True Blood Recap: You Smell Like Dinner

Bleary eyed Jason wakes to Maggie, one of the Hotshot kids, and Timbo licking his head wound. They have orders to not release him, even though it shows that they want nothing more than to let him go. Timbo goes to cut him free when Felton reveals himself, chasing the kids out.
Sookie tries to escape Eric. He tells her that her blood tastes like freedom, like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle. He asks her to be his, because she needs to be someones, and if it was just about blood he could have taken it but he doesn’t. He leaves the choice up to him.
Bill is still meeting with the wiccan about her coven, and their raising the dead. And then she gives him more than just information.
Pam, Jessica and Hoyt see the horrible vampire protesters. Hoyt tries to stick up for Jessica, as the protester’s friend records video. Pam and Jessica are forced to stand and watch as the protesting gets violent.
Sam and Luna have a little naked heart to heart. As Sam gets too close, Luna runs.
Sookie goes to see Bill, whose busy banging the wiccan. Sookie is stopped by Bill’s new body guards. Bills house has had a complete make over, very Palatial. Sookie sees Katerina’s new bite marks as she leaves.
 Jesus and Lafayette have a talk about magic. Magic isn’t  good or bad, only the practioner’s intent.
Sookie wants Bill to make Eric give up his claim on her house, but he tells her that Eric has friends in high places and King, or no, he cannot make him. Bill tells her he’ll do what he can, but until then she should seek shelter in another human’s house. For a second she questions how he became king, but then quickly regrets that.
London, 1982, Punk Rock Bill chats up the bar keep, Kellan and later forcibly drains him in an alley, but he leaves him alive, instead rolling is mind so he forgets. Nan sees him, she’s been watching him for months, tells him of the future. Of how someone is making a blood substitute, and she enlists his help to infiltrate the monarchies.
Later at Merlotte’s, Sookie tries to talk to Sam. She feels bad about not telling Sam about where she had been the entire year, but she says she will when she can, and he appreciates that. Terry and Arlene come in with baby Mikey. Sookie says that he’s an old soul, and Arlene freaks out, and has a little break down. Terry awkwardly apologizes.
Andy comes out to Hotshot and Felton fears he’s come looking for Jason, sends Timbo out to talk to him. A drugged up Crystal comes to Jason, but instead of untying him, she gags him. Andy has come for V, not Jason. He has a warrant. Jason starts screaming, but Andy can’t make it out, Timbo claims its just hound dogs. Crystal pulls a knife on him to keep Jason quiet. Felton sees the V withdrawal symptoms, and sends Luthor out with a vial.  Andy takes his “evidence” and leaves.
Luna sits in Sam’s office waiting, trying to seduce him. She has a past she has a hard time talking about, and she feels bad for running. They kiss, and she makes him promise that he’s coming to their little  meeting that evening. He is. Tommy see Luna and Sam kiss, and he’s more than a little interested. He mentions that she smells pretty.
Arlene stairs at the baby, looking into his eyes, zoning out as Terry talks, a blood vessel in her eye bursts, and Arlene blames the baby. Saying that he’s rotten to the core, but Terry reassures Mikey that he isn’t.
Sookie returns home. As Tara runs towards her, for a second she sees the fairies running towards her instead. Tara tells her that she thought she was dead, and Sookie tells her that its okay everyone did. She sells the story that she was on vampire business, but that she’s not back with Bill. She finds notes in the house, left by Eric. He got her a new microwave. And in the fridge is a carafe of blood. She pours it away calling him a  “psychopathic Frat Boy” and lastly she finds a very nice cubby he’s built himself.
Jessica awakes, finding Hoyt icing his bumps and bruises. She tries to get him to drink her blood to heal, but he tells her that he doesn’t need that shit. She takes the comment badly, even as he tries to rationalize it. She takes his car and leaves, coming to the intersection between going to Bon Temps town center and Shreveport, she heads to Shreveport.
Tara goes to see Lafayette and Jesus next, but their own their way to their wiccan thang. They drag her along.
Eric goes to Bills. Bill asks him to sell Sookie’s house back, or to him. Eric refuses both. Changing subjects. Bill tells Eric about the coven, and Eric tells Bill he’ll send Pam. But Bill then tells him about the necromancers, and that they have raised a bird. Eric goes himself.
Bill remembers how he became King. He and Sophie Anne get ready to fight, Sophie Anne knocks him down, and a hit team comes in. Bill has them fire, and Sophie Anne meets the final death. Nan comes in congratulating him, and says that this was personal. Bill lies saying that she was obsessed with Sookie, but that there is nothing special about Sookie. Nan pronounces him King, and tells him to go get cleaned off, that he’s “covered in Queen.”
Sookie tries to appeal to Pam, who doesn’t exactly have a softer side. Sookie says that she’ll wait for Eric. Pam tells her that she should reconsider his offer, that she needs to be someone’s or that she won’t be. She tells her that he’s handsome and rich, and that he actually cares for her in her own way. Sookie refuses to be anyone's puppet, not even Eric's. And Pam delivers the best line of the night. "It's a shame, he pulls good string."
Jessica makes her way to Fangtasia, and immediately hones in on the fangbanger, Matt she turned down the night before. And immediately they head off together.
Holly speaks for Marnie, Tara isn’t all about Marnie, sitting outside of the circle. Marnie tells the crowd that the next step is to bring back a human.
  The shifters talk about the most messed up thing they had ever shifted into. Luna reveals that she shifted into her mother before, and how she was raised listening to Navajo stories of the skin walkers, witches that shifted and gained power through killing the one they were shifting into. Luna says it was crazy and scary. They suddenly smell another shifter, and Sam takes off after Tommy.
Tara calls home to her girlfriend, Naomi. Lafayette asks where they’re gonna get a dead body. Eric goes to see the coven.
 Jessica is draining Matt in the bathroom, when Sookie overhears her. Jessica comes across all guilty, and Sookie asks if Hoyt knows. But Jessica fires back about how she hurt Bill, and that she hates the whole step mom act. Sookie leaves.
Sam finally catches Tommy in bird form. Tommy has been faking the limp, and Tommy is upset that he isn’t actually going to anger management. Sam tells him that the group is that for him, helping him cope before he shoots someone. Tommy wants them to be brothers, and Sam says that they can try. Tommy leaves before the group can find him.
Eric is looking for Marnie, telling her that this is the last time the coven meets. Marnie tries to negotiate, but Lafayette tells her that Eric tends to get his way. Marnie tells the coven to join hands, and Eric seizes Marnie, biting her, but Lafayette doesn’t join in until Tara tries to hit Eric and he grabs her instead. With Lafayette joined in and the circle. The lights go out, and a wind whips through. Marnie chants in another voice, and casts a spell upon Eric, as she flashes back and forth to another person.
Crystal and Felton finally clue Jason in on their plan. They needs to propagate the blood line since Felton is shooting blanks, and to make sure that the baby is a panther, they need to make him one too. They both change into Panther, and bite him.
Sookie drives home, seeing a shirtless Eric walking along the side of the road. He looks lost, and delicious. He claims to not know her, but as he smells her he asks “Why do you smell so good?”


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