True Blood Recap: Let's Get Out of Here

Alcide  carries Sookie to safety, when he’s bowled over by Bill, who steals her away to her home. He tries to feed her his blood, but she’s not responsive, and he has Alcide to answer to.
The witches regroup, upset over having the beautiful Eric in their presence, but he’s completely over Antonia’s control. Tara questions why the olive branch that the vampires offered wasn’t taken. Antonia orders the coven to cast a spell, and Tara and Holly refuse, dividing the group. Antonia spews more of her vampire hate, and scares more members of the coven, as they try to flee, she locks them all in.
Sookie awakens, and her thoughts go to Eric, which causes distention with Alcide. He leaves in a puppy huff, and Sooks thanks Bill for the blood.
Luna and Sam discuss Marcus, which only makes Sam more protective of her and Emma. He wants to take them away, go back to nature. And it sounds picturesque, and Luna is smitten.
Debbie sits at home watching cheaters, pretending to be asleep when Alcide comes home. He crawls naked into bed, trying to not disturb her, and her eyes wolf out.
Jessica cries to Nan about her boy problems, and it reaffirms Nan’s wish to never wish to become a maker. Bill, Nan, and Jessica are bound by silver as they discuss a vampire event, a festival of tolerance, that is set to take off the following day. Bill wants it cancelled, while Nan refuses to do so.
The rooster crows on Hoyt’s phone, and he awakens looking less than chipper, being poked in the bottom by a Taylor swift cd. Hoyt packs up all of Jessica’s things, as Lafayette strolls in with baby Mikey waving a gun. He forces Hoyt from the house. Arlene and Terry freak out in front of Jason, since their baby is missing. Hoyt calls Jason and tells him where the baby is. Andy takes a hit of V before heading out with the others.
Sookie lies on the couch dreaming of Eric. She’s surprised that he’s there in the daytime, and he takes her in his arms. As Eric kisses down Sookie’s body, Bill appears. Bill says Sookie has never stopped loving her, but she claims that he’s only in her dream since Bill gave her his blood. The boys fight, and Sookie stops them, being all sultry and tells them that they need to talk.
Marcus shows up at Merlotte’s looking to cause trouble, and he finds Tommy. Like a school yard bully he lays out a time and place for a throwdown, and leaves. Tommy takes the information.
Andy and Jason show up at Hoyt’s to reclaim the baby. Andy is starting to fly off the handle, and Jason tries to control the situation. Lala takes a shot at Andy after Andy breaks down the door. Arlene and Terry show up and only make matters worse. And Lala says that her name is Mavis.
Emma chases bunnies, and Luna and Sam sit by the lake. Emma says that she hopes that she’s a shifter rather than a werewolf., but its only so she can pet a bunny. Sam says that he’ll go catch her a bunny, and turn into one.
Debbie buys V from a street dealer.
Dream Sookie tells Bill and Eric that she loves both of them, and proposes that they both be hers. Bill claims that he’s King and he shouldn’t have to share. And Eric agrees that she needs to chose. Sookie tells them that its either both of them or nothing, and when she drops her pretty little red robe to reveal the red lace items underneath, the boys forget their protests. Sookie awakens.
Andy freaks out, and puts Jason in charge. Jesus arrives. Jason asks about their role playing, and if he’s ever been Mavis. Jesus makes his way in alone, Lafayette/Mavis sits rocking the baby. Jesus tries to reason with Mavis, and she doesn’t believe him at first until she looks down Lala’s pants and realizes that everything he’s said is true.
Debbie comes to Sookie’s bearing flowers, and even though Sookie has a hard time getting past the whole trying to kill her thing, she still invites her in. They have a little girl talk in the kitchen, and Sookie says that shes not over the whole almost killing thing. Debbie says she’s wants to try to help, and tries to convince her, but Sookie tells her to be quiet so she can listen. Debbie’s thoughts seem at least sincere. And Sookie is happy to take the help offered.
Jesus tries to help Mavis, he tries to jog Mavis’s memory, so that she can know where her baby is. Mavis relives the night when she died. She was killed in the house, and buried near the tree in the front. Lala returns the baby Arlene, and apologizes, Terry tells him its ok, that “sometimes these things happen.”
Alcide comes to Marcus about moving up in the pack. Marcus questions the sudden desire, and he says its because of Debbie. Marcus recruits Alcide as his muscle.
Jason has a little intervention with Andy, yet again, before heading to help the others with the digging. Jesus and Hoyt find Marvis and her baby’s remains. Mavis holds the baby, and Jesus sets their souls free.
Debbie takes a little trip over to the Moon Goddess Emporium. She’s come to pledge her allegiance to Antonia as Sookie sneaks in the back. Debbie talks big game about hating vampires, and Sookie snoops around looking for Eric. She finds him, but he tells her to go. He’s to kill the king. Tara catches her. Debbie claims she’s brought Sookie to Antonia. Tara sends Sookie a message with her thoughts, and Sookie charges at Tara’s prompt. She and Debbie get away, much to Debbie’s chagrin, and head to Bill. Antonia takes Bill, and locks the others inside. When they try to get out their hands are burned.
At the Tolerance Festival, Nan and Bill are the only vampires there, to prevent potential problems.
Jason fixes Hoyt’s door, and finds Jessica’s cd. He says it goes in the monster box. Jason says that she’s not a monster, but Hoyt says she gave him nothing but some fanger scars, and he convinces Jason to take her stuff to her.
Sam and Luna continue to enjoy their camping trip. Meanwhile Sam/Tommy shows up at Marcus’s shop. Surrounded by his pack Marcus demands that he leave Luna alone. Sam/Tommy goad Marcus into beating him up. They beat him good, as Alcide tries to get Marcus to call the rest of them off. Tommy turns back into himself, and Alcide takes Tommy to safety.
Sookie taunts Debbie to driving faster.
Nan speaks at the Tolerance festival, as Eric arrives proving to be a distraction for the other vampires so the Antonia can mind fuck more vampires he lures from outside.
Jason shows up Vampire Bill’s house with all of Jessica’s stuff. He’s taken the liberty of crossing out the For you Monster that Hoyt had written on the box. Jessica invites him in, and although he refuses, he takes her in the back of his truck.
Debbie and Sookie makes it to the festival, and she sends Debbie home to Alcide. Sookie interrupts the rally, and all the guards are slaughtered while the cameras roll. Antonia sicks Eric on Bill, and Sookie tells Bill to Run!


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