True Blood Recap: Spellbound?

The room is a shaking and Jessica is preparing trying to give herself one heck of a sun burn, but Jason comes to the rescue, even though after how she manhandles him he may wish he didn’t. Marnie’s spell ends, and Jessica stops short of eating Jason. Grateful for the save they make out while Bill screams for Jessica. Jason carries her downstairs, and Jessica sees what she’s done to the guard. Bill tells Jason to put her back in the cell and rebind her since the witches may not be done. When all parties agree to that they don’t want Jessica dead, Jason lays silver on her and rebinds her. Sheriff Jason is forced to look the other way to protect Jessica in the guard’s death, and finally Bill’s guards come in.
The packmaster gives his pack a talk about the witch/vamp war, and Alcide is suspicious of Debbie opening her big trap. The only smart thing the packmaster says is that the wolves are no match for the vampires and they should stay the heck out of the war.
Sam tells Luna a little of Tommy’s sad history. And Luna is clearly horrified by what he’s saying, but before she can say anything her adorable little girl comes in, whose clearly as smitten with Sam as the rest of us with a dilemma of her own. One of her dolls likes Sam, but her other one doesn’t, nothing against Sam but that doll doesn’t like anyone.

Night finally falls, and Sookie is forced to rip the silver chains off like a band aid, quickly. Eric needs rest and food, and Sookie offers herself as the entrée. Eric is both grateful and cautious by her offer, and her complete trust in him. He takes just a little before he bites his own hand offering it to her, “We will be one” he says, and she drinks, willingly.
Jessica comes home, and Hoyt is happy, feeling that he lost her, and then the blow comes. Jessica tells him that she wants to move out, that she hungers for more. Hoyt doesn’t want to believe it, and breaks down crying. He says that if she doesn’t love him then he will die, and she says “then die,” and kills him. Going to the car Jason finds her sexy covered in blood, anyone else sensing dream? Rita, a donor wakes her.
Andy finds a vampire carcass, and Andy is looking at it like it’s a delicacy. Jason stops him, and Andy says he’s only good on V. Maxine gives a news interview, and Bill comes. He tries to play off the dead vampire as a vampire suicide, and how common it is. Bill convinces the reporter to take a statement, by mindfucking her.
And the shower scene that’s been waited for, for what seems like a lifetime. It’s wholly different than the books, and though Sooks is clearly high as a kite from Eric’s blood, it’s no less hot. It’s much like the first season when Jason and Amy were high on V, having a surreal and beautiful moment, ahh memories. Sookie and Eric run through the snow to a bed in the forest to make love.
Bill delivers his propaganda message, speaking directly to Antonia. She sees the newscast, and is clearly not happy with her results. A single vampire death is significantly less than she was hoping for, and as she rants Tara looks like some sense has sunk in, but as soon as she opens her mouth its clear that the opposite is true. Bill calls the Moon Goddess Emporium to speak to Antonia herself. Bill apologizes for his kinds treatment of her, but Antonia wants nothing of it. Arrogance or not, Antonia does not care about the deaths that will occur, but she does agree to meet with Bill.
Creepy dolls, and someone rifiling through things, its clearly Maxine’s house, and Tommy grabbing stuff. Please Tommy, you don’t want to be Maxine.
Alcide and Debbie is  with the pack. Marcus the pack master and Alcide agree about the vampire situation, and Debbie compliments Marcus on his home, anyone else see her sizing him up. Ugh, just go A fight breaks out, and Alcide and Marcus must intervene.
Eric and Sookie sit in the snow and sunshine, Sookie questions it, but Eric questions nothing, saying its all possible. Sookie says she never thought she could love him after, but falls into his whole all is possible mantra, and they seal it with a kiss.
At Merlotte’s, Arlene is upset that Terry isn’t watching baby Mikey as closely as she’d like, and as the two discuss it, the strange black woman sings to Mikey. Lafayette sees her again, and she gives him a stare down, and he’s out.
Maxine meets with Paul the gas guy. She’s gruffer than usual, this is clearly Tommy, as she insults Sam. Maxine/Tommy tries to wheel and deal with getting a better deal on the gas rights, but Paul is firm since he can pick up her crispy crunchy neighbor’s property for not much more than he’s offering her. She contents, and get Paul to write her a check tonight.
Jessica tells Hoyt they made a mistake moving in together, she tries to soften the blow. But Hoyt wants the truth of things. And Jessica lets it all go, blaming it on being a vampire. Hoyt thinks that there’s someone else, and says all the horrible things his momma told him he deserves, breaking Jessica’s heart. He revokes her invitation, and she’s propelled out of the house. She’s brokenhearted, but there was no way it was going to end well, and she didn’t even tell him about the times she mindfucked him into happiness.
Sookie and Eric wish that they could stay how it is all the time, and Eric wants to run away. Sookie can’t, she refuses to leave Bill to die. Sookie tells Eric that he’s a warrior, that he would never forgive himself if he ran away from a fight. Eric just wants to be with her forever, but Sookie shatters his little dreams, telling him “There is no forever.”
Alcide and Debbie make there goodbyes. Marcus tells them to be careful that there’s trouble brewing between witches and vampires, and that there’s Alpha in Alcide. Alpha is about being more than strong, but Alcide does not want the position. Debbie wants/needs the power, and tells Alcide he needs to stay away from Sookie since she comes with vampires. She forces Alcide to promise, and he does unconvincingly.
Lala dreams of Mikey’s ghost, she goes to bring the baby the creepy doll, when it wasn’t so creepy. Her baby was killed by it’s white father, who was trying to cover up his dirty little secret. Lafayette awakens right before the ghost climbs down his throat. Humming to herself, she leaves in Lala’s body.
Bill prepares to meet with Eric and Sookie. Sookie throws her lot in with Bill, and even though Bill tells her that it is not her battle, Eric tells him that Sookie has a warrior’s heart, and that its up to her. Sookie is willing to use her gift to protect those she loves, and Bill is unable to say no.
Sam dines with Luna and her daughter, and we finally get to see who Daddy is, its Marcus. He’s clearly unhappy that there’s another man in her house. Marcus barely holds his temper, and Sam offers to leave, but Luna’s little girl, Emma doesn’t want Sam to leave. Luna threatens Marcus to get him to play nice while she gets Emma ready for bed. Sam doesn’t back down, and Marcus leaves.
Tommy, dressed in Maxine’s clothes, is sickened after his latest skin walking experience.
Jessica goes to Jason. She looks like hell and she tells him that she broke up with Hoyt. Jason tells her that Hoyt is his friend and he refuses to break the bro code. She can feel what he feels because of their blood bond, and reminds him that he kissed her back. But being the good guy he revokes her invitiation and resorts to push ups to not think about her.
A possessed Lala goes to see baby Mikey, and has no problem sneaking past a sleeping Andy, or his sleeping parents. He takes the baby.
Bill meets Antonia in the cemetery as they agreed. They’ve both brought people, unable to trust the other. Antonia: her coven, and Bill: Pam, Sookie and Eric. Bill wants peace, and promises she will be unharmed in exchange to remove the spells, everyone wins. Antonia begins casting a spell in her head and Sookie overhears, warning Bill. He calls in his reinforcements, both vampires and his human hit squad and Eric strikes quickly before the witches can initiate their plan. All hell breaks loose. Alcide goes to Sookie’s, hears gunfire in the graveyard, and off he goes to the rescue. Pam finds Tara, whose been shot, but Bill saves Tara before Pam can do anything. Sookie gets shot, and both Bill and Eric feel it. Bill is incapacitated by some wiccans, and Antonia stops Eric. Alcide carries Sookie off to safety and Debbie oversees, clearly unhappy about the situation. Eric drops to his knees under another of Antonia’s spells, and she stokes his hair all creepy pedophile style, and that’s where tonight ends.


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