Chad Michael Murray: Actor & Graphic Novelist

Leilei & Chad Michael Murray
I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite tv shows, "One Tree Hill" at Comic Con this year on Friday July 22, 2011. My daughter and I would watch marathon after marathon of OTH  when she was younger, and is one of my fondest memories I have of her while she was growing up. That's also the same thing I told Chad when he signed a poster and took a photo with me. What I didn't expect to see was him signing copies of 'Everlast, Phoenix: A Short Story' his first graphic novel at the Archaia booth, and I of course had to have a copy to read what it was all about. I know he is an awesome actor, but can he write? To answer that question is an understatement. His writing style is very descriptive and a bit dark, but that's exactly what he was going for. He puts the reader in the story as if they were actually there, living it along with the strong, compassionate character that Derek Everlast is. The story takes place pre-apocalyptic and we follow him throughout his destined life choosing people, good people to guide them to a place of renewal called Haven. During these explorations "he must deliver his last charge safely to Haven before the End Of Days," as Chad puts it. Sounds pretty dramatic and adventuresome to me.

"The Chad" writer of graphic novel 'Everlast'
Hmmmm, is this why Chad has been out of the lime light for about seven years since I last saw him on OTH? I suppose so because it definitely shows in his writing. He calls it "a seven year labor of love." The work is beautifully done from the creation and writing to the illustrations, which were done by JK Woodward. He was very nice and friendly towards me as he signed the poster for me as well as for my cousin Jasmine. I didn't see the 'Everlast' t-shirts the first time around so I purchased one when I got in line for the second time and he signed that as well. I told him he didn't have to sign the shirt because it would wash off after I wore it. That right there put a smile on his face when I told him that, and  he signed it anyway. I did wear his shirt the very next day to show him my support. And when I came back to the Archaia booth the next day for 'The Immortals' raffle drawing and signing, Chad actually called out my name. Wow, he remembered my name. How awesome is that?! Yah, some of the girls were hating on me, and even asked me if I really knew him. I told them I just met him yesterday. Then Chad said, "you're wearing it," (meaning the 'Everlast' shirt) with a big smile on his face and I said, "of course I am, I told ya I would" and he proceeded to give me a high five, whilst all eyes were on us. I told him I wanted to get a picture of us both wearing the shirts, but he wasn't wearing his that day, but that didn't matter. He said he was at the booth for just a little while and leaving in a bit, but to come back in a few hours because he was scheduled for more signings. Hey I was down for that because right now I was too excited about winning the raffle to meet Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz, and Stephan Dorff of  'The Immortals." So later after the signing and flirting with these beautiful actors, I return back to the booth for another photo op with 'The Chad ' haha.....we talked for a little bit and I told him my cousin and I read the short story and LOVED it! I also said that I was looking forward to it officially coming out in a couple months and I would be the first one to purchase a copy.

Leilei & Chad Michael Murray
It's so cool that Chad is writing. Seeing an actor spread his wings to accomplish more in life made me think, because that would mean that he was much more than just that. Surprisingly that he could be more versatile and show depth in his character and in his work. Writing says a lot about a person, it very well mirrors the soul. The man Chad created in this graphic novel, published by Archaia Comics, Derek Everlast is someone who is a loner but also good and compassionate, a survivor as well as a savior. I am looking forward to reading 'Everlast' and seeing how Chad develops Derek's character and also seeing how the story unfolds in the upcoming months. It is a dark story but a story that needs to be told. Hopefully during his book tour I'll get to see him again and get a signed copy by 'The Chad' himself.....;)


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