MTV'S Video Music Awards (Aug. 28, 2011) @ The Nokia Theatre In Hollywood, CA.

The MTV Video Music Awards were pretty exciting and here's the low down of the winners for 2011:

Video Of The Year: Katy Perry
Best Female Video: Lady Gaga
Best New Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Best Male Video: Justin Bieber
Best Collaboration: Katy Perry & Kanye West
Best Hip Hop Video: Nicki Minaj
Best Rock Video: Foo Fighters
Best Pop Video: Britney Spears
Best Video With Message: Lady Gaga
Best Art Direction: Adele
Best Choreography: Beyonce'
Best Cinematography: Adele: Tom Townend
Best Direction: Beastie Boys
Best Editing: Adele: Art Jones @ Work
Best Special Effects: Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

Britney Spears Winner of  MTV Tribute Award, her performance was a winner as well!

Chris Brown performed remarkedly well as he sang and danced to "Yeah 3x" & "Beautiful People" by soaring above the stage and audience. Wow,  I was in awe of the choreography and man can he move!

Adele sings "Someone Like You" so beautifully and with such emotion, I can't wait to see her live in concert one day, she has become my breakout music favorite this year by far! Her performance tonight was epic and very emotional.

Bruno Mars pays tribute to Amy Winehouse, a legend in her own right who died too soon. She sits in the same category as other great jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald. Tony Bennet remembers her unique voice and shares his love for her. I would have loved to hear him sing his new hit song "Lighters" with Eminem.

Katy Perry wins Video Of The Year!  And what a year it has been for her with hit after hit after hit!

Young Giant performs "My Body" !

Beyonce' confirms baby by showing her 'baby bump' after her perfromance! Rubbing it so proudly while Jayz smiles so intently at her!

Lady Gaga is her alter ego tonight as she opens the awards with some comedy number and then sings "You & I"  then out comes Robert Plant rocking it out on his electirc guitar!

And finally the long awaited teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games"...Jennifer Lawrence could not be there in person to introduce the video sneak peak, but she appeared via satellite and although the sneak peak was just wasn't long enough. All we saw was 'Katniss Everdeen' running from something in the arena avoiding being killed and shooting her bow and arrow. I would have loved to see Peeta & Gale somewhere in this teaser as well.


Lady Gaga as a dude....yah that didn't sit too well with me at all. I would have preferred to see her in one of her outrageous get ups.....her "You & I" performance was good, but sang like a guy too...hmmmm, she should stick to being a girl. Just sayin'....

Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogan & Odd Future did a lil' diddy, attempted to rap and break dance before they presented Best Hip Hop Video.....Yah that didn't work for me either.

Then Finally there was JayZ & Kanye West performing "Otis" Live , didn't raise the roof or eyebrows with me either....

I would say THE BEST PERFORMANCE of the night goes to Chris Brown. He is the next Michael Jackson. He is a triple threat with awesome looks, dance moves and awesome voice .... I give him a thumbs up!

Well there it is folks, same channel & same time next year, let's see if the front runners this year are also there next year!


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