was too big for the costume, he ate less and did metabolic circuits to burn calories without sacrificing muscle. It took a few weeks but he was the right size and he still looked big!

How did he do it in such a short amount of time? Well The God Of Thunder workout consisted of various things like sledge hammer slams; 8 reps on each side, lateral hops; 8 reps on each side, T-push ups; 8 reps on each side and mountain climbers; 15 reps on each leg. There were 5 key things that Chris had to do to become Thor, and that was 1: Grow slowly- don't eat a ton but he used this formula; your goal weight x workout hours per week + 10 = calories to eat daily. 2: Pack protein- every day he would eat 1 gram of protein per pound of his goal weight. 3: Eat with awareness-he would ask himself "why am I eating this chicken? for protein, why am I eating this broccoli, for vitamins and fiber." 4: Go red-lean protein is great but don't give up on steak which is a dense source of protein and helps muscles repair. This protein has B vitamins, zinc, and iron all of which helps muscles grow. And lastly 5: Fuel your workouts: he ate before and after training, drank protein shakes within an hour of training or ate solid full-sized meals two hours before training, and within an hour after working out he ate or drank the same amount.

After the show, my cousin Jasmine and I rushed outside to get in line for a photo op and autograph. Yes I had to get my Thor poster signed for my wall of fame that runs throughout my home. Chris signed for everybody and took photos with everybody and finally it was my turn. His publicist said, "yah you were right, that poster is huge!" I'm so proud of it because Chris didn't just scribble his signature quickly but he actually took his time choosing a spot and signed his full signature beautifully. As you can tell by the look on my face I was a very happy camper. Many people were very envious of this poster and that I got the chance to meet him. I do hope I'll get to see him at Comic Con in July along with his other castmates for the Avengers movie.
Wish me luck!


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