Kellan Lutz: More Than Just Pretty Face

As you all know, I am a huge fan of
Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen from 'The Twilight Saga'
 'Twilight' and of course had to be there when Kellan Lutz aka Emmet Cullen launched his clothing line, Abbott + Main at Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles on August 11, 2011. He is partnered with Danny Guez, founder of the high end denim line Dylan George. Abbot + Main consists mostly of t-shirts and hoodies with that beachy Venice feel. Kellan explains in the interview I overheard him giving to the press, that he used to live on the corner of Abbot and Main in Venice and would run his fingers through the clothes as he shopped there at the beach. If it felt 'soft like butter' then he would buy it, loving the feel of it meant more than any designer name. That's what he was going for, naming  his brand that actually meant something to him, so that's the reasoning behind why he didn't want to use his name on the clothing line. He also explains that he has a lot of input in the decision making, everything goes through him first from the fabric to design. He has even used some of the photographs he's taken in Venice and used them as designs on the front of the t-shirts. How ingenious, and yes I did buy one of his shirts and Kellan is right, it felt 'soft like butter'!

Press interviewing Kellan on the Abbott + Main Line

Kellan not intentionally posing like a model like the good old Abercrombie & Fitch days
The store was packed with a lot of 'Twilight' fans and Kellan was very appreciative that we would support something non-Twilight related. It meant a lot to him and thanked us graciously over and over for coming and supporting him. If you purchased an item then you were put into the VIP line which got you to take a photo and meet with him first. But before it started he came out for an interview onto the floor and of course me being uninhibited yelled out, "hey Kellan, remember me from Comic Con!?" He looked around after a few seconds and he said, "Comic Con?" I waved at him and he said "yah, where's my dollar?" Oh my God, he remembered me. Well it was just a few weeks ago that I met him for the very first time while I was waiting in line for 'The Immortals' autograph signing/meet and greet. It was there when I waved and smiled at him like a teenage school girl and said "Hi Kellan," (huge smile on my face and his) and he said "Hi" back, then we both say "How are you?" at the very same time, then he says, "Jinx you owe me a dollar." Who remembers playing that game as a kid? I used to with my brothers and sister so I was very amused and surprised that someone like him would even say that to a fan like a normal guy, much less remember saying that to me.  So after reminding me of our little joke, I reach down into my backpack to get a dollar bill. As he was leaving I say to him, "Kellan, don't forget your dollar," Then he replies back...."I can't right now, but we'll play again double or nothing!"" Hahaha....he really does have a sense of humor. Yah, I couldn't believe it myself. He even told me, "wow, that's a big camera" which I also found amusing because I think he felt intimidated that I was clicking away at him with a  200mm  zoom lens. Yes I did my thing, I must have shot a grip of photos of him in the two hour period we spent there, and some photos will be posted on my Facebook page. I also shot some video footage to record  this special day which of course will be posted on my YouTube channel thesweetleilani to share with everyone so please check them out.

I can't stop checking out the guns on this man!
He has such an inviting smile
I'm hella excited as I'm standing patiently in line and dancing to the DJ as he is pumpin' away, and it's my turn to take a picture with Kellan. I dance over to him and he spreads his arms wide open to give me the biggest bear hug I have ever had by a famous, hot person, hehe.....His body is in top notch condition I have to say. He was in good condition for 'Twilight', but in best muscular form since finishing 'The Immortals' movie that will be out 11-11-11. And yes I will be at this red carpet premier as well as for 'Breaking Dawn.' Ok enough movie plugging, because I still cannot get over his back muscles. I don't think he has an ounce of fat on him! So it's time to take our photo and before we do I slip him that dollar bill I owe him into his hand and he whispers in my ear..."we won't tell anyone what this is for ok?" hahaha.... and I just smile at him and say ok because I'm still that teenage girl when I'm around him. Then I ask him if he knows how to do the heart thing. He says "Do I know how to do the heart? Of course!" So we put our hands together and make the shape of a heart for our picture and well....his hand is way bigger than mine and in the photo it looks more like an oval on his part but I don't care! He did it and that's all that matters....;) He hugs me tightly again, we both thank one another and I tell him that I can't wait to see him as Poseidon in 'The Immortals'. I go and retrieve my photo and it looks good, but me being the vain girl that I am thinks my arm is too big! Oh no, the heart we made is cute but I need to get a better picture with Kellan. So yah me, my cousin Jasmine and my niece and two other friends we made in line are not satisfied with our photos because the photographer sucks, and doesn't know how to frame his subjects. And yah it doesn't help that I have such big arms, haha. So we are all hoping that in the two hour period he is here, we can get another photo done. We get lucky and we do! I told Kellan I can't get enough of him and he says he can't get enough of me, which I know he is only being polite when he says that. I really couldn't tell him I wasn't happy with the first picture because of my fat arm haha....

Kellan's cartoon drawing
He's signing the Calvin Klein underwear ad for me!
This is how nice Kellan Lutz is to his fans. The publicist tells us all in line that if we ask him to sign something or take a photo with him with our own cameras that we will be asked to leave. But does anyone listen to her? Cha right, I don't think so lady!!!  Kellan seems disappointed when she tells him not to sign and take pictures with us due to the time limit. Well, he didn't care because when he was asked, he would literally stop what he was doing and sign a poster or anything we had and also take pictures with our cameras. He even drew a cartoon character on a t-shirt that read 'Kiss Me Kellan' on it! He just laid it out on one of the clothing tables and just started drawing, and I of course took advantage of the situation and got it all on video and shot photos of it, after all that was a really nice and a special thing to do for a fan.  If I remember correctly I think it was her birthday. He really goes out of his way, I'm telling ya. When he was done with his drawing I placed his Calvin Klein ad (you know the one where he's just in the white boxershorts) and he signs it for me. Then I flip to the next page in the magazine and its a poster of him and he signs that as well. He signed for EVERYBODY who brought items especially 'Twilight' memorabilia. He signed my 'Breaking Dawn' poster with Nikki Reeds autograph on it already and he even signed both the pictures we took there. He especially took notice of our heart picture which of course made me happy. Kellan was signing the backs of the pictures for everybody but I told him to sign the front of both of our pictures because I was going to frame them. This made him smile real big.

Kellan signing my poster, hey I see Jasmine & Brianna behind him!
I don't think I have had this much fun at any of the events I have been to, with the exception of meeting Rob Pattinson in the green room at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show exchanging smiles and hello's, and meeting Chris Hemsworth in the green room when he shook my hand and spoke to me. But yah, I think Kellan takes it as far as personality goes, he went out of his way to please all his fans who came out to meet him. He kissed children and knelt down to them, really talked with them, and even picked up a little girl and posed for a photo like that. He stayed past the two hour time for the event just talking to his fans, and to me that says a lot about a celebrity. I already know he is going to become much more than just a "Cullen", he thinks like a businessman which is why he began his partnership with the Abbot + Main clothing line.

Kellan loves kids as you can see.
Longevity is the name of the game when you're put in the public eye and the roles that he is choosing are interestingly good character roles. This year alone his works have been "A Warrior's Heart" released April 15, 2011 whom he stars with Ashley Greene, "Love, Wedding, Marriage" released June 24, 2011 which also stars Mandy Moore, Jane Seymour and James Brolin, "Arena" released Oct. 11, 2011 also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev & Daniel Dae Kim, "Immortals" which stars Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, and Mickey Rourke not yet released until Nov.11, 2011 as I mentioned earlier, and of course 'Breaking Dawn-Part 1." released Nov. 18, 2011.

 Kellan Lutz is a force to be reckoned with, mark my words!


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