True Blood Recap: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?

This week’s episode opens back up with Eric still confused about Sookie, asking her “What are you?” he drops fang, and she speeds off in her car, only to stop looking back in her rearview mirror, ala typical girl in a horror movie, and Eric grabs her through the window. Sookie escapes, running through the dark woods, and Eric gives chase. She hits him, breaking his nose to his horror, and he’s childlike in panic. He doesn’t remember why who he is, just what he is. Eric begins rambling, first in Swedish then in Latin, repeating the spell Marnie cast upon him. He remembers Marnie, as she emptied his memory, that she was something else, but nothing else. Sookie melts alittle, and she agrees to help him so long as he doesn’t touch her or bite her, and he agrees.

The coven attends to Marnie, who is recovering from her bite at the fangs of Eric. Tara is a disgruntled about being sucked back into the vampire mess. The coven wants to call the cops about Eric, but Lafayette is totally against it, because he knows Eric and how incompetent the cops are comparably. The coven is in a tizzy, all self righteous. Jesus asks Marnie what she did to Eric to make him leave, but she says she does not know.

Jason lays still on the bed, as one of the elders tell about the legend of ghost momma and ghost daddy, and how they became the first werepanthers. Jason’s body is going though the change, and Jason still thinks that they’re gonna kill him, without a clue as to what is really happening. Crystal thanks him for all he’s done, and all he’s gonna do, which confuses him even more. Crystal shows him off like he’s the prize stud. makes an incriminating video, and King Bill is forced to kill one of his subjects, who was caught on film feeding. Jessica comes to see if Bill has some advil, since she went out to get some and now after her little Fangtasia detour, all the stores are closed, but she hasn’t been to see Bill for months. She tells Bill that she was feeding on a fangbanger, and he worries for his safety. Bill tells Jessica to confess the truth to Hoyt before he finds out from someone else.

Sookie brings Eric home, but he hesitates at the threshold. She invites him in. Pam is feeding on a hick when Sookie calls. She tells her that Eric doesn’t remember anything, and Pam rushes off. Sookie bathes Eric’s feet, and finds out that he’s ticklish. He says that she’s pretty, and it’s a touching moment, until Pam arrives. She immediately sees what the witches have done. Eric jumps to Sookies defense, throwing Pam in Sookie's defense when Pam becomes threatening. Pam tries a new approach. She urges Sookie to hide him, that Bill is probably behind this mess. Sookie says that it makes sense that he would since, Bill promised to rid anyone who tasted her. Eric perks up that he’s tasted her, until Sookie tells him that he fang-raped her. He’s remorseful, and Pam convinces Sookie to protect Eric, that she believes that Bill is trying to get an AVL approved death warrant on the handsome Sherrie. Sookie agrees so long as she’s paid since she keeps getting sucked into vampire messes.

Hoyt sits with the creepy doll. It’s been thrown out a number of times, and it keeps coming back. Jessica confesses that she fed on someone else, and she says that he looks at other women, but he doesn’t because other women don’t exist for him. She mind fucks him, and he tries to stop her, but she manages to entrall him to make him forget, and make him happy again. She knows its wrong, but she can't bear to hurt him.

Sookie checks out Eric’s cubby, telling him its ok to come down, and he finally does delighting in the fact that it really is his house. He asks her if she's someone's, if she wants to be his, but she says she doesn’t. Eric drops fang like an awkward teenager.

Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara try to figure out the whole coven Eric/problem. Lafayette wants to throw himself at Eric’s mercy and tell him that it wasn’t them, but Marnie who orchestrated it all. Jesus and Tara both plan to avert Lafayette’s plan.

Andy calls Jason concerned. He confesses that he’s been using V again, and he’s a little worried about Jason. He takes a hit of V, and Sam walks up. Andy immediately goes on the attack, about the garbage (which are supplies that are being cataloged) and how long the trees are. Sam takes Andy's actions for drunkeness, and takes a swing at him when Andy leaves him no choice. Andy pulls his gun, still bitching about the trees and leaves.

Sookie goes to see Alcide, and he immediately wraps her in a big bear hug. He’s living in a nice house now in Shreveport. Sookie asks Alcide to take care of Eric, and Alcide asks if she means for him to kill Eric, and she tells him that Eric is sick. Debbie comes out, seems Debbie is now clean and blonde, and she asks Sookie for forgiveness. Sookie is weirded out by the whole situation and high tails it out. Alcide tells her that he can put Eric up in one of the houses that haven’t sold yet, but Sookie declines. And Alcide becomes uneasy when he learns that Eric is staying at Sookie’s house.

Tommy is at Maxine’s house. She's taught him to read a bit. A salesman, Paul, comes to  talk to Maxine’s about her natural gas lease rights, and Tommy intercedes him, immediately negotiating with him about percentages. Paul goes, and Tommy fails to mention it to Maxine whose busy buying a doll off of HSN. Maxine tells him to call her momma.

Crystal talks to Jason, still tied up. She tells him that she’s gonna be momma to all his cubs. He’s burning up, and she’s happy that the magic is taking over, but Jason thinks that he’s dying. Crystal tells him that they’re dying out, there are fewer cubs being born, fewer that survive. She gives him some Mexican Viagra, instead of the medicine that he thought it was.

Tara goes to Sookie asking for help with Eric. Sookie tries to get information about what the witches did. Sookie tells her that she’s happy to talk to him, if she sees him, but he’s gone missing. Sam and Tara have a shot and catch up. He talks to her about why she left. He thought it was about him, since he told her that he was a shifter right before she left. She admits that she never hated him, and he offers her a place, in one of his empty units, in his place. Tara tells him that she’s seeing someone, and he admits the same. Jesus breaks up with flirtfess. Lafayette is gone, he paid Terry $100 to cover his shift, and the two scramble to catch up.

Bill leaves a message for Eric, who has not returned his calls, he demands as his king to be called back. Portia arrives for dinner to proposition Bill. Bill tells her that he can never love her, and Portia is okay with that.

Jessica gives Mikey the creepy doll. Arlene is a little against it, but Terry rationalizes it. Saying that there is little that he can do to ruin it. Tommy goes to Sam, about his scam to buy out Maxine’s house and then split the natural gas money. Sam tries to get Tommy to see the wrong in his actions, but Tommy doesn’t see it that way.

Bill has sex with Portia, and drops fang. She offers him her throat, but he doesn’t take it.

Sookie returns home, with dinner for Eric. His cubby is open, but she can’t find him

Pam takes Lafayette down to the basement to find out what he did to Eric. Tara pulls a gun on Pam full of wood bullets. Ginger led her and Jesus down, Ginger runs screaming when she hears that Jesus is a brujo. They tell Pam that they can bring her the woman who cast the spell on Eric, she’s the only one that can reverse it. Pam lets them go with a warning, that she will "eat, fuck and kill all three of you" if they fail to bring Marnie to her.

Marnie prays to the spirit that possessed her for strength, and power. She bleeds as tribute, offering herself as a vessel and the possessing witch watches.

Jason awakens with Crystal riding him, and all the other girls of Hotshot standing watch, waiting their turn.

Claudine comes to get Sookie to bring her back, but Sookie refuses. Claudine tells Sookie that she’s been saving her in non-vampire related incidents, since vampire ones were too dangerous because she’s a fairy. When she tries to force Sookie to return with her, Eric arrives saves Sookie from Claudine, draining her. Sookie half-heartedly tries to tells stop him, but he doesn’t stop. Claudine attempts to use her microwave powers, but its too late. She turns into her other form, that’s a lot less pretty, until she is finally dust. Sookie tells him “You just killed my fairy godmother.” He says sorry, and he smiles like a little boy with a messy mouth to close out the episode. Now everyone say it with me "awwww."


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