Lost Girl Recap S1E5: Dead Lucky

Dyson and Bo have a little fun on Dyson’s desk. And Dyson sets some rules for his and Bo’s “friendship.” No breakfast, no discussing relationship with anyone besides Kenzi, only coming and going, no word on Bo’s cases, and they’re not exclusive. When Dyson tries to be chivalrous, Bo takes offense, and walks into an ambush.

Kenzi meets with a potential customer. Mrs. Sizemore thinks she’s being stalked by her cat, that her cat is trying to off her. Once Kenzi makes sure there’s real money, she’s willing to take the case of the possessed kitty.

Bo doesn’t take too lightly her treatment in the dim sum restaurant, and the old man gets a taste of her power. Bo doesn’t get too far, and is forced to listen to Mayer’s spiel. Mayer is looking to hire Bo. Mayer is a luck fae, he feeds off of luck. And by having no associations Bo can go where his guys can’t. The Morrigan is Mayer’s boss, and Mayer’s mark, Roger, somehow cleaned him out. Mayer is willing to give Bo some time with his niece Cassie, an oracle who can deliver the goods on her birth parents.

Mrs. Sizemore walks when Bo doesn’t show. And Cassie and Bo go for a little test drive, and the memory wasn’t a good one, but the girl is legit, and Bo takes the case. Kenzi is a little peeved about the missed meetings, until Bo tells her what she had been up to.

Dyson helps Bo out with her case. And Kenzi resigns from Team Dyson.
Bo and Kenzi head over to Roger’s, who’s having quite the shindig, or rather funeral. And Roger is the corpse. Seems he died, before he placed his winning bet with Mayer.

At the Dal, Bo asks Trick about the dead walking. Trick tells them about the Hsien, or body jumpers. They can inhabit a recently dead human. Dyson meanwhile chugs energy drinks, drained from keeping up with Bo. Hale offers to take over, but Dyson isn’t likely to get off this ride any time soon. Dyson tries to play it cool in front of Trick, but Bo isn’t catching what he’s putting down. Kenzi tries to school Hale at pool, and Hale uses his powers to teach her a lesson, and gets one of his own.

Dyson takes Bo to see the Light fae’s Hsien, and finds him dancing around in a very pretty corpse. Seems Eddie, likes to play with blondes. Eddie was responsible for all the Elvis sightings in the 70’s. They grill him about Mayer, and Eddie pledges as a Spock scout and on his momma he had nothing to do with Dark fae getting duped, but that another Hsien, Lucas just may. Lucas sounds like one bad momma jamma.

Mayer doesn’t take the news so well. Seems like Mayer has been losing his clientele as of late, and he gives her Jesper’s address. Kenzi looks forward to infiltrating gambling den, and Kenzi gets to rock another wig, red this time. Bo finds her mark quickly, and Kenzi quickly becomes lady luck. Jesper knows what Bo is and was prepared for her. Seems Jesper wasn’t behind Mayer’s little issue, and when Jesper tries to turn Bo into a popsicle, Kenzi creates a diversion, and gets Bo to the safety of Dyson’s arms. 

Jesper was a Hrimthurs or Frost Giant, Dyson informs her before he get to work to heal her. Trick comes in thinking that a troll was released, as Hale and Kenzi talk awkwardly. Eddie makes a call to Dyson, he and Bo run off. Kenzi goes to figure out who the Mayer snitch was.

Kenzi’s search for clues gets her kidnapped.

Dyson is left a little weak. They find Eddie, but things aren’t quite right with Eddie and she reads his tell too quickly. Dyson is quickly contained, and Bo is left to fight Lucas on her own. Lucas gains the upperhand, until Dyson wolfs out and frees himself. Lucas sings like a bird.

Bo and Dyson brings Lucas to Mayer, and Bo outs Mayer’s nephew Seymour. Seymour was looking for respect, and instead finds himself in hot water. Dyson looks to release Lucas back into his body and finds Kenzi. Kenzi’s not quite back on Team Dyson, but she’s close now that she knows what it costs him to be with Bo.

Mayer looks to proposition Kenzi, she's not lucky, but a survivor, which is just as good to him and Bo sits with Cassie. She sees Bo’s mother, betrayed and looking for her daughter. Bo’s mommy is coming and she is pissed. It seems fate has some plans in store, and Bo isn’t just a pawn but a major player in the grand scheme of things. 


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