Walking dead Recap S2E9: Triggerfinger

Lori is still in her car but unconscious, luckily, not where the zombie outside her window can get to her yet, but he’s making a valiant effort. She awakens to the sound of crunching glass.

Glen and Hershel look over the aftermath of Rick’s killings. Hershel’s ready to return, and looks like he’s come around. They strip the bodies of the weapons, and then look for hiding places as a few cars pull up. They’re friends of Dave and Tommy from the sounds of it, and they’re probably not going to be happy to discover their friends dead.

The zombie tries to eat its way through the glass to get to the injured Lori, and with her car awkwardly on its side she has to kill it to escape. But it’s not the only walker out there, and she barely makes it to her weapon before the second walker gets her.

Andrea and the others worry about Hershel, Glen and Rick. No one seems to realize that Lori is missing up until this point. And so the group goes a looking for her, but they won’t find her on the farm.

Rick, Glen and Hershel continue to wait, for the other guys to leave, and Rick finally gives away their position. Rick tells them that they’re dead, that they lost their lives due to stupidity, and the guys outside open fire on them.

Carol goes to Daryl and tells him that Lori is missing, but Daryl already knew that. Carol asks him to go looking for her, but he refuses.

Shane turns on Dale, asking if she knew, assuming he gave her a gun. He speeds off to look for her.
Rick tries to reason with the guys outside, but their silence isn’t comforting, and Glen goes to check the back.

Shane finds Lori’s car, and the dead zombies, but no signs of Lori.

Rick tries to get Hershel to make a run for the car, underestimating his gun skills. He instead sends Glen, while he covers him. Hershel easily takes out the first guy that shot at Glen, but he doesn’t kill him. Rick goes to check on Glen, who isn’t shot, just really scared. He may need a change of clothes when they get back.

 The shooters are reigned in, and one of them is told to jump off the roof, he lands on a fence and is left behind. With the walkers closing in, Glen, Hershel and Rick act fast to get the boy off the fence. They decide to cut the kid’s leg off, so as not to cause any more tissue damage but there isn’t time for finesse, and so Rick just yanks the kid’s leg off the fence.

Shane finally finds Lori, and he tries to bring her back to the farm, but she wants to find Rick first. He lies and tells her that they’re already back at the farm, and her bullshit meter does not even ping. Seriously, she’s missing, and she doesn’t think Rick would be the one to go find her.

Carol reaches out to Daryl, and he lashes out at her. He’s hurting so badly, and Carol takes the abuse he shells out.

Shane comes back with Lori, and she’s less than pleased with his lie. He lets it slip in front of everyone that Lori is pregnant, and Carl over hears. Smooth move Shane, Andrea and Dale drag her away to make sure she’s ok. Carl is overly excited about the baby, and he shocks more than a few people with his questions about the baby. Shane clears the room to talk to Lori, and Dale goes reluctantly. Shane tries to cover for his little white lie. Lori is tired of all the lies, he’s spewed too many to count. She asks about Otis, and he gives her a non answer. She tells him that she told Rick everything, and he’s less than pleased to hear it.

Beth is getting no better. Andrea tries to give Maggie a little hope, but Hershel is the only one that can really help her.

Shane, Daryl, and Andrea set out to find Rick, Glen and Hershel. Dale points out that Andrea isn’t as safe with Shane as she thinks she is, but the rescue party is called off, when the guys pull up in their truck. Hershel tells Patricia to prepare the shed for surgery, and the group finds out about Randall.

They have a group meeting about Randall. They plan to repair the kid, and send him off once he’s well. Shane goes on about the danger of the prisoner, but Hershel agrees there’s no danger, he was abandoned. Hershel lays down the law, and Shane for once is silenced. The group is divided over Randall.

Glen tells Maggie that because of her h e froze, of the pain he could have caused her. People were counting on him, and he froze. He’s not all too happy about that turn of events.

Hershel checks in on Beth. Maggie has a little breakdown.

Andrea meets up with Shane, upset over Randall. She tries to reason with Shane, telling him that he’s been right about everything, but he needs to work on his delivery. Neither are in a good place, and they see the danger on the horizon but are powerless to stop it.

Rick and Lori are both pretty banged up, and Lori tells Rick that they need to talk about Shane. Lori tells Rick that no matter what the baby is his, no matter what Shane thinks. She tells her that Shane is delusional and dangerous. She tells Rick that she thinks he killed Otis, and he did it because he loves her. Rick tells Lori that he killed two people because of her, so he understands that state of mind. She drills it home, that Shane is not to be trusted, that he would kill Rick. They might be seeds of doubt that she's planting but its not like Shane hasn't considered killing Rick more than once.


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