Lost Girl Recap S1E4: Faetal Attraction

This episode opens with a bang, some flying skulls, and Bo and Kenzi landing in Dyson’s arms.

Kenzi wants details about Bo’s latest Dyson encounter, which left much to be desired. Bo’s never been rejected and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. Kenzi looks to help her through the heartache. After a popsicle Bo gives in to Kenzi.

Dyson’s fuse is a little short, and he nearly rips off the arm of the guy he’s questioning.

Kenzi takes Bo out to bash out her aggression on a car, but Kenzi isn’t done. Step two is bar time, and they end up at Trick’s bar the Dal Riata.

Dyson has had a string of complaints this week, and is ordered some head shrinking. His partner Hale, tries to get to the bottom of his aggression, and the pieces finally click into place.

The girls drown their sorrows, and Dr. Lauren makes an appearance. They flirt a bit, and she leaves. And up walks Samir. He wants her to join he and his wife Olivia. Olivia is a fury, and she chose Bo, Bo balks at the offer, while Kenzi eggs her on, right up until Dyson and Hale walk into the room. Suddenly the threesome sounds better, and she takes the couple home. The three get kinky and ruin Kenzi’s cereal.

The next morning Bo is alone and satisfied, and Kenzi has a hangover. Olivia comes calling, alone this time. She’s looking for an assassin. Samir has been snacking behind Olivia’s back. He’s been sleeping with a human named Jenny, and the light fae frown on killing humans. Olivia was testing out Bo’s skills, and when Bo turns her down, she decides to take care of her own problem. Kenzi’s kleptomania comes in handy when they decide to help out Jenny and save her from the angry Fury.

Olivia catches up with Jenny at her home, luckily Bo isn’t far behind. When Olivia tries to use her powers on Bo, Bo uses her brains and turns the tables on her. Olivia ends up searing her own mind.

Dyson and Hale have a little chit chat, and Dyson isn’t looking to forward to his therapy.

Bo tries to talk to Jenny about her current predicament. Samir has been distant, and Bo thinks she’s doing the right thing. Kenzi wants Bo to tell Jenny about the Fae, but Bo knows that a bad idea.

Dyson is stonewalling at therapy. He tries to headshrink the shrink instead of letting her help him. His pissing contest isn’t impressing her.

Bo goes to talk to Samir, finds a distraught Olivia, and a headless Samir. Jenny doesn’t take the news of Samir’s demise well, and Bo is forced to use her special touch to calm her.

Dyson and Hale are on the Samir case. And they have little to go on besides the text from Samir’s phone. A scent leads them to Bo. And Dyson has questions about more than just Samir’s death. He asks about the threesome, and Bo is elusive. Seems wolf boy cares more than he wants to let on.

Dyson and Hale go to Olivia’s sisters, and they’re unwilling to help until the boys name drop Deepthroat, or the Ash. The sisters comply, and Hale is revealed as a Siren, makes more sense than just having crazy breath. Hale lures Olivia out, and the boys take her away to help her.

Bo goes to check on Jenny, and finds her trying on her clothes, not weird at all. Jenny seems to have recovered a little too quickly, and Bo immediately sees the signs that Jenny is too smitten, and tries to let her down easy. Jenny takes the rejection too well. And Dyson orders Bo’s presence. Kenzi is put on babysitting duty.

Olivia is spiraling out of control. The ash questions Bo about her hand in the matter. He’s all full of judgment , but none of it is helpful, and Olivia worsens. Dr. Lauren is unable to save her, and the Ash is left to break the news to Olivia’s sisters.

Jenny and Kenzi hardly make nice, while Jenny pumps Kenzi for information on Bo. Jenny doesn’t like how close Kenzi and Bo are, Kenzi immediately seeing the danger gets away to search through Jenny’s things and no only finds the weapon that killed Samir, but also his head. Looks like she should have called Bo before snooping, because Jenny knocks her out with a bottle.

Bo gets a call from Dyson, and finds that Jenny has a wrap sheet. She’s delusional, and has been stalking him. Not only that but Samir was drugged at the time of his death, something that Olivia was incapable of in her current mind set. Bo finds Samir’s head, and a note from Jenny. She runs off to save Kenzi.
Jenny uses Kenzi as bait, and Bo tries to play on Jenny’s desires. Jenny’s crazy shows, and it looks like Samir wasn’t the first. She’s kept a trophy from her kills, all ten heads of men that didn’t love her as much as she loved them. She plans to blow them up so that Bo cannot leave her. As Bo gets behind Jenny’s defenses, Olivia’s sisters interrupt all the plans. When the Furies try to use their powers on Bo, she blinds one,and she and Kenzi makes a break for it. Jenny blows the rest of them sky high, and we’re back to the beginning with Bo and Kenzi in Dyson’s arms.

At the Dal, Kenzi worries she’s like Jenny, though Bo convinces her otherwise. Dyson covers for Bo with the Ash. Trick corners Kenzi about a pilfered bottle, giving Bo a chance to proposition Dyson. Friends with Benefits seems like a good fit for the two. Bo sells him on sexy time.

Dyson opens up to his therapist about Bo.


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