True Blood Recap: I Wish I Was the Moon

Sookie and Eric got to take their relationship to the next level when Bill comes in. Bill does not take it well, throwing Bill easily. Sookie tells Eric that Bill is the King, and Eric submits, asking for forgiveness.
Bill takes Eric home with him. Eric tries to protect Sookie, even as Bill silvers him. Bill tries to make Eric out to be a danger, but Sookie maintains his innocence, refusing to leave without Eric. Bill has her escorted away. Eric is locked in a holding cell, he smells death. It’s Pam. She’s hiding from him, the rotting is worse, she’s not afraid, she’s angry. Pam tells Eric the truth about King Bill, and the truth about himself. But Eric does not want his life back, he does not remember.
Bill calls Nan to update her on Eric and Pam’s conditions. Bill makes the situation out to be worse than it is. He asks to impose the true death upon Eric. Nan gives him a pat on the back.
Arlene tells Terry that there’s no smoking in the boudoir when she smells smoke, but there’s a fire raging in the bedroom. She looks for the baby, but he’s gone. Terry is forced to carry Arlene out, but before he can go back for the baby the house explodes. The kids have Mikey, he was already outside playing with creepy doll. A woman waves to Mikey, and he smiles.
Sam  goes to see what happens, Terry’s armadillo is ok. Andy threatens Sam about being a slum lord, but Sam tells him that he needs to stop fucking with him before he turns into a Doberman and chews off his face. Andy goes to help Holly, and she’s grateful. Andy misreads the signs, and a cheeseburger offer happily turns into a date. Sam calls Tommy, asking him to open the bar for him.  Sam is determined to fill the brotherly role and help Tommy, Tommy in his grief turns into Sam, and freaks himself out.
Lafayette and Jesus sit at Brujo grandfather’s table. Jesus asks for protection. Grandfather does not take the request well. Grandfather asks for a sacrifice.
Maddie comes looking for Tara, who has a gun drawn. But she gives her a chance to explain herself. Tara finally tells Maddie all the hell that was her life, that she ran thinking it would never catch up with her. Toni was everything Tara wished she was, which does not ease Maddie at all. Maddie and Tara ease towards forgivness.
Sookie comes to tell Sam that she cannot work today. And he fires her. He gives her a lecture, that is clearly not Sam, and sends her on her way. Tommy likes the feel of Sam’s shoes. He hits on some ladies, and goes to check on Maxine. She tells him how Tommy left her, how he broke her heart. She says mean things about Tommy, but its because she’s hurt. Her words still sting Tommy a little.
Jason tries to hide from Sookie, but she can hear her. Jason tries to send Sookie away, but she refuses. She finds him tied to the bed, thinking it’s a sex thing. Jason has to tell her he thinks he’s turning into a werepanther.
Alcide comes home to find the wolf he sent away talking with Debbie. Debbie has told too much about their past with their former pack. Debbie plans on joining the wolf pack. Debbie has been keeping things from Alcide. Debbie tells Alcide he cannot be her whole world., that when she lost him before she lost herself and that was the start of her problems. She asks him to join the pack during the full moon.
Marnies begs for help from the spirit, Antonia, begging her to avenge the both of them. Marnie sees how Antonia was raped, drained and made to suffer before she was killed on the stake. She sees how as Antonia burned she and her coven called the vampires from their daytime rest into the sun, and they all burned together. Marnie see Antonia manifested before her for the first time before Antonia slides down her throat in total possession.
Lafayette and Jesus await their sacrifice in a field, Jesus tells him that the sacrifice will come to them. And then a rattle snake does exactly that.
Jason and Sookie sit on the porch. Jason wants Sookie to shoot him if he turns into a panther, but Sookie refuses. Jason tells her he just wants to be normal. But Sookie says everyone has something inside them they want to hide. That you can’t run from something inside, but it can be a blessing if you let it. He sends Sookie inside for another beer, as the full moon rises, and when she comes back he’s gone, only his sweatshirt remains. Smartly she grabs the shot gun before going to look for him.
Tara brings Maddie to Merlottes. Jessica goes to take the order, when she smells something, drops fang and leaves.
Luna surprises Tommy/Sam with a kiss. He stops her, but when she gives him a peep show, he can’t say no.
Jason hears noises in the woods. Jessica comes to Jason, she sensed his fear. Jason tells Jessica that hes turning into a werepanther, and Jessica tries to calm Jason as he panics. Jessica decides that she’s going to stay with him, since the night she was made was the scariest in memory and there’s no way shes going to let him go through it alone.
Debbie runs into Sookie in the woods, Alcide is with her. Sookie asks about werepanther, and how people become a were. Alcide says that there is no way to turn into a were, that its hereditary. She tells them to go do their thing, and runs off, but Alcide doesn’t look convinced she can handle herself.
Luna and “Sam” sit in the after glory. Luna says that it was different than she expected. She wants to soar like eagles, but “Sam” goes on the offensive, and Luna leaves. He changes back into himself.
Jason and Jessica sit in the moonlight. He’s sounds disappointed that he didn’t change. He asks Jessica if she could go back would she, but she wouldn’t. They have a tender moment, and Jason quickly leaves before it got awkward.
Eric kneels before Bill ready for the true death. He does not expect mercy, he asks for Pam’s release, because she is not a threat. And for Sookie he asks Bill to tell her that he was born the night she found him, and that because off her he found love and peace. He tells Bill that Sookie still loves him, and that he hopes after he’s gone they find eachother because Sookie deserves happiness. Bill brings down the stake but does not drive it home.
 Brujo tells Jesus and Lafayette that Marnie is using blood magic. Jesus does not see the real threat isn’t the vampires but the witches. Grandfather lets the rattlesnake bite Jesus and tells Lafayette to protect him and leaves. As Lafayette panics over Jesus, a spirit enters him, uncle Luca heals Jesus.
Sam returns home, ready to run, but Tommy is on the floor in his own vomit.
Tara lights a final cigarette to say goodbye to Toni. Maddie thinks that she might like Tara better. Pam comes and interrupts Maddie and Tara’s little moments. Even rotting, doesn’t stop Pam from dropping fang and attacking.
The vampire who told the others about Antonia sits watch over Marnie. She gives him a creepy smile, and he comes running to her. Father Luis sees her for what she is. He goes to attack, but she easily stops him with a little spell.
Sookie keeps looking for Jason, yelling that he’s not going to be a werepanther, when Eric finds her. Bill set him free. And instantly she’s in his arms. Bill sits alone on his porch. Eric and Sookie meanwhile have sex next to a bubbling brook, its tender and sweet, and above all hot, everything fans have been hoping for. It’s not a shower, but it’ll do just fine.


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