True Blood Recap: Burning Down The House

All chaos continues to break loose at the Tolerance festival, as Antonia commands Eric to kill Bill. Sookie tries to prevent it, and Bill opens fire on Eric and the other vampires with silver bullets. Nan uses what she has, mainly pencils and stakes some offending vampires. Fed up, Sookie uses her microwave hands, and blasts Eric, who remembers everything. Antonia looks around in shock at the carnage as humans lie dying. Her heart aches as she looks at a child crying over her mother. She takes her coven and disappears. Nan (Miss First Responder), and Bill quickly work to spin PR.

Jason and Jessica talk about Hoyt. Jason feels guilty over what he did to Hoyt, but Jessica doesn’t feel so bad. Jason knows that what they did would kill Hoyt, and he blames it on the blood. He asks Jessica to take away his memories, and Jessica refuses to glamour him. No one can make her forget, and upset she leaves.

Alcide takes Tommy to safety. Tommy tells him that he’s dying, and his body spasms. He begs to go home to Merlotte’s, and Alcide complies.

Tara and the rest of the coven being held hostage look for ways out. Holly looks for a spell to undo the spell Antonia used. Antonia returns, claiming that she is risking her soul for them, but they just want to be free of her. Marnie’s body shutter, like the spirits within her are warring.

Nan wants information of Sookie, while Bill is worried about other things. A glamour crew is trying to clean up the mess, and Bill is taking back control, threatening to go to the Authority. He wants to go after the necromancer immediately, like he had wanted to in the first place.

Eric remembers everything. Sookie says that his memory changes everything, she’s almost scared of him now. But Eric tries to convince her that the sweet part of him still exists. He may have his memories, but he’s not the old Eric, he’s something in between sweet amnesia Eric, and ruthless cocky Eric. The problem is Bill, Sookie cannot have a world without Bill. Although she loves Eric, she loves Bill too. Eric has a hard time understanding her love for both of them. He gave her his everything, and he expects the same in return. Pam comes, overwhelmed with having her maker back. She sounds less than grateful to Sookie for breaking the curse, but her joy of having Eric back is clear. Bill plans to blow up Antonia. Sookie doesn’t want the innocents sacrificed, especially Tara. Tara may have chosen the wrong team to back, but she did warn Sookie about the impending attack on Bill. Bill doesn’t want Sookie’s help, and warns her away. Sookie leaves.

Sam arrives at Merlotte’s as Alcide arrives with Tommy. Sam wants to give him some V to help him heal, but Tommy doesn’t want it, Alcide agrees that a man should be allowed to choose his time. Sam tends to his brother, offering him comfort. Sam, Tommy and Alcide talk of death, and Tommy finally apologizes for everything. Sam and Tommy mend their relationship as Tommy slips away, and Sam tells Tommy that he’s loved. With his death, Sam tells Alcide that Marcus is a dead wolf.

Hoyt comes to see Jason, and there’s an awkwardness in the room. He misses Jessica, and it makes Jason all the more uncomfortable. He claims he’s happier without her, but he’s clearly miserable. He asks to stay with Jason, to get out of the house that he and Jessica shared, and Jason agrees.

Terry and Arlene stage an intervention on Andy. Andy claims that its not his V, but Arlene warns him off, and Terry sends her away so he can talk to his cousin alone. He tells Andy that the two of them have to go to Fort Bellefleur.

Jason sits at Sookie’s table, eating. She wonders about his lack of sympathy, and he asks to stay with her. She asks for his help, and spills Bills plans.

Andy and Terry go to their old tree fort. Terry stayed up there for a year when he came back from Iraq a broken man, and Andy helped him, and so he’s going to help him now, even if Andy isn’t willing to admit his problem. Andy thinks V makes him better, and Terry tells him to prove it.

Jason and Sookie go to Lafayette and Jesus for help. Jason and Sookie know they need magic to save the trapped coven from Antonia. Jesus wants to go to Marnie to talk sense into her.

Holly and Tara continue to look into magic to solve their problems. Tara has a lack of faith, and Holly gives her all the reasons why she should have faith. Antonia leaves Marnie’s body. Marnie wants Antonia to finish her work, but Antonia does not. There was too much innocent bloodshed. The world is too big now, she does not think that the prize is worth the cost. Marnie blames the vampires for the teasing, the mocking, everything that she endured, that none of the people are innocent. She convinces Antonia that she is needed, that she can still do good, and Antonia buys into Marnie’s dogma, and resumes control.

Bill, Nan, Jessica, Eric and Pam are bound in silver together in Bill’s house. Nan spews her threats towards Bill and even Eric. Bill has his own plans, and looks like even Eric is on board lying blame solely on Nan.

Lafayette, Jesus, Jason, and Sookie meet in front of the Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus goes to reason with Antonia, as he tries to cross to the store a force field keeps him out. Antonia goes to talk with Jesus, she asks where he’s been. He tells her he’s been in Mexico with a sick grandfather, she tells him to come through the protection spell to earn her trust. Fighting the magic he goes, crawling, and Sookie and the rest let him, hearing his thoughts that he wants to keep trying. He makes it through, exposing his demon face in the process.

Debbie sits with Marcus, who pumps her for information. Alcide hasn’t been home, but Marcus doesn’t tell her about Tommy. Debbie tells him about her dreams, of running with her pack, of having babies. Alcide doesn’t want a child, and Marcus makes his move on Debbie.

Alcide and Sam go to Marcus’s shop looking for him. Alcide stands by Sam’s side against one of the offending wolves for what happened to Tommy.

Andy tries to focus, but finds himself unable to hit a single target. Terry shows him how its done. He wants Andy to admit he’s a drug addict, so that he can finally get Andy help. Andy and Terry talk about their childhood. Andy and Terry hash out their childhood and revert to a schoolyard-like fight.

Jesus and Antonia talk about his demon that serves him, about his magic. Antonia is looking for a stronger host, she wants Lafayette. Jesus tells her that Lafayette is too scared, but he could come around if Antonia removes the spell and lets him in, but Antonia refuses to take down the protection spell. Jesus finally asks for Marnie, but Antonia is reluctant to release control. Marnie comes through, and she’s happier than ever. He sees that she wants to be possessed, that she’s crazier than ever, and he warns Sookie that it’s Marnie who’s behind the vampire hatred now, that she’s running the whole show, and Antonia is the puppet now. Holly and Tara chant a spell, the wind rushes around them as their magic works. Jesus tells the ones outside to run as Marnie shows him the vampires she has under her control. Holly and Tara get outside, and Sookie and Lafayette run towards them. Antonia seeing the betrayal, uses a spell and the four disappear leaving Jason behind.

Andy tells Terry how hard of time he’s really having, how he’s ashamed. He doesn’t want to be who he is, a V junkie letting the drugs eat his soul. Terry tells him that this is what rock bottom feels like. And he can only go up from here. Fort Bellefleur really did help, and they head home with renewed promises. Terry leaves Andy to walk home a new man.

Eric drives Bill, Pam and Jessica to the Moon Goddess Emporium looking all g man hit squad, ready to burn the place down.


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