True Blood Recap: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Antonia uses sheriff Luis to facilitate her escape, and she leaves Bill a message and a body. Antonia has returned.
Pam plays with her food, Tara and Maddie. But  when Maddie  gets away, the people of Merlotte’s come and begin video taping  Pam and Tara, and Pam is forced to release Tara and make a run for it. Luckily it was from behind, and they never saw what was left of her face.
Lafayette is a medium, and Granddaddy brujo tells Jesus that he’s the last of their kind. But he refuses to explain further.
Alcide and Debbie goes through initiation into the new wolf pack, but he’s distant during the after party. He’s worried about Sookie, and Debbie isn’t taking it well. He tries to make the most of it, and Debbie back peddles, agreeing to go look for her,  but when they look they find the last thing Alcide wants to see, Sookie and Eric having a little naked time.
Sheriff Luis delivers a message for bill by way of Bullet. The two  battle, and as Bill tries to get answer Luis gives him one that he doesn’t want, Antonia wants resurrection.
Maddie wants to make a getaway, but Tara refuses, wanting Maddie to leave. She’s had a messed up life, and she doesn’t want Maddie’s blood on her hands. And even though Maddie wants to stand by her woman, Tara sends her away for her own good.
Jason tries strenuous exercises to wipe away the memories of his hot sex dream with Jessica when Hoyt comes. Hoyt tells Jason he’s worried about him, after being raped and possibly being a werepanther. But Jason tells him that there’s no chance he’s a werepanther, atleast. Feeling guilty Jason makes Hoyt some sloppy joes to ease his guilt about Jessica, and Hoyt reveals that he cannot lose Jessica, that it’ll kill him, Jason hurries into the kitchen.
Bill fills in Jessica about the Antonia, how she’s not the cautionary tale he once thought she was, but an actual force to be reckoned with. She believes that she wants to finish what she started and wipe out all vampires. Bill gathers his remaining sheriffs and tells them to clear out their subjects and bind themselves in silver if they’re remaining, anything to prevent Antonia from drawing them into a sun.
Eric and Sookie cover several pages of a sex book. And have a tender moment when they finally hit sheets. Eric listens to Sookie heartbeat and worries that she will no longer want him when he remembers herself. She’s not sure, because he’s caused her a lot of hurt, but  she knows sooner or later he’ll be back to himself, and that they’ll get through it.
Dr. Ludwig is back, and working on fixing Pam. She’s removed the outside rot. which means pretty much all of her once gorgeous skin. The prescription? 6 shots 4 times a day to make Pam pretty again.
Tommy is in the hospital over a bad bout of food poisoning, he wants nothing more than to go home.
Bill comes calling on Sookie and Eric and he's come bearing gifts, some silver chains to protect  Eric from Antonia.
Tara, with nothing left to lose taunts what she thinks is Pam, but turns out to be Antonia. Antonia is trying to recruit Tara to her crazy army, and she give Tara a little look see into her past. Maybe its the alcohol fogging her mind, but Tara falls for the war speech, and signs on.
Bill’s mansion is prepared for the morning, as Jessica is bound by silver. She tells Bill that she feels like she is dying, and Bill promises that she will heal as he wraps the silver around her wrists. He tells his guards to place twice the amount upon him.
Ginger gives Pam her injections, before placing a silver net upon her, and shutting her away, but hey, atleast she isn’t rotted. She looks a little improved.
Sookie places an inordinate amount of silver Eric. He's old, and even in kitten form as he is at the moment, he's powerful, and she's forced to loop a ton onto his precious hunky skin, even though it kills her to do it, she’s too afraid to lose him.
Jesus and Lafayette talk about what happened, with the whole snake bite/possession bit. Jesus tells Lafayette that he and Marnie the only two people he knows who can host the dead. Poor Lala, as if he needed more headaches.
Sam calls Luna and does not get the reaction that he was expecting. Luna is a bit callous, and Sam is confused.
Tara goes to Holly, she’s trying to recruit her as well, but Holly isn’t really feeling it, thinking about her boys. Tara pushes, and Holly signs on under the watchful stares of her coven.
Jessica and Bill sit, waiting for Antonia to call them forth. The chains are deep within their skin, and they’re suffering from the bleeds, and still Bill says he’s sorry for all he’s done to her. But Jessica has no regrets, he’s been better family than her own ever was. Bill tells her to think of Hoyt, of going back. But Jessica doesn’t think that she can. Hoyt loves her too much, and she doesn’t feel the same, Jessica blames it on her nature. But Bill tells her that’s an excuse. There’s much regret about love, life and history. Jessica says that if they survive the day “I am going to eat that witch starting with her face.”
Eric tells Sookie that the witch is not casting her spell, and to release him. He would rather not have her last memories be of him like this. She tells  him of the last time she saw him like this, when Eric gave himself for Godric. And although both agree that they’re perfectly happy together, she still refuses to release him.
Sam goes to see Luna. And she’s very unhappy with him. She finally asks him if he remembers sleeping with her, or kicking her out after. Finally the pieces slide together for both, and they realize that Tommy skin walked.
Andy comes calling on Holly, much to Arlene’s displeasure. He’s twitchy, from lack of V, and even more awkward than normal. He ends up leaving.
Lafayette sees the lady that is following baby Mikey around. No one else sees her, and it freaks her out a little.
Alcide and Debbie have sex, but between Alcide squeezing his eyes closed and Debbie’s lack of focus its not working out. Debbie’s thoughts are on Sookie and Eric, mostly Sookie, she’s afraid that Alcide is in love with Sookie, and Alcide. Alcide tries to convince her otherwise, and he eases her fears. But did anyone else notice when he was talking about the girl he loved and dreamed about he never once said Debbie? Just saying.
Antonia talks to the coven, weeding out the weak from the crazy. She makes her stand “vampires are not immortal, they are just harder to kill.” She’s been waiting 400 years to pit her human spirit against the vampires, and looks like she has some willing to follow her.
Sam goes to see Tommy about his little skin walking stint. Sam thought he was doing it so he can assume his life. Sam wants Tommy gone, and even though it was an accident Tommy is gonna pay the price.
Antonia has the coven chanting with her. The wind blows inside the store, and she levitates.
Jason comes calling on Sookie. She’s a little short with him. The wind begins blowing in her house, and as Eric starts hollering, Sookie goes back to save him. Jason puts two and two together and goes running to help. Ginger rides Pam’s coffin, absolute hilarity and goes to show her level of devotion for Pam. Bill and Jessica suffer in their cell. Eric yells to be released, but Sookie refuses to release him. Maxine’s neighbor walks out into the sun and gets toasty, curlers and all. Jessica breaks herself free, and disables a guard to get out of the cell. Bill commands her to free him as well, but she does not. Jason continues to run to the mansion. Jessica makes her way through Bill’s house, to his front door. Jason is tackled short of the front door, poor guy if only he were a werepanther that little hit squad wouldn't have stood a chance. Jessica opens the door to the sun, and it’s a very very bright day for one pretty little redhead. Let's hope she filled up on fairy blood and is wearing spf 1000 before she stepped outside.


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