Lost Girl Recap S1E7: ArachnoFaebia

Kenzi flirts with the hot pizza guy, Bo comes in all succubi and uses her powers on the pizza guy to send him on his way. Kenzi and Bo have their first sisterly fight, and Kenzi gets to cleaning, since she's been a bit of a slob, and that messy streak has attracted rats to their sweet little crack shack.

This week’s creeper feature: a paranoid old lady with a rolling pin get shanked by her sister wielding a pair of knitting needles, and a giant spider climbs on the skein.

Kenzi prepares for a job, shes doing a gypsy cleansing in the old lady home, and she's at her kooky best.

Hale and Dyson look into the old lady murder suicide, when they spot Bo’s car. Kenzi puts on one heck of a show, and a spider crawls into Kenzi’s bag. Dyson asks for Bo’s help, and Hale gets a cut of Kenzi’s scam.

At the Dal, Dyson and Bo talk shop, he’s not completely sure its dark fae or otherwise, but he has to keep that option open. Dr. Lauren comes to break up the pow wow, and becomes an awkward wheel. Hale and Kenzi watch the awkward display, and discuss their roles as sidekicks. Kenzi gets bitten by something, Hale assumes its her lethal arsenal and nothing more. Lauren and Dyson’s banter becomes combative, and Lauren takes her leave.

Kenzi becomes outraged by the laundry throwing it, and she’s a little more snarky when they talk about Bo’s love life than usual. I know its the spider bite talking, but this girl needs some serious loving. Bo is attacked by the spider in the shower. While eating her cereal Kenzi gets a little heebie jeebie, hearing things, and Bo tells to clean up again. Bo’s agitation is high, and Kenzi actually suggests she visit Lauren.

Bo visits Lauren, but she’s on edge. Kenzi comes in with some complaints of her own, and Bo hallucinates Kenzi and Lauren making sexy time. The bickering continues, and both girls leave.

Dyson pieces the strings of a group of homicides together, including the elderly ladies. Everyone is connected, both vics and perps. Bo comes with her information, and Bo is acting all twitchy. She asks Dyson to run a background check on Kenzi, which raises red flags for him since she's always implicitly trusted the little thief. And she’s starting to hallucinate again, this time hearing Dyson suggest she kill Kenzi.

The evidence is full of cob webs, seems all of houses have been. The evidence goes to the fae labs. Lauren doesn’t know what it is, but since she has Dyson already, its physical time. She digs into his file, and she tries to pump him for a little more info than she really wants to hear.

Kenzi is paranoid, she’s spotted the giant spider. Bo is itchy, and a little unbelieving, and suspicious of Kenzi.

Lauren calls Dyson with her monster update, a Djieiene. It’s an underfae, causes hallucinations, paranoia, aggression, and homicidal rage. The Djieiene then feeds psychically. When she tells him the symptoms he immediately knows Bo is infected and runs off. At Lauren’s lab she puts out an alert. Stupid doctor, anyone else see how bad this is going to be? I really dislike her.

Kenzi and Bo continue their spider hunt. They make a run for it but there’s no escape. They hallucinate they’re trapped even though the door is wide open. Kenzi immediately freaks out, and although Bo tries to reason with Kenzi, Kenzi is now hallucinating that the TV is telling her to kill Bo. Hale comes in to check on the girls, and when Hale mentions the spider Bo knocks him out. They think he’s in on it. The girls pick at each other, and Bo finally realizes that she’s sick. She suggests she feed, and Kenzi doesn’t want to be dinner, which only leaves an unconscious Hale. She feeds, now all healed up, she tries to go get help, Bo finds she’s quarantine, all thanks to Lauren.

Serena is the Ash's head of security, and she gives Dyson two hours before she goes ahead with her full cleansing plans. Bo calls Dyson, she tells him she was tripping but she used Hale to heal. Hale sees the spider, but he’s not in a position to fend off the Djieiene’s attack. Dyson heads to Trick for help, and finds Lauren there. They aren’t sure how to help, but they plan to work together to save Bo.

Bo goes hunting, and chops the spider in two. It weaves itself back together. Trick finds that the spider buries its heart, and you have to destroy the heart otherwise the spider is invincible. Trick recognizes one of names Bo gave Dyson, and gives him an address. Lauren accompanies Dyson on his search.

Kenzi unties Hale, thinking him to be an ally, but he’s just as infected as she is, and therefore unstable. Hale uses his Siren powers on Kenzi and she does her best to resist. Dyson and Lauren hall Gordon in. He’s waiting for his baby to finish, seems the Djieiene doesn’t bury its heart, it implants it. The second heart beats inside of Gordon, and they look to remove it.

Hale closes in on Kenzi, trying to use his power to make her head explode and Bo comes to her rescue. But Kenzi is still homicidal and pulls a gun on Bo.

Dyson calls for more time, but Serena’s not willing to give him anymore. Then her hands go all flamey. Time is running out and Lauren plays with the heart, before finally stabbing it. Kenzi comes back to herself immediately, and just in the nick of time. Lauren calls off the cleansing just in time.

Bo thanks Lauren for her help, and offers to buy her a drink. Hale apologizes to Kenzi about trying to make her head pop like a balloon. Dyson and Lauren draw their lines in the sand, and he makes it clear the doctor is not only inconsistent but also untrustworthy. I completely agree and it has nothing to do with being Team Dyson. 

Kenzi and Bo make up, and clean up. Dyson plays pizza delivery boy, and perks Kenzi up. Dyson tells Bo of his worries where Lauren is concerned, and Bo thinks its all about her. She thinks that Lauren cares where Dyson doesn’t, but she’s so wrong. Dyson is forced to make a hard decision and cut ties, Bo doesn’t want to understand his motives.


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