Game of Thrones Recap: What Is Dead May Never Die

Craster kicks out the Night’s Watch from his daughter loving home. Mormont doesn’t want to hear why Jon had the crap kicked out of him, not caring that Craster is sacrificing the babies, and then he realizes that Mormont already knew. Men like Craster are forgiven their evils because of the help that they can give, and although some horror took the child, they can do nothing.

Gilly is sadden over Sam leaving, seeing that her hope leaves with him. He tries to give her something that means a great deal to him, and though she protests, she takes it.

Bran is having more dreams, and seeing through his direwolf’s eyes. He’s experiencing the complete senses of the direwolf, and he asks about skin walkers. He believes his dreams to be true, knowing things that he should not, but he’s talked out of those thoughts, his head filled with explanations of lost magic, of dragons gone, giants dead, and forgotten children of the forrest.

Renly watches over some friendly jousting, when Catelyn arrives. Margaery is excited by the friendly carnage on the field. Brienne wins the tourney quickly, she asks for a spot in the king’s guard, and Renly grants her wish. Margaery and Renly greet  Catelyn  with open arms, and offer her Jofferey’s head. Renly takes her through camp, and  Catelyn warns that his knights are those of summer, but says that winter is coming. Renly sends her to her tent.

Yara sneaks up on her brother, Theron, who’s still a little upset about feeling her up. Balon goes over his battle strategy with Yara. Balon has plans for his son as well, but he isn’t getting nearly as many ships as his sister. Balon forgets that it was his choice to keep the peace and surrender his only remaining son, and he treats Theron as if he were the one that betrayed him.

 Shae is upset over being kept closed in. Tyrion is looking for a way to keep her safe, and Shae doesn’t want to hear any of his reasons. Shae is his weakness, and he looks to protect her even if she doesn’t understand.

Sansa sits with Cersei and her children for dinner. They talk about the impending wedding between Sansa and Jofferey, which is on hold until after the war. One of the younger children asks if Jofferey will kill Rob, and Cersei tells him that he might, but either way Sansa will do her duty. Poor Sansa is trapped with no way out. Shae comes to be Sansa’s handmaiden, and though she is hesitant at first by the new arrival, she quickly goes over what her duties should be. Shae quickly shows her lack of knowledge in being a handmaiden. Shae offers to leave, but Sansa isn’t ready for her to leave.

Tyrion plans to broker an alliance to assure loyalty and an army, but he must keep the information from the queen. He tells each man of the council a different ploy to marry off Princess Marcella, and gets each to agree with great accolades and promises. Little finger falls hardest for the plan, with the most to gain.

Renly makes time with the knight of the flowers, who’s a little testy at not only having lost to Brienne, but also to her appointment at knight’s guard. The knight refuses to put out until the king has bedded his sister Margaery, the people are talking, and an heir needs to be conceived. Margaery comes to his bedchamber, and Renly can’t quite get it up on his own. Margaery tries her hardest, even offering to have her brother come and help. She knows the truth, and she’s not upset by it. It’s a very cunning woman, and she understands what’s at stake. She knows that his enemies plan to tear them apart, but the only way  to get them to stop is to make a baby.

Cersei comes to stop Tyrion and his latest plan, unknowing her little outburst told him just who the leak in the council was. Tyrion makes a great argument as to why Marcella is not safe in the palace, but Cersei will hear nothing of it.

Theron contemplates warning Rob, but changes his mind at the last moment, and pledges allegiance to his father. Yara looks a little scared as Theron takes his oath.

Little finger is ;less than pleased to find that he was dupped. Little finger has heard of all of the potential matches for Marcella. .Tyrion is planning on using Little finger to free Jaime. But Little finger isn’t the leak. It was Pycelle. And Tyrion makes sure that Pycelle and his duplicity does not go unanswered for.

Varys meets with Tyrion, and the two play at words. Varys gives a riddle, and Tyrion tires of the riddle quickly, but Varys makes his point, A small man can cast a large shadow.

Arya finds herself restless, Yoren shares a sweet bed time story with her of how he came to be on the Night’s Watch. Warning horns are sounded, and Yoren tells Arya and Gendry to hide, and if things go wrong to run north. The Golden Guard have returned and tell him to give up Gendry, he refuses, and an arrow though the leg just manages to piss him off. From there things go very wrong, and when every one is running, the three prisioners cage are set onfire. Though Arya poked at the men with a stick last week, she takes pity on Jaqen H’ghar and his companions and gives them then means of escape. As she runs, one of the Golden Guards captures her and takes Needle. The men ask for Gendry again, and Arya tells them that they already got him, pointing out that one of the dead bodies are wearing the bull helmet, though he’s really standing next to her. Clever girl.


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