True Blood Recap: I’m Alive and On Fire

Sookie tries to get Eric in the house after he gorged himself on fairy godmother, but he falls down, high as a kite, wanting more. He wants to drink from Sookie, but she stops him in fear, telling him “there isn’t any more, you drank the whole fairy and you’re going to your room.” He tells her that he would never harm her, quickly sobering for a second. He proceeds to goose Sookie, and she swats at him. He playfully tells her to catch him, and at vampire speed runs all over her yard, taunting her as Sookie frets with dawn approaching.
 Bill grills Pam for Eric’s whereabouts. Bill warns Pam that its treason to lie, but Pam maintains she doesn’t know where he is, that Bill is a blood thirsty and ruthless king, and that he’s enjoying his crown a little too much.

Jason fulfills his studdly duties, throwing his latest raper off him. She says that she isn’t done, that he’s the best that she’s ever had, but he tells her to go anyways. Next they send in the young Becky. He tries to reason with her, telling her that he’s getting sicker, but she insists drawing a knife, and then Jason shows his sweet side, even though he’s still bound. He tells her what her first time should be like, special, sweet with hearts and candy with a guys she loves whose actually willing, not a guy tied up against his will just for the chance to have some cubs. Becky admits that she doesn’t want to do this, that she doesn’t want to do this at all. Jason begs her to cut him loose that he worries that he’s dying, and she thinks he is too. She cuts him loose, telling him to be careful.

Nan goes after Bill for sending Bill after the Wiccans. Nan would have left the witches alone, nonbelief in their power apparent. Bill reminds her of the Spanish massacre. Nan tsks about it, and the witches of Salem, whom they believed was a threat, but where a bunch of puritans that just needed to get laid. She also disregards the massacre as well since it was a single witch that had a reason for hating vampires. She tells Bill that she cannot take Eric’s vanishing to the Authority. Nan tells Bill to not shed a single drop of Wiccan blood, and Bill says that he will deal with it himself. She warns him that there are no retired Kings.

Marnie dreams of the Spanish witch that Nan mentioned. The witch is going to burned at the stake. Marnie tries to stop the horror, but nonw hear. The witch promises that the others will burn for their sins. She casts a spell, and Marnie repeats it, awakening. Fire burns in her eyes.

Alcide comes to help Sookie look for Eric. She’s been looking for him in the woods. Alcide shows a delicious amount of skin disrobing and turning into a wolf to track Eric.

Maxine comes looking for Tommy, upset that he hasn’t come home. She remionds everyone that Sam shot his brother when he tries to brush her off. Maxine pokes at Sam verbally, but when he doesn’t get angry she finally asks why. He tells her that he has no quarrel with her.

Felton comes to find Becky. He asks her if shes a virgin, and she says not, but one look into her eyes and he knows the truth. He goes to where Jason was held, but finds the door watch, Luthor, tied. He rounds his inbred posse up, shifting into panthers, to hunt down Jason.

Lafayette, Tara and Jesus try to talk Marnie into reversing the curse. But Marnie insists that the Goddess doesn’t work that way. Lafayette and Tara press that if they do not they will be tortured and raped before they’re killed, and finally Marnie agrees. She calls upon the Goddess to reverse the curse they laid upon Eric, but the Goddess is not answering. Marnie gets nothing. She tries another approach.

Alcide leads Sookie to the water, as she babbles about how Eric came to be able to run in the sun. Eric pops out of the water, trying to get Sookie to play with her. He pretends that he’s a sea god, and she is his sea goddess. She tells him that there are gators in the water, and he taunts the gators. Alcide turns back into a man, and Eric immediately goes on the defensive. They taunt eachother, and then the effects of the fairy blood start to wear off and Eric says that he’s hurting. Sookie wades into the water after him, covering him in a blanket, and tells him to go home. He doesn’t want to go back to the dark, but he runs home, and Alcide, a wolf once more follows.

Jason hears the cats closing in on him. He loses his shirt, covers himself in dirt and takes off in a different direction, in hope of throwing the cats off his scent. It works.

Tommy goes to find Melinda. She hasn’t seen him in months. She left Joe Lee, she says she left him, but doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her he learned to read, and that Sam shot him. Melinda tells him that getting rid of Sam was the best thing ever, and that he’s her one and only.

Sam goes to surprise Luna. And she’s tense, sending him away. A little girl comes to the door, calling her mommy. He immediately charms the little girl, and Emma asks if Sam to play dolls, Sam enthusiastically agrees and Luna has no choice but to invite him in.

Jason is still running. He’s exhausted and falls over.

Alcide stands guard as Sookie tries to tuck Eric in. He doesn’t want to sleep, even though he knows that the bleeds may come. He asks her to stay with him, and Alcide looks upset from his position upstairs as he overhears. Sookie refuses, and goes upstairs. Alcide is against Eric staying, but Sookie tells him he can’t cast stones with the former crazy v addict Debbie living with him. Alcide and Sookie embrace and agree to being friends. And tells her to call him if she needs him.

Jason has a sharpened stake, and has taken up position in a tree waiting for his target. A black panther comes into sight, and Jason jumps from the tree, dealing the killing blow to the panther, but not before it scratches him. The Panther turns into Felton, and he’s finally dead. A second panther comes turns out its Crystal, whose overjoyed at Felton’s death. AQs she rants on, Jason tries to make it clear to her that they have no future and he regrets having ever met her.

Bill sits waiting in the Bellefluer’s parlor with Portia, waiting to meet her grandmother as her beau. Caroline finally makes her appearance, and Andy tries to sneak out. Caroline stops him, and makes him join them. She asks about Andy’s day, and he tells of the flasher he caught, which Caroline says is vulgar. Bill jumps to Andy’s defense.

Luna tries to wrangle Emma into getting ready for bed, Sam steps in offering a little assistance. And she tells Sam to stay as she gets prepared for bed. Luna opens up a little more to Sam, telling him how she wants to see Emma raised. And Luna opens up a little more, turns out Emma’s dad is some bad boy werewolf. Luna fears the werewolf and his jealousy, and what he’ll do to Sam. Sam stands his ground though. Emma comes, and sits between them, smitten with Sam.

Marnie tries to find the correct spell, but feeling its power in the books instead of actually flipping the pages. Jesus says that the correct spell should give off heat. Lafayette worries about time running out, Marnie prays again to her goddess and Tara thinks they’re fucked. A book falls to the floor, looks like they have their spell.

Alcide comes home to Debbie. He told her that he was working late. She smells something on his shirt. She asks about Alcide about his shifting and he tells her that he went to help Sookie, but left out plenty of details. Debbie says that she worried about Sookie, as she goes unrobes in his lap.

Caroline goes on about her family history. Andy gets antsy, and leaves. Caroline worries that Andy is drinking again. Bill has her continue on about her family history, and Portia gets the family Bible when she cannot remember. As they talk a common connection comes up, Elizabeth Harris and the two quickly realize it. Caroline begs Bill not to say anything, says she’s ill and goes off to bed. Bill hastily leaves, breaking things off with Portia. Portia chases Bill down, wanting an explanation, refusing to let it go. He tells her that Elizabeth Harris was the daughter of Lionel Harris and Sarah Compton, his daughter, making Portia his great, great, great granddaughter
Terry brings baby Mikey out while Arlene and the other kids are sleeping. He leaves the baby on the floor so he can take clothes out of the dryer. Arlene sleeps uneasy, and when Terry comes back, on the wall is written “Baby’s not yours” in red marker and baby Mikey has the marker.

Sookie comes down to see Eric. And she tells him how the other Eric is. “He’s a happy vampite.” But Eric is depressed over losing the sun, of seeing Sookie in it. Sookie tries to comfort him, but he doesn’t take the comfort well. He tells her if she kisses him, she’ll be happy, and Sookie says no, but her eyes clearly say yes. He closes in, until he hears someone at the door. She tells him to stay put and  goes to see who it is. It’s Bill, he’s come looking for Eric. Sookie says that he’s gone, that she thought Bill came through for her. Bill’s guards looked everywhere, and have come up empty. Bill tells her that this is the only place they haven’t searched and even as Sookie still says no to the search, Bill goes to forcibly move her. She asks when has she ever lied to him, given his reason to not trust her. He pauses, clearly torn, but doesn’t search.

Jason collapse on the side of the road in pain. Jessica and Hoyt find Jason passed out. Jessica gives him her blood.

Tommy tells Melinda the tricks he learned to reading. Melinda falls silent, and Tommy asks about her new scars. She nearly lost her life to a pup in the dog ring. If it weren’t for Joe Lee she’d be dead, she acts like he’s a huge savior, which Tommy cannot believe knowing all he’s done to them. Joe lee throws a chain around Tommy’s neck. Melinda lied. Joe Lee plans to make Tommy the obedient little puppy.

Tara, Lafayette, Jesus and Marnie cast a circle as Pam paces outside. They aren’t sure that she can reverse the spell. Tara holds a gun on Pam. She begins to lose it the longer it takes, and Marnie’s spirit witch finally takes over when Pam enters the circle. She casts her spell, inflicting rot upon Pam. Pam’s face decays to her horror until she flees.


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