Lost Girl Recap S1E12: (Dis)Members Only

Dyson gets a long weekend, and he plans to go bear hunting, but Bo quickly changes his mind, that adorable smile is hard to say no to, while Hale and Kenzi take bets on when the love birds will be on the rocks again.

The no good gardner gets wrapped up by his work, after getting smashed in the head with a rock. Serves him right, maybe if he’d been doing his job he wouldn’t have had any problems.

Bo and Dyson utilize their tub time to plan their getaway, when Kenzi interrupts for a client from her less than sparkling background. Neville’s cousin Thumper has gone missing, and there is no trace of him. But Neville says that there’s some weird stuff going on at the club, and they go out of their way to hire illegals. Meow meow (Kenzi) promises to find out what happened to Thumper. Neville suggest that if anyone knows anything it’s gossip queen Blake.

Kenzi proposes that Bo and Dyson go undercover as a married couple, and Bo helps convince him.

Together Bo and Dyson fly through the club interview process and with a little bit of succubus magic they get instant approval for membership from Mitch the manager. Kenzi poses as an illegal immigrant to gain access to the kitchen. Amy is in charge of the kitchen and gives her a tour of the ins and outs of the kitchen.
Bo and Dyson head to the tennis courts to find Blake, and the two coax her into lunch plans. Blake has very loose lips, which may be the copious amounts of alcohol she imbibes. Kenzi spills a tray on Blake’s nemisis Chloe, the club manager’s wife. As Kenzi runs away from an accident, she spies a peeper in the woods.
Kenzi learns that her first strike has already been recorded in a file, and Neville tells her that Thumper had two strikes against him before he disappeared.

Blake’s run doesn’t go very well, as Chloe catches her. These two really don’t like eachother, though Blake remains plastic about the situation, until she lets her club do the talking, leaving Blake to Thumper’s fate.
Mr. Wood Peeper warns Kenzi that her time may be running out, and Kenzi runs home. Bo and Dyson are enjoying their quiet time when Kenzi arrives a little angry, until Dyson gives her a foot massage that turns her to mush. She tells them that the club has a high turnover rate, and they employ mostly illegals. Bo immediately assumes a fae is the culprit, but Dyson isn’t so sure yet. Silly wolf, but he’s willing to look into it. They plan to infilitrate the scotch tasting party, as Kenzi falls asleep under Dyson’s strong hands.

Bo and Dyson get all prettied up, Hale arrives with the back ground checks, and Kenzi prepares for her second shift. Bo looks over financials, and Kenzi fears the creeper Peeper grounds keeper is sizing her up to eat her. Hale’s only finding is that some of members received a bump in their bank accounts after joining the club. Kenzi and Hale plan to look around the manager’s office, and Bo gets an unexpected visitor is Saskia. She’s looking for a playmate, and she’s less than pleased at the prospect of Bo’s limited playing field.
The Scotch tasting is easily infiltrated, but the tasting turns out to be more up Bo’s alley than she could have imagined. Much more girls gone wild, than the stuffy tasting they were expecting.

Hale and Kenzi make their way inside with little problem, and Kenzi is more than a little frazzled.

Dyson and Bo find themselves in a tub with Chloe and Mitch, as the creepy chef serves up freshness while Hale and Kenzi see the perks in club membership through society page news clippings. They also find that Mitch has detailed records of all the illegal workers, even the missing employees, mostly complaints he has about them, and Kenzi reads that she already has two strikes, and no one still on staff has more than three. The grounds keeper nearly finds them, as Hale tries to use the opportunity to comfort her in a way she’s not open to, not a sexy undercover moment.

Chloe gives her a crap mantra, energy flowing and all and Mitch and Chloe try to turn the tables on Bo and Dyson and convince them to join in the naughty naked time. They think Bo and Dyson have been flirting the entire time, when that was hardly the intention. Dyson cuts things short before it becomes more awkward. Bo unleashes her frustrations on him cutting their investigation short, just when things were getting interesting. And Dyson finally admits that he doesn’t want to share her with anyone, even though its against her nature. He doesn’t want to change her, and he tells he can be intense, he can be territorial, and mule headed, but he’s hers. She tells him he’s been hers for a long time. He tells her to be careful because wolves mate for life. She doesn’t make any promises, except one, honesty. And he happily promises her that, and then the words are done and its kissy time.

Dyson goes to visit Trick. He tells him he has to tell Bo everything by tonight, or he will. Trick does not look happy about that.

Kenzi serves drinks, wigged out about the swingers revelation, and the fact that she’s still on the kill list, especially after racking up yet another strike. Dyson receives good news, his department got a bump in his pay. Kenzi tells them that Blake didn’t check out, and Mitch was seen driving her car. Dyson confirms that the only missing workers were ones with three strike, which panics poor Kenzi more, since she just became killer bait.

Bo and Dyson go for a walk on the grounds, enjoying the good life a little too much. She finds a scratcher ticket on the ground, and wins the grand prize. Just like all the other members, they’re having a sudden bump on the luck department. They see the creeper grounds keeper spying on them, but he doesn’t leave a scent for Dyson to follow. It smells awful, and they find a hole. Some prying with a uncovers something suspect, pink and likely Blake.

Hale confirms that the goo matched both Blake’s DNA and Thumper’s and a whole bunch of others, including some fae, but not any they can identify.

Bo’s done playing coy, and they head straight for Mitch’s office to see the who and why. Bo succubuses Mitch, but he doesn’t know how it works. He was hand picked, and everyone reaps the benefits as long as there is a human sacrifice made. He’s not sure how, they just pick a person and leave it to whatever. Dyson tells her that it’s not really something punishable under fae law, except the exposing itself to humans part.
Kenzi continues to freak that she’s gonna get eaten by a mystery fae. Trick tries to narrow down the species, by looking at the feeding byproduct, aka poop. He takes a whiff, and asks about good fortune, looks like Trick does have a clue. He takes the byproduct and pours it into a dead tree, it instantly springs to life, leaves and all, and Trick knows the culprit. It’s a Land Wight, cause duh no one else has magic pooh like it.

So it looks like Kenzi wasn’t the cannibal this time, Bo and Kenzi find the Land Wight’s garden is on the grounds, and its where all of the clubs organic foods are grown. And the two begin to narrow down, which they suspect is the Wilson wannbe, the creepy groundskeeper. They plan to divide and conquer, Kenzi goes to the kitchen to stop the tainted veggies from hitting plates, and Bo goes after Wilson, but Wilson makes a run for it, thinking that Bo is the Land Wight. He knows plenty, but he’s a little off thinking that Bo and Kenzi is the cause of the recent deaths, and that they work for the culprit. And then suddenly it hits Bo, not literally this time, but her light bulb definitely lit up.

Kenzi makes it to the kitchen, and right into the hands of the Land Wight. Turns out the actual Land Wight was Amy, the crazy all organic lady. Of course it was, she liked the vegetables a little too much. And she completely has a Poision Ivy vibe, which Kenzi probably feels, as she grows some wicked vines that are all Seymour looking for some sticky sweet blood.

And just as she’s about the devour Kenzi, Bo comes to the rescue. And the silly Land Wight thinks that she can actual take the Succubus, but the Succubus is smarter than she looks, and she leaves the Land Wight in the hands of some very capable gardeners lead by Wilson. Amy is less than pleased as she’s knocked off that little pedestal of hers, and Bo and Kenzi make a run for it, and let the gardeners do their job.

Kenzi and Bo wrap things up with Neville, and swear him to secrecy. Not that anyone would believe him, but they also don’t want the fae to catch wind of his knowledge and off him. Neville is confused, but atleast there’s some closure. Bo feels for Thumper’s family, and gives Neville her lottery winnings.

Trick gets word from the Dark Fae, that the Land Wright was killed by humans, and Bo is off the hook for it. With the Land Wright dead, those at the Country Club who profited will see their luck take a turn for the worse. Hale leaves all the paperwork to Dyson, so much for the vacation. Trick still hasn’t talked to Bo, about whatever he and Dyson know. The beans are going to get spilled, it’s just a matter of time.

Dyson calls Bo, and decides that now is the time for those beans to be spilled. And Bo turns it into a date, but Dyson has to do that pesky paperwork first.

Saskia pays Dyson a little visit, and goes all succubus on him. She’s much stronger than Bo, and he’s unable to stop her, before he knows it, she’s drinking his soul, and having dirty sex on the desk. And just as his soul is about to give out, Bo walks in on the two of them. Saskia claims to have done it for her own good, and Bo stakes her, which would have done some major damage if she were a vampire. But as it is Saskia removes the chair leg, and Bo tries to restore Dyson’s soul. After a few tries, she manages to breathe some soul back into her wolf, and save his life. 

There’s only one more episode of the season, so what does everyone think comes next? I still think that Saskia is Bo’s mother, or at least related, which ups the dirty factor. At the very least Bo is gonna kick some major butt, I just hope it’s Saskia’s, and somewhere in the mix we’ll get some great Kenzi lines and more Dyson. But for now, that’s all.


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