True Blood Recap: Me and the Devil

Joe Lee continues to wrangle Tommy, and he plays dead, before turning the tables on Joe Lee. Tommy finally puts an end to the man with the dirty undies, only regretting his actions when he accidently hits his mama too.
Marnie awakens still in her circle. She tells Lafayette, Jesus and Tara about the spirit that’s been possessing her. Only Lafayette sees the danger, knowing that no matter the excuse, it ends in getting eaten. Marnie tries to rationalize it, but the other three roll out.
Arlene freaks out about baby Mikey’s writing on the wall, convinced that ghost Renee is after her baby. Terry thinks that they should turn to God, a total cleansing of the house.
Eric watches a sleeping Sookie, when Godric appears. Godric smells Sookie, and Eric goes to protect her. Godric wants Eric to drink from Sookie, but he resists. He tells Eric that he is damned, but Eric believes that Sookie can save him. Finally they drink from Sookie so they can walk in the sun together, and Eric awakens. He goes to her bedroom, fangs lowered, but when Sookie awakens, he tells her he had a bad dream.
Jessica and Hoyt bring Jason home. Hoyt’s grateful that she saved Jason, but Jessica seems hesitant. She pulls away from him, and he doesn’t understand why. She claims she’s tired, but Hoyt knows she’s hiding something. He sends her home, and stays with Jason.
Portia goes to see Bill, unwilling to let go of the relationship.  Bill is forced to glamour her, to make her believe that she’s actually scared of him.
Sookie and Eric lie in bed talking about his dream. He cuddles on her lap, telling her that he likes to be with her. She still finds it hard to believe how much he’s changed. He asks if he can stay until sunrise. Sookie tells him he can so long as he keeps his hands and fangs to himself.
Pam shows what the witches did to her face. Bill tells her that its forbidden, but Pam is a little unrelenting since it involves her beautiful face.
Lafayette packs to go on an extended visit to Jesus’s brujo grandfather. Tara plans to go to New Orleans. Quickly Layfayette sees the holes in the rational, that a grandfather he hates may not be the best protection against an angry Eric. Jesus tells him that of the last time he saw his crazy grandfather, he had to kill his pet goat he got for his birthday. The story only makes Lafayette even more hesitant. But Jesus insists that they need death magic.
Tara calls Maddie, telling her that  she’s coming home, but maddie asks who’s Tara. Toni is busted.
Tommy shows Sam what he’s done.
Sookie asks Holly about the Wiccans, saying she’s interested. She tries to turn the subject to the vamp attacks, but Holly doesn’t want to talk about it, but it does bring the thoughts of what happened to Holly’s mind.
Jason and Hoyt have a little heart to heart. Jason believes that the whole hot shot incident happened because of his past indiscretions, it was God’s punishment. Hoyt admits that he knows something is wrong with Jessica. When Holly mentions the full moon, a wave of panic goes through Jason. He leaves hastily.
Reverend Daniels comes to cleanse Arlene and Terry’s house with Tara’s mother Lottie Mae. They sing lively, and sage the house.
Sookie arrives at Marnie’s shop, she asks for a reading, but Marnie at first says no, but then has her sit down. Marnie sees Sookie’s Gran, she tells her that she’s at peace, and wants her to look after her brother. She asks if she’s falling in love, tells her that she cannot give her heart to him, that the condition is temporary. Sookie finally hears Gran herself. She tells Sookie that Marnie poses a danger, and to run. Sookie listens.
Sam and Tommy are driving with their parent’s bodies, when a V-strung Andy pulls them over. Sam tells Tommy to get in the back, trying to save everyone, but Andy sees blood and immediately becomes suspicious, going to search the vehicle. Sam is forced to get out, and unlock the back, and when he opens the door, there’s a giant gator. He tells Andy he found the gator by the dumpster, and was releasing the gator where he belongs.
Katie, Bill’s spy, comes to see Marnie asking about the incident in the woods. Marnie tells Katie that they're being watched over, protected, before a group of men come to capture Marnie.
Tara finally tells Sookie about Maddie. She admits how much she hates Bon Temps for all the hell she went through, and that she’s afraid to lose Maddie. Sookie tells her to fight for Maddie, to be honest with the people she loves, which brings her thoughts to Eric in his hidey hole.
As Marnie sits praying in her holding cell, the Spanish witch takes over. She sees when the witch was in prison, sitting helpless as her fellow witches were drained by vampires posing as priests.
Tara asks Sookie if she can stay, but Sookie tries to turn her away. Tara goes on the offensive when she sees Eric. Sookie tries to tells Tara that Eric is different, but Tara lists all the reasons that Sookie should hate Eric. That he helped Russell drain her, that he forced her to drink his blood, that he tortured Lafayette in his basement. Sookie begs her to stop, as Eric listens on.
Bill questions Marnie about what happened with Eric. Marnie maintains that they only practice peacefully. Bill brings up the spell placed on Pam but Marnie tells him that she does not know how to reverse it. Bill decides to glamour Marnie. He questions Marnie under glamour and finds that she truly does not know.
Brujo grandfather sneaks up on Lafayette and Jesus. He’s been expecting them.
A wolf shows up on Alcide’s door, Alcide tries to send him away. Alcide has not registered with the pack of Shreveport where he’s been living. He sends the wolf away.
Sam and Tommy drag their parents to the swamp to dump their bodies.  Tommy broke two of his own commandments. Don’t kill shit, don’t fuck with your parents. He tells his mama sorry before he and Sam heave hos the bodies. Sam tries to make Tommy feel better that he was at war with his parents and that it was self defense. Tommy tells him that he doesn’t know, and Sam has to admit that he killed two people. Tommy worries when the bodies don’t sink, and Sam pulls the solution from his pocket. “Gators love marshmallows.”
Terry and Arlene make love, and afterwards marvel over how well Mikey is sleeping, thinking that maybe the cleansing worked better. Terry is an eternal ray of sunshine. A book of matches spontaneously combust on the night stand.
Jason wakes to Jessica climbing up him . He asks if it’s a dream, and when she says it is, he gives into her. She talks about Hoyt, to the discomfort of Jason, as she tries to seduce him. But when Hoyt shows up it turns really awkward, in a dirty, hot kinda way. And then Jason finally wakes up.
Eric asks why Sookie why she’s letting him stay when he’s been so horrible to her. She tells him its because she knew he was capable of kindness, and he’s finally showing that. As he walks away Sookie is saddened. She asks him to not leave her, and she finally gives him the kiss he’s been begging for.
Bill brings forth the four remaining sheriffs, briefing them on the situation. One of the sheriffs mocks the witches. Bill has one of the vampires tell the others about Antonia who used necromancy to awaken vampires and take a walk into the light. The sheriffs seeing Pam want to take out the witches responsible. Pam makes a fatal mistake and outs Eric’s location. Bill races off.


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