Legion in development for Syfy

Any Paul Bettany fans out there? Syfy is developing a series version of the 2010 supernatural thriller Legion, which starred the delectable Paul Bettany. The feature’s director/co-writer Scott Stewart is set to direct and executive produce the TV adaptation, which will be written by Vaun Wilmott (Sons Of Anarchy). Sony Pictures TV, the TV sibling of Sony’s Screen Gems division that distributed the film, is producing the series project.

The movie, produced by Bold Films, chronicled human race’s battle for survival against God’s legion of angels sent by him to bring on the Apocalypse. The people get an unlikely ally in Archangel Michael (Bettany), who disobeys God’s order and decides to help them. Bold Films’ David Lancaster and Michael Litvak, who were producers on the movie, will serve as executive producers on the potential series alongside Wilmott as co-executive producer. Budgeted at $26 million, the movie grossed $68 million worldwide.

Anyone besides me obscenely excited about this? I know, I know, Bettany likely won't be starring, but it's Syfy, they're bound to find someone as hot and badass. I cannot wait.


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