Comic Con - Burn Notice Panel Video

Here is the video that goes along with Suepafly's post for the Burn Notice panel. Bruce Campbell needs to have his own comedy tour. He adlibs so well, remeniscent to Carol Burnett.

Bruce Campbell's "Little Know Facts about Comic Con"

Bruce Campbell Gives his insight on The Fall of Sam Axe and cliches of Columbia.

How Jeffery Donovan became director, Burn Notice, The Fall of Sam Axe Q & A 2011. I apologize for the camera movement. Bruce was so animated and moved all over during this segment.

Bruce shares his Evil Dead theory of acting in cold weather and getting out a of a ticket.

Audience questions: Comic Con fans try to bring Bruce down a notch. I think Harry Potter actually did. I laughed so hard, Note to self: Next year bring oxygen & tissues.

More audience questions:

In Closing:


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