And the Winner of the Game of Thrones Swag is....

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! The Game of Thrones Swag bag I grabbed during San Diego Comic Con is about to have a new home. The prize included: a Game of Thrones bag, House Lannister T-shirt, and the first book of the series Game of Thrones.
After much consideration, and as much verification of entries as I could manage, like always I decided to let do the hard work of choosing a winner. Thank you to everyone who participated.

And the winner is: Courtney Hawkins said...

Nice giveaway! I hope I'm commenting in the right place. Liked you guys on FB and Rt'd on twitter.!/CourtneyGreeley/status/104009741990244352 :)

Please email me your snail mail address to Suepafly at hotmail dot com within seven (7) days to claim your prize. And thanks for playing.

Check back soon for more contests! Up next is a Seanan McGuire Giveaway you won't want to miss, more swag from San Diego including a Ringer stool, a signed special edition True Blood comic, and lots more!


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