House of Night #1


Publication Date: November 09, 2011
Format: FC, 32 pages
Price: $1.00
UPC: 7 61568 19159 2 00111

Becoming a vampyre, taking down your new school’s bitchy popular in crowd and outperforming every other fledgling isn’t the way to fit in. Zoey Redbird just found that out. House of Night #1 is adapted from the books of the same name by PC and Kristin Cast.

The series follows Zoey Redbird, a sixteen year old girl who’s just received a vampyre mark. So not only has her life been flipped upside down by that, but she’s just shot ahead of all other fledglings when her tattoo suddenly fills in, which only happens as an adult if you survive the transition, but not only that her marking tattoo has grown because she’s blessed by the goddess Nyx.
The series is fantastic, but House of Night #1 is a little rougher going down. Unlike the books, the comic doesn’t start at the beginning, where Zoey’s mark suddenly appears. Heck it doesn’t even start when she first arrives at school. I’d have to refresh my reading, but I’m pretty sure after the first book.

Zoey’s backstory is told, but the reader has to put it together from the bits of dialogue mentioned in passing, which takes away a lot for a new reader to the series. To really get a good understanding of the story, one really needs to read at least the first novel in the series, which is unfortunate for this comic.

The artwork is superb, and the story telling is interesting enough that I’ll check it out again.



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