CW's Arrow won't be a Smallville Spinoff

The CW’s Arrow doesn’t plan to be a spin off of Smallville for the Green Arrow. It plans to be more action paced, more Bourne Identity but with arrows. Stephen Amell is stepping into the Emerald Archer’s shoes this time, as a more formiable-looking Oliver Queen.

But these aren’t the only changes that have been made.

CW’s development head Thom Sherman tells EW  there will be several other differences as well.

“It’s a very provocative and sophisticated and edgy,” Sherman says of the Arrow pilot. “It’s not as comic book-y as Smallville or other [superhero projects] from other networks.”

He’ll be a character that has to rely on his brains and skill set rather than super powers or gadgets. And Arrow’s back story will be told from the onset, being slowly revealed starting with the first episode.

“He doesn’t have any superpowers, he’s a very grounded character like a Jason Bourne — we use the term ‘Rambo,’” Sherman said. “His skill-set is that he’s an archer, but he also have physical strength and prowess. He’s clever and able to devise ways of taking down a bad guy that are unique and fun to watch.”

I’d give this one a shot if it makes it to the fall schedule. It’s one of eight drama pilots up for consideration for the CW at the moment.


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