Lost Girl Recap S1E6: Food For Thought

Bo dresses up for a doctor’s appointment, with Miss Hotpants, herself, Dr. Lauren. She’s dressing her best, for the test that will see if she’s mastered any control of her powers.

This week’s monster is a cook that serves up human feet. Mmmm tasty, but she gets more than she bargained for when she’s awakened by a severe case of indigestion and some nasty eye bleeds.

Dr. Lauren and Bo go for a test drive. Bo gives Lauren a little insight to her powers, and reading of sexual energy.  Lauren tells Bo to use her powers on her, and Bo almost gives into giving Lauren a kiss. But Bo fears that if she gives in to feeding, she won’t be able to stop. I say just eat her already, I'm tired of her.

Bo and Kenzi visit Lauren’s office, and Kenzi is more pessimistic about Lauren’s intentions, whearas Bo doesn’t even register that she could be getting played. I mean its not like Dyson has been warning her to be careful about who she trusts or anything, but the girl is still letting her libido do the thinking. Lauren tries to reschedule, but lets Bo tag-along on her emergency case. The girls accompany Lauren on a house call. Kenzi is icked out by the sickness, but she still follows. An Aswang, an eater of the dead, is ill. While the Doc and Bo look in on the patient Kenzi pokes around in the kitchen, grabbing bits to eat. Aswangs help humans by eating their diseased dead, which keeps contagions out of the population. Who sees Kenzi’s snacking as a huge problem now? Especially as she starts scooping out a bowl of soup. Oh, Kenzi, that's foot soup.The Aswang, Helema, has eaten everything from cancer to the black death and never been on the brink of death herself. Lauren decides to go check out the Helema’s food supply, and finds Kenzi slurping down some soup. Kenzi is less than pleased to find out what she’s been eating, and she goes on with some rigorous brushing. Lauren is going to check out the foot, and Bo is going to check out the supplier. Poor Kenzi, she either “ate toxic soup or (she’s) a toe sucking cannibal.”

Trick is getting some a secret ingredient for soup from (Supernatural’s Death) Arval, who’s interested in the Gleipnir that held Fenrir. But Trick isn't looking to let that pretty out of his possession any time soon.

Bo talks with the funeral home where Helema got the feet. The funeral home seems to run a tight ship. The body had been marked as Aswang only, even though the man died of a hit and run. And Bo gets the corpse’s former address. Bo and Kenzi go check out the place, and it’s been well tossed. A tattooed man grabs Bo, Kenzi creates a diversion. The man gets away, and Kenzi falls ill with eye bleeds.

Lauren is looking under the microscope at some nasties, when Bo brings in Kenzi. Lauren doesn’t have a cure, only a way to prolong Kenzi’s life. She’s caught a hemorrhagic fever unlike anything Lauren has ever seen. Though the man died of a hit and run, he may have had the fever, even if he wasn't showing onward signs, which is probably why the funeral home tagged him for Aswang consumption, they can eat anything. Helema is getting worse, and Bo is off to find the source of the fever.

Bo turns to Dyson for help finding about the infectious corpse, because she always turns to the sexy wolfman for help,and I'm not complaining as long as it gives him a reason to appear. I'm going to go hide my Team Dyson shirt now, and try to calm down my excitement. Bo identifies the guy who was tossing the apartment by his tattoos. Dyson takes her to the local biker gang, where Bo strong arms the guy for information.

Bo checks in with Kenzi, and Kenzi asks Dyson to stay with her. Because sarcasm finds comfort in gruff, its a universal rule just in case you didn't know. And finally, looks like someone is back on Team Dyson, membership in that club should have some pretty rocking privileges. He even pinky promises to stay by her side, since he amuses her. Bo tells Dr. Lauren her suspicions of Barren chemical, but she needs Lauren’s help. Lauren balks at first, but then sees the light and even finds covers for herself and Bo. Bo just needs to convince the director she’d make a good assistant.

Enter Bo, all sexed up assistant, while Dyson detains the Dr. that Lauren plans to pose as on trumped up charges. He gives Lauren what she’ll need to get into Barren, and there’s a bit of tension between the two. I’m just not thinking Dyson likes her. I agree wholeheartedly with him. I don’t trust her either, and it has nothing to do with being Team Dyson.

Kenzi awakens, scared and alone, Helema is brought in on the verge of death, and they’re forced to tranq a panicked Kenzi, as they try to save a fellow fae.

Lauren finds where they’re likely keeping what infected Kenzi and Helema. They formulate a plan.
Kenzi has a few choice words for her attending doctor, not feeling confident in their care after they failed to save Helema, and she makes him her bitch by scaring him with an infected needle. She intends to break free, and plans on wearing his clothes while doing it. Lauren puts her plan into motion.

Dyson is unhappy of Kenzi’s escape, and plans to keep her escape under wrap while he wolfs out and searches for her. Bo gets her boss to give her the two items she needs, a voice recording of his name, and his security badge, without going all succubus on him. I don't give her any extra points though, she nearly gave him a lap dance, which to a cooped up lab rat is the same as a succubus hit.

Dyson finds Kenzi in a cemetery. She came here to think, and she tells him she’s not going back. Dyson promises to take her someplace else, where she’ll be safe.7:00, and it’s action time. Lauren gasses out security, and its go time. Dyson takes Kenzi to the Dal. He brings her to Trick’s room underground, and Trick can buy her some time, but not save her.

The plan hits a snag, and Bo tries to seduce a guard without her powers, but she’s not his type, she is so not his type and she’s forced to pull the succubus card. She takes a little, and stops before she kills him, unfortunately she left him with enough that he draws his gun on her. Lauren is forced to traq him.

Trick calls Arval back to get him a difficult item to procure. I love seeing Death twice in one episode. Trick gives him the Gleipnir for it and a future trade, see everyone loves Kenzi. She's one of my favorites. He grates the Abith horn into tea for Kenzi to slow the bleeding and help her regain strength.

When Bo and the Doc reach their room, all they find is a single tank. And a Basilisk, a dying one.

Kenzi can’t keep warm, and asks Dyson to wolf out, and lay on her feet. Kenzi asks Dyson to make her a promise on her death bed. She sees what no one else realizes since everyone else is focused on Bo. She asks him “how can you help her if helping her makes you weak?” He doesn’t have a good answer for it. She asks him to have Bo’s back even if it means cutting her loose. Dyson makes no promises, but its what he’s been doing all along. And this scene hurts my heart just a little, because we all know what's coming. I mean don't we?

Lauren goes to get a tissue sample from the Basilisk’s poisonous skin. Lauren spots the Basilisk and Bo does the poking. But Lauren doesn’t just stop there, she and Bo kill the Basilisk, and the girls make a run for it as alarms sound.

Kenzi gets the antidote, and awakens hungry. Bo gives her thanks to Lauren, and although it seems Lauren is a little more open to Bo, with Dyson so near Bo isn’t so open to her. Kenzi gets her meal, Bo shares the good news with Dyson she can finally control herself. And although Dyson says he doesn’t mind if she sees other people, it very clear that he does. Hopefully Bo can pick up what he's putting down, because I don't think there's a monkey thought translator nearby to help.


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