Game of Thrones Recap: The Night Lands

Arya continues her ruse posing as a boy in camp. Some prisoners try to make friends, one sweet talks her, but the others less so. A pair of knights come upon the group and Arya and Gendry hide, Arya thinking that they’re looking for her, and Gendry wanting to listen. They’re after the prisoners, who are headed to the knight’s watch. The man in charge gives the men the choice to leave without their prizes. They then tell that they’re looking for Gendry, and he learns for the first time that he is not safe.

Tyrion comes to his room and finds Varys with Shae. Varys is charmed with Shae. And Tyrion tells Varys that he’s not Ned Stark, and he won’t be threatened. Varys doesn’t fear Tyrion either. They go off to Cersei’s meeting.

Cersei sees Rob’s demands, and she’s not willing to give them anything that he asks, not even to give him his father's remains. She asks after Jamie, and sends word to him that he’s not forgotten. A raven has arrived with news from beyond the wall. The wildlings have gotten out of control, and Cersei brushes it all off. Mormont needs more men, but even with Tyrion’s sound guidance she refuses to listen. Cersei is being spiteful, she knows that what Tyrion says may be true, but she's underminding his every action.

Beyond the wall, Sam questions Craster’s number of wives.  Ghost approaches one of the wives, and Sam shoos him away. She’s wary of his kindness, but Sam doesn’t even know what he’s getting into. He brings the wife to Jon, the wife is pregnant, and she fears having a son. She wants them to take her with them. Jon tries to talk sense into Sam, but Sam is too simple and kind hearted to face the reality of the situation.

In Dany’s camp the people are tired. A single rider returns, but not the whole rider, just his head. They are surrounded by enemies, and the the Kahlessi is pissed. Rakharo is dead.

Theron sails towards his father’s home. He has high aspirations, thinking that he’ll soon be king. He beds the captain’s daughter, and though she begs, he won’t take her with him. I don’t blame him.

Littlefinger watches over his brothel, and one of his girls, Ros, is having a hard time after watching the bastards slaying of last week. Baelish makes it clear, you either make money, or you’re disposed of, in the most depraved way possible. Ros’s tears dry up quickly.

Tyrion meets with the head of the city watch in regards to the bastard reaping. He tries to not get to the bottom of things. He’s cleaning house, which means getting rid of the corrupt. Under his care, his mean slaughtered Ned Stark’s men, and innocent children. He sends the man to the black watch. He appoints Bronn to the head of the city watch. He asks his new man if he would murder innocent children without question, and Bronn actually has integrity.

A few boys discuss handing over Gendry to prevent war, Arya sees the folly in it. When Gendry comes about, Arya begins to drill him. She wants to know why he’s being hunted, but he’s evasive. But when she hears her father’s name it piques her curiosity. Gendry turns the tables on Arya, and he knows that she’s not a boy. Gendry teases her a bit about being high borne, not knowing he is as well.

Theron finally makes it home, and with a puffed up ego, he gets knocked down a few pegs. He needs to get to his father’s keep, and one of the men on the wharfs offers to get him a horse. A woman offers to take him there, since its on her way. She already knows who he is. He makes way to friendly with the girl, but makes it home. Balon GreyJoy looks upon his son for the first time in 9 years, and Theron claims there is no love lost for Stark’s death. Balon is less than maternal, disgusted with all that the Starks have done with him. The Starks were good to Theron, he was treated well. Rob Stark will give Balon back his kingdom. And Theron discovers that his playmate was actually his sister, Yara, dirty. If any will lead the attack for Rob, it will be her. Balon will not take Rob’s offer. He will take his crown.

Davos meets with men on the behalf of Stannis. The other armies are larger, but they have God on their side. The smuggler is willing to help, but he wants to bed Cersei. Davos can promise him riches but nothing more, he takes him up on the offer. Stannis has given Davos much, and that has earned him his loyalty.

Cersei stomps her foot over the head of the city watch’s removal from office. Tyrion is trying to help the hole that Cersei and Joffery have dug. Joffery was the one behind the slaughter of the bastards. Cersei looks to injure Tyrion, since his truths have cut her to the quick. She blames him for their mother’s death, and it’s a blow that silences Tyrion. Poor hateful woman, picking on Tyrion, the only one with any logic.

Stannis hears that they finally have ships and Melisandre fills his head with more bad ideas. She has seen the future, and thinks that he can rule it all, when he kills his enemies with fire. His brother’s army greatly outnumbers his own, but Melisandre tells him that they can overcome all. She poisons him towards even his wife, telling him that she will bear him a son, when his wife has bore nothing. Anyone else think she has something to do with that?

Jon watches Craster take a new baby into the woods. Looks like the daughter wife had her child. Jon follows him deep into the night, he hears some ghastly noises, but no cries at first. When Craster passes a hiding Jon, he finally discovers what happens to the sons. Something comes to take the child away, and looks like Craster wasn’t as gone as he thought, and knocks poor Jon’s light’s out. 


  1. So far this season is as amazing as I expected it to be!

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