Game of Thrones recap: The Ghost of Harrenhal

Catelyn sits with Renly, She tells him that Robb has no interest in the iron throne. He tells her that he will allow Robb to remain King of the North so long as he swears a fealty to him, the same that Ned swore to Robert, and then together they will fight the Lannisters. Catelyn begs him not to war against his brother, to reconsider, but he will not. The red priestess’s shadow slips in and kills Renly. Brienne is accused of killing the King, and she slays everyone. Catelyn urges her to leave, the only one who saw what really happened, and steals her away.

Littlefinger watches the approaching boats. Margaery urgers her brother that they must return home. Loras mourns his lover’s death, and he will not listen when Littlefinger urges him to leave if he wishes to avenge Renly, and even Margaery tells him that he cannot avenge him from the grave. Loras prepares to leave. Margaery looks over her dead husband, of all the possibilities lost. Littlefinger calls her your grace, and she corrects him, telling him her aspirations. Margaery wishes not to be a queen, but The Queen.

Cersei and Tyrion talk about the current events, who killed Renly and such. Cersei is happy over whoever did the deed, but Tyrion is looking at the bigger picture. Renly’s death united many under the Baratheon banister, and without the divide, there is only one target now, them. Cersei is hostile as always, not wishing to talk to Tyrion about anything. Cersei has something big up her sleeve, and she doesn’t wish to share what the “king’s” plans are with him.

Tyrion speaks with the cousin, Lancel, the one who was stupid enough to start sleeping with Cersei, and he tells him that Cersei plans to use Wildfire. Tyrion is trying to get as much information as possible, and without much pressure Lancel sings like a canary, revealing every detail of Cersei’s plan to use Wildfire against Stannis, and there is already a large cache of it.

Davos gives Stannis his condolences. Davos fears what he saw. All of Renly’s bannermen have joined Stannis, all but the Tyrells who have fled. Davos fears what will happen when news of Melisandre’s involvement comes out, that if she is there when King’s Landing is taken it will be hers. Davos’s words fall on deaf ears.

Tyrion witnesses quite the public soapbox, speaking all of the truths. Tyrion finally admits outloud that the king is a lost cause. He likes what he hears,  unrealizing that he’s the demon monkey the man speaks of. Bronn admits that the people think that Tryion is pulling Joffery’s strings, when in reality Tyrion is the only sane one, trying to save the people.

Theron readies his men to sail. The men don’t take lightly to Theron as their captain. He has yet to earn their respect, and yet he commands them like he has. Yara steps in and mocks Theron, she knows these men, and she has actually earned their respect. His first mate comes and tells him how he can win his father’s approval, and perhaps he’s found a friend.

Arya listens in on Tywin’s council. They’re trying to come up with ways to stop Robb. Despite the reports of discontent, Rob is a good and strong leader and he’s proven it time and again. With winter closing in, Rob’s advantage grows larger. Rather than coming up with a game plan they beg to sleep. Tywin lets the first bellyacher leave, and then focuses on Arya. He gets information on Arya, she fubs the truth just a smidge, and is caught at first, Tywin lets her try again and she does much better so that she does not give away her true identity. Arya talks up Rob, and his legend. When Tywin challenges, she doesn’t flinch or back down, and tells him that “Anyone can be killed.” She gives him wolf eyes, and he sends her off to fetch water. She comes face to face with Jaqen H’ghar. He now serves the Lannisters, and they go over choices. For saving him, he will kill three people for her. She names the Tickler, as her first.

Jon holds out hope that his unle Benjen is still out there somewhere. The men make camp in the snow. Sweet Sam continues talking, always talking on and on this time about the first me. Jon looks over the horizon, and there is nothing but white as far as the eye can see, he thinks the first men were trying to get away from something, that they weren’t able to. A horn blast is heard, a single blast, and they hope it is fellow rangers as it should be.

Tyrion visits the apothecary. He has wild fire in a jar, that’ll burn anything. It’s a substance that the Targaryens used well to hold the Iron Throne, when the dragons were all gone. He sees the true depth of Cersei’s madness. He tells him that he won’t be making wildfire for Cersei any longer, from now on they’ll be making it for Tyrion.

Dany teaches her dragon how to feed themselves. Irri is feeling a little sensitive, and Dorreah forgets Dany’s station a bit, mistaking Dany for a princess instead of a Khalessi. Dany wears the dress that she was given, and she tries to keep the pilfering to a minimum at the dinner. Everyone tries to gain the Mother of Dragon’s favor. She even gets an offer to stay with the creepy house of the undying. Xaro, her host comes and steals her away. Jorah watches over the Khalessi. And a masked woman warns him that she is in danger more than ever before. People will come to see the dragons, and they will want them, because they are fire made flesh, and fire equals power.

Brienne thinks that Stannis is behind Renly’s death. Catelyn is not so sure, all she saw was a shadow. Brienne plans to bring her back to her home, and then go back. Catelyn warns that it may not safe for her, and Brienne offers to serve Catelyn so long as she does not hold her back from Stannis. Catelyn makes that promise, and Brienne swears her fealty to Catelyn.

Bran continues to hold court at Winterfell, Rickon smashes nuts. Before Bran can go for his ride he gets bad news. News comes that a nearby town is under siege. Bran does not hesitate to send men to his protect his bannermen. He tells Osha of his dream. She tells him that the three-eyed raven may not mean anything. He presses her for the truth, and she asks for specifics. He dreamt that the sea came to Winterfell, it flooded the castle and killed many. Osha tells him that the sea is hundred of miles away, but she looks shaken. He asks again about the raven, but she gives him no real answer.

The snow falls hard on the Night’s watch. The men they’ve been waiting for have still not arrived, but the wildlings are coming. Their man Mance has betrayed them to the wildings, and he’s been training them. They plan to go in like ninjas and kill the group before they can be overtaken, and Jon asks if he can accompany them. Sam offers to take over Jon’s duty, and Jon gets to join the rangers.

Xaro asks Dany how long her man servant has been in love with her. Poor girl cannot see that Ser Jorah Mormont truly is in love with her. She tells him that he is her advisor and friend. So instead Xaro asks what her intentions are. Dany tells him she intends to take the Iron Kingdom, because it is her birthright, and she will protect her Khalasar. They talk of ambitions, and she questions his intentions. He shows her a vault that none have been able to get break into, and he’s willing to give her half if she marries him. And with that he will help her win the seven Kingdoms.

She takes the proposition to Jorah. He’s against the idea, even if the seven kingdoms are at war. He tells her to win Westros, she cannot do it with a foreign army alone. He does wish to see her on the Iron throne because she would be a good ruler, and with his plea she sees the Xaro’s words are true. She asks his plan as her advisor.  He tells her to make her own way, he will find her a ship, and she agrees.

Gendry forges swords and as good as he is with a sword he does not know how to wield one. Arya gives him pointers, when a scream pierces the air. The tickler has been slain.


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