Bob's Burgers The Complete 1st Season Review

Fox’s Sunday Animation Line-up has been pretty much a staple for over a decade, the home of beloved creator’s such as Matt Groening, Set Mac Farlane, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels.  New shows have tried to carve their own spot in the line-up, but few have been able to tap into the enthusiasm until Loren Bouchard brought in Bob’s Burgers.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not The Simpsons or Futurama, but its far better than that trainwreck Allen Gregory.

Last year the world was introduced to Bob Belcher and his burgers. The entire show centers around the struggling diner, which is run by Bob. He’s  of course, assisted by his wife Linda and their two kids. They’re hard working, and things get a little crazy, but its highly entertaining. Bob is a total cheapskate, but he’s not a bad guy. He’s doing the best for his family.

The kids deliver a large number of laughs, from Tina’s raging hormones, to Gene’s inappropriate enthusiasm, to Louise' borderline-sociopathic approach to life. The kids are really the heart of the show. The show is loaded with great voice talent, and there are plenty of geeky favorites thrown in as guest stars. The show is full of familiar ideas, but its in the delivery that makes it both different and refreshing.

Every episode has an audio commentary, but I never pay attention to those. There’s a live action cheesy green screen music video from the song Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night, which is funny. Audio outtakes from scenes within Bed & Breakfast and Sexy Dance Fighting. A video called Louise and the Chalkboard where Louise talks about her family. But the best special feature is Bob’s Burgers Original Demo and Pilot with introduction by Loren Bouchard. I always love to see the pilots, and what changes have been made, and boy there were a lot of changes.

And the best part is you get all 13 episodes!

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