Guest Blog Interview: Chloe Neill Answers Your Questions

The delightful, Chloe Neill stopped on her blog tour to answer a few pressing questions from her fans. If you haven't read the Chicago Vampire Novels yet, Start Now!

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1) How did you come up with the concept for this series and how long before you started writing the series had you developed its ARC?

The ARC occurred to me as I was conceptualizing the series. I was very interested in the idea of vampires who lived in Houses--whose loyalty would be divided, not just vampires versus humans, but vampires versus vampires. It wasn't until I had that idea that the Chicagoland Vampires world really came into being.

2) When I met you at San Diego Comic Con this year, I asked if the shocking event at the end of "Hard Bitten" was planned or did you decide while writing “Hard Bitten.” You replied you knew the ARC of the series from the beginning and that shocking event was always planned. I know you won’t tell us your plan, but does a character ever evolve to a point that you decide to change either the character’s ARC, the series’ ARC, or an individual book’s ARC?

The events of HARD BITTEN were always planned. I wasn't sure which book those events would fall into precisely, but they were always going to happen. The events of the series are pretty well established in my mind, and I have a pretty good sense of who the characters are. I wouldn't say the characters "surprise" me; if an action seems surprising to me, it's usually because it's inappropriate for the character, and I try to stay true to them.

3) Your FAQs currently post that you are contracted for seven Chicago Vampire books. Since you’ve had the ARC of the series planned since book one, does it change when more books are contracted? If so, do you consider a different ending to the series, or just expanding the ARC?

The end of the ARC stays the same, but it's a very general idea. So each book in the series functions like a chapter in the overall story, and gives me a chance to let the characters grow and develop on their way to the end. I will reveal that I want Merit to have a happy ending.

4) Merit was made Sentinel because she was able to resist Ethan’s call, but wasn’t she only able to resist because her turning wasn’t complete?

Ethan didn't know she could resist his call until he tried to call her at the Commendation (when he'd already decided to make her Sentinel.) Her ability to resist his call is part of her resistance to glamour (to the call of all vampires). She was made Sentinel because he thought she had potential as a vampire, as a fighter, and as a strategist--particularly given her political connections.

Thanks for having me today!

Now before you ask why I didn't ask certain questions, please remember, Ms. Neill has a strict "no spoilers" rule. I have those same questions and maybe we will find out the answers during her next tour, or in Drink Deep (available November 1st).

Find out more about Chloe Neill, The Chicago Vampire Novels, and other stops on her tour on her website . I encourage you to check out the other sites on her tour since they will definitely have different questions.

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  1. Hurry November 1st! Can't wait till midnight strikes so I can download to my kindle :)


  2. Great questions. I'm one of the stops for tomorrow and it was hard not to ask spoiler questions. Good interview!

  3. I admit I was disappointed with Hard Bitten though the book was good, just the ending. I will read Drink Deep to see where we are going with the story.

  4. Now that I've "recovered" from Hard Bitten, I honestly say that I'm glad that she had the guts to do it, surely knowing that there would be backlash. It has to take a lot of intestinal fortitude to stick to your guns like that, and not water down what could be an amazing story in order to avoid ruffling feathers. Thank goodness she's being true to her characters, and not just pumping out oodles of formulaic UF!

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  6. I love these books. <3 i cried during hard bitten and considering tossing my kindle however i love my kindle too much. i can't wait to read this one and i'm sad that the next one to come out after this is so far out. :(

    Terri M
    Twitter: okmommy0306

  7. Great interview and thanks so much for this generous giveaway opportunity too!!! =) My "want to read" list just keeps growing and growing! LOL!

    Valerie Long
    Jewelry Creations by V.S. Long -

  8. Great Interview!!You asked a lot of great questions. And I love SWAG!lol.

    awesomesaucebooks at gmail dot com

    And you are so lucky to have met Chloe.

  9. Great interview! Can't wait for Drink Deep!

  10. I have Hard Bitten here now to very excited!!


  11. I can't wait to read drink deep the ending to hard bitten was a big shocker! Thank you for the great interview! thanks for sharing!


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