My Chat with Chloe Neill


I went to Chloe Neill's book signing at San Diego Comic Con 2011. I had all four books from her Chicago Vampire Novel series. She looked up at me and said, "You must be real mad at me." At first, I thought she was talking about previously turning me down for an interview. Then I realized she had no idea who I was and I had Hard Bitten on top of my stack.

I introduced myself and, by the way, she will do an interview with me after she is finished with her current book. I would never do anything to delay her from that (even as greedy as I am).

I told her I was shocked and re-read the chapter at least 6 more times. I had to ask if Ethan's story was something she just came up with at the end or if it was planned. She replied that it was always planned from the beginning. She has had the entire arc of the series planned out. I have to commend her. It's not what the majority of her readers would want, but it definitely makes a great impact.

When we look back at some of the most memorable great movies, plays, and books, they tend to give us a story we don't expect, may not like, and would never dream of; think of Titanic. I tend to like when stories surprise me, of course secretly, I hope Ethan returns someday.


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