This Just In: Archaia's First Softcover Tells Tale of Zombie Beseiged City‏


BALTIMORE, MD (August 19, 2011) –  Eisner-award winning publisher, Archaia Entertainment, will debut its first softcover title, Awakening Omnibus at the Baltimore Comic Con , it was announced today by Archaia Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Christy.

Known for its reputation of publishing beautifully designed, high-quality hardcover graphic novels, Awakening Omnibus, promises to stick to Archaia’s high standards of eye-catching, sturdy and durable books.

Awakening Omnibus, by writer Nick Tapalansky and artist Alex Eckman-Lawn, is a horror story set in a small town besieged by a series of bizarre deaths. The story follows  The Omnibus collects material previously published in the Awakening Volumes 1 & 2 hardcover books. The Awakening Vol. 1 hardcover is sold out at the distributor level (copies may still be available at the retailer level), which is why Archaia elected to use this title as its first softcover release.

“The Awakening Omnibus softcover is the perfect way to introduce this title to new readers, especially since copies of the Volume 1 hardcover are no longer available at our distributors,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy. “Our intention is to open Archaia to a new market of readers who may have never read one of our books before, and with softcovers, we believe we can entice that group to give us a try.”

The Awakening Omnibus (softcover, full color, 320 pages, $24.95, ISBN-13: 9781936393213) goes on sale Sept. 7 in comic book shops, but Tapalansky and Eckman-Lawn will debut copies of the book at their Artist Alley table at Baltimore Comic Con on Aug. 20-21, held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The next softcover book to come from Archaia will be Fraggle Rock Classics Vol. 1, a digest-sized collection reprinting Fraggle Rock comics from the 1980s. Subsequent softcover editions will be announced at a later date for release in 2012.

About Archaia Entertainment
Archaia is a multi-award-winning graphic novel publisher with more than 50 renowned publishing brands, including such domestic and international hits as Mouse Guard, Return of the Dapper Men, Gunnerkrigg Court, Awakening, The Killer, Days Missing, Tumor, Syndrome, Artesia, Engineer, and an entire line of The Jim Henson Company graphic novels. Archaia has built an unparalleled reputation for producing meaningful content that perpetually transforms minds, building one of the industry’s most visually stunning and eclectic slates of graphic novels. Archaia was named Graphic Novel Publisher of the Year according to Ain’t it Cool News, Graphic Policy, and Comic Related, and was honored with nine 2011 Eisner Awards nominations. Archaia has also successfully emerged as a prolific storyteller in all facets of the entertainment industry, extending their popular brands into film, television, gaming, and branded digital media.


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