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Archaia Entertainment Brings A Twist to Classic Sci-Fi Action with The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA  (August 10, 2011)  - Archaia Entertainment has set August 15 for the release of The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out, a breathtaking new science-fiction adventure brought to vivid life by accomplished creators Brandon Thomas and Lee Ferguson.

Miranda Mercury, the greatest adventurer in this or any other galaxy, is dying, and there’s no possible cure. With only one year left to live, Miranda is forced to wage the greatest fight of her life, and secure the heroic legacy that has defined her since she was a young girl. Her morality will be tested, her values shaken, and the partnership that means everything to her will never be the same. For Miranda, victory is once again impossible—but that’s never stopped her before.

Writer Brandon Thomas (Fantastic Four Tales, Spider-Man Unlimited, Robin) treads new storytelling ground with incredible adventure, absolute danger and meaningful drama.  Artist Lee Ferguson (Batman 80 Page Giant, GI Joe: Snake Eyes, Freak) realizes Miranda’s fantastic world in vibrant detail as Miranda faces off against The Time Raiders of Xaxium, braves the wonders of The Glass Planet, survives The Perils of Yor, and battles The Infinity Class to a veritable standstill. 

“Miranda Mercury contains everything I’ve loved about comics since I was in the seventh grade -- the kinetic storytelling, the unexpected twists, the crazy villains and gadgets, the imagery, the morality -- but more than anything else, the possibility,” said Thomas. “Nothing is impossible in comics, and having a female protagonist from a long line of black adventurers and science heroes should be no more outlandish than anything else in a universe bursting with strange planets, aliens, and technology.  Launching a new title centered around a strong black female character may seem like a difficult proposition, but that’s the true message of this book:  to embrace the impossible.”
The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out also features a foreword from critically acclaimed writer Joe Casey.

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