Lost Girl Recap S1E13: Bloodlines

Bo and Dyson have some sexy make up time, when Bo suddenly turns into the relentless soul sucking Saskia, and Dyson wakes from his very bad dream. Poor guy, on the Brightside he wakes up in Bo’s bed, and she’s not mad about Saskia. Dyson still wants to have that little talk he was planning, but Bo is looking to talk about happier things, like that handy new trick that saved his life. Dyson finally tells Bo what he’s been keeping from her. Saskia is Aoife, her mommy, which means not only have I been right, but that Dyson banged her mother.

Speaking of banging, Saskia, or rather Aoife is busy banging up some poor guy in an alley, with her fists this time, not her crotch. She’s looking for recruits, just not this one. She’s looking for something to ignite a war, and offing one of the Light Fae head honchos should do the trick, and if not I’m sure she’ll off a few more since she seems a little unstable. She has her goons kill the poor guy, so she doesn’t get his blood on her shoes, they’re new afterall.

Back at casa de Bo, Kenzi’s romance novel is interrupted with a lover’s quarrel. Bo’s not taking the whole Dyson knew who my mommy was the entire time bit of information so well. Poor Dyson has been caught in the middle for so long, and he finally outs Trick as being involved, that it was his story, not Dyson’s.

So cut to the Dal, and Trick is in full confession mode. He failed Aoife long ago, poor guy is so full of guilt. She was from his clan, and weary of all the fighting, so he forced a peace, and being a blood sage it came to pass. But with great power comes great responsibility, and a hefty price. Peace demands forgiveness, and Aoife was unwilling to forgive, so with her band of merry rebels they killed dark fae, but they weren’t so stealthy and they were caught. She escaped, and asked Trick for help, but he had no choice but handed her over to the dark. The dark botched the execution, and Aoife escaped and has been holding a grudge since. Bo questions Aoife’s intentions with her, finding that they don’t add up. She’s unwilling to run, and so to Mommy she shall go. Silly girl, she’s headed into danger for an idea, she wants answers that she believes only her mother can give her, but I’m not thinking she’s going to get what she wishes. Her mother is loco in the coco.

Back at home sweet crack shack, Kenzi tries to process everything, including the mommy banging. And the girls decide how to find Aoife, which means a quick stop to see Lauren, who not only knows a ton of fae lore, but also the physiology and might have a way that Bo can protect herself.

Dyson doesn’t understand the guilt upon Trick’s shoulders, and there is still more there. Trick is still in belief that Aoife is planning to harm Bo, and Dyson is no longer in a position to help. Trick presses Dyson to protect Bo, and he knows the damage Aoife can cause.

Lauren is on morgue duty, and the guy that Aoife killed in the alley is on her table. Much to Bo’s dismay he wasn’t killed by succubi sucking. Lauren isn’t very helpful, she doesn’t know much, but she’s willing to help in exchange for Bo letting her explain why she let the Ash pimp her out to Bo. Bo reluctantly agrees, and Kenzi skidaddles to meet with a guy.

She goes to meet with Hale, and he’s all kinds of awkward. Stalling until Dyson shows. Eh too Brutus? She’s less than pleased to see the handsome wolf, unwilling to forgive him for betraying Bo, right up until he confesses his love for Bo. Kenzi has such a tenderheart, and she’s willing to listen, but warns him “You make me regret this and I swear I will sell you for part.” Aww, that’s the Kenzi we all love.

Bo returns home, and something feels off, or perhaps smells off. She finds Aoife in her kitchen baking cookies. Wow she is completely planning the mommy card, but Bo takes the cookie she’s offered. Aoife has been watching Bo for a long time, but never introduced herself. And then Bo falls into Aoife’s arms, courtesy of the drugs the cookies were laced with.

Kenzi comes home waving a white flag, literally, with Dyson in tow. Bo isn’t home, and Dyson quickly picks up Aoife’s scent, and they know she took Bo. Trick tries to not have a heart attack, and with everything quickly spinning out of control he has to alert the council that Aoife is back. He goes to speak to the Ash.
Bo awakens to a lovely sight, a beautiful room, and three half naked men, waiting on her every whim. If Bo doesn’t want to be Aoife’s daughter, sign me up. She may be totally cray cray but she has great taste. Bo finds her mother in the garden out by the pool, and it seems like the entire estate is full of beautiful half naked men. A girl could really get use to it, but Bo is still a little upset about the whole drugging thing. Bo tells Aoife she was looking for her, that she wanted to find Aoife and would have come had she just been invited. Aoife’s social skills are a little lacking and fills Bo in on a few pieces that Trick left out of his story. The dark king thought it was a waste to kill a succubus and used Aoife as his personal toy, but his sick and depraved style wore the poor girl’s mind down. Aoife sets Bo free, but Bo stays.

The Ash is getting ready to meet with the council about the slaying of one of their elders, and when Trick asks if Aoife was involved, the Ash brushes that assumption aside, thinking that the stories about her were exaggerated. Trick put off alerting the council, so that he wouldn’t out his status, and to protect Bo. The Ash finally sees Bo’s place, and looks to punish Trick for withholding information, he seems to think he’s far more powerful than he is. I have a feeling that Aoife is going to do far more damage under his reign, since he’s too cocky and self-assured to take Trick’s advice.

Bo admires the scenery. Aoife reveals some of her little tricks for making thralls. Bo wonders why she didn’t use it against the King who held her, and she reveals that he had an amulet that bond the chi to his body, and made him immune to her influence. Which brings up the daddy questions, one question that Aoife refuses to answer. Aoife reveals her plan to topple the fae, and though Bo has yet to chose sides, she’s not on board to the wacky plan.

The council smartly focuses on the bigger issue at hand, Aoife, but the Ash is unwilling to listen. He’s out to get Trick, but right in the middle of his little temper tantrum one of Aoife’s himbos makes a an entrance packing some serious heat, and blows the place up. Hmm, maybe the Ash should have focused more on Aoife and less on Trick.

Bo tells Aoife to call off the bombing, but its too late. Aoife’s plan is in full motion. Bo wants to tear down the establishment, but she doesn’t want the world engulfed with flames like Aoife. Aoife wants to freedom, she wants to be their new God. And when Bo finally sees the light, Aoife plans to seize her, btu Bo has other plans and makes a run for it.

Cue the stripping down of Dyson, back home. The girl has gotten over her little betrayal and into his pants. She needs everything he can spare to fight Aoife.

Lauren has her hands full with a crispy Ash. For being so close to the boy that went boom, he isn’t nearly as crispy fried as he should be. But he looks to be dying, so at least there’s that.

Dyson apologizes again, and Bo isn’t mad, just hasn’t found a way to forgive yet. She’s also lost some trust in him, which may be a bigger blow, since she’s always trusted him implicitly, from the beginning. He has no choice but to let her fight this battle, if he wants any chance with her. But Kenzi on the other hand is allowed to come, and they’re headed to Lauren.

In the midst of chaos they find Lauren and learn of Aoife’s suicide bomber attack. The Ash is on life support, and the others are bring moved to safety, as well as the noble families. Lauren warns Bo that it looks like a declaration of war from the dark, which means that the light will be gearing up for retaliation. Bo tells Lauren that the other succubus, the one behind all of this is her mother. Hale comes for a list to evacuate people, and Kenzi tells him to be careful. Is that a stirring of some sidekick loving? Or is  letting Kenzi find a little happy too much to ask? With a little bit of fist bumping for good luck, Hale is off. Lauren begs for a little time to get through to Aoife, and Lauren gives her the key to getting a amulet like the King who kept Aoife wore. Bo promises to give Lauren what she asked for earlier, but looks like Lauren wants more than words, as she kisses Bo good luck.

Trick packs some things, but doesn’t plan on hiding, even knowing that Aoife is coming. Trick is more worried about Bo, and Dyson tells him that he plans to see the Norn, and ask her to intercede. The Norn’s favors come at a high price, and Dyson is willing to pay it. Trick offers to write him a letter to get an audience, but seems Dyson has a few secrets of his own, and knows her. They wish each other luck before parting.

Kenzi and Bo locate the trophy room, and get to finding the amulet so Bo can face her mother. Kenzi is looking at a more knock out approach when dealing with Mommy, since she makes both Trick and Dyson wet their pants, and although Bo isn’t opposed to the idea, she’s wants to reason with her. Silly girl reasoning never works, either way Kenzi has her back. Finally Kenzi finds the necklace, but Bo needs to test it out, and its smooching time. Kenzi less that enthusiastic for Bo’s kiss, does it, but Bo gets “succubusted” and is unable to steal any of her chi with the amulet in Kenzi’s hand. Unfortunately, Bo also used the moment to slap a shackle on Kenzi’s wrist and chain her to the cabinet. Bo plans to fly solo, unwilling to risk Kenzi’s life. Kenzi calls Hale for help.

Bo returns to Aoife’s house, but its eerily empty of all but Aoife herself. Bo begs Aoife to give herself over easily, but Aoife is unwilling, so armed combat it is.

Kenzi goes to Trick, begging him to intervene. She can find Bo, she put a tracker in her phone, but she needs Trick to do a little writing. Trick has tried to fix things with Aoife, has used his blood to write novel after novel, and everything has ended badly. Kenzi slices her own palm, offering him her blood, anything to help Bo. He tries to get her to understand, but instead she turns the tables on him. Telling him that Bo is fighting his war, willing to die for it, and if he cares for her, there is nothing he wouldn’t do to save her.

Bo and Aoife continue their fighting, and when Aoife gains the upper hand, trying to force Bo into her way of thinking, she chokes. The amulet does its job, protecting Bo, from her mother’s soul sucking. Aoife wanted Bo on her side, and if she can’t have that then death is the only other option. Bo smartly makes a run for it.
Dyson finds his way to the Norn’s house, and it looks like he was expected. The Norn is a normal looking woman, with a giant tree in the middle of her living room. Dyson knows her from a few centuries previously. The Norn is willing to give Dyson what he wants for a price, a sacrifice. She will give him what he wants most, for what he holds dearest.

Bo continues to run from Aoife, in a very Peppi Le Pew manner, and just like Peppi, Aoife finally catches her. Poor thing still sees the good in Aoife, and she rewards her by choking the life out of Bo over a banister.
Trick readies to do what Kenzi asked.

The Norn taunts Dyson. He asked for her help before, but was unwilling to pay the price then. She asked for his wolf, and though he wasn’t ready then, he is now. She asks why he would be willing, and he tells her if she gives Bo his strength, then she could take anything she needed. Bad move. Never offer a witch anything her heart desires, but the offer was made, and the Norn accepts. She gives Bo his strength, and takes not Dyson’s wolf, but his heart, his love for Bo.

The second of power allows Bo to free herself of Aoife, but her mother falls over the banister when it gives way. She struggles to pull her back to safety, but Aoife would rather they both die. Kenzi finds Bo, and tries to help her, begging Bo to let go of Aoife. The banister is too weak to hold them both up for too much longer.

Trick cuts his palm in preparation, and writes in his book. Can anyone read old fae, cause I sure the hell can’t!

But whatever he writes, it has some effect on Aoife, and some sanity comes into her eyes. She tells Bo to have Trick tell her everything, and asks for forgivness before forcing Bo to let her fall. The girls watch Aoife fall down, down, down. But when they make it down all the flights of stairs, the body is gone, all that’s left is a puddle of blood. Bo looks hopeful.

Kenzi and Bo reflect upon the crazy of their lives, and the two males on the outs right now, neither knowing what the men sacrificed for their latest victory. As Trick lies bleeding heavily, Bo questions his intentions. He was obviously protecting her from more than Aoife, and Bo is unsure she can trust him. Oh if she only knew. Trick is a man of many secrets, and if Aoife was the tip of the iceberg Bo needs to graduate succubi kindergarten fast if she wants to take on whatever else he’s been protecting her from, but without a doubt he’s one of the good guys. But Dyson she’s more willing to forgive, but with Dyson it won’t be so easy. She thinks all the secrets are gone between them, but the Norm just made a huge new one, and Dyson is wolfing out in anger. That relationship is definitely going to be different next season. Kenzi and Bo both know they haven’t seen the last of Aoife, but Kenzi seems to be the only wary one. A man carries Aoife, somewhere. And Bo thinks that all her worries are over.

And that’s it for season one! I’m not sure how Canada survived on that cliff hanger ending, but don’t forget Syfy is airing season 2 starting next week! That’s right no painful months of waiting, we get our Lost Girl fix immediately.


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