Lost Girl Recap S2E2: I Fought The Fae (and the Fae Won)

Kenzi prepares her Bo break up kit which includes vodka, ice cream and a large animal tranq dart. Since Bo and Dyson were more than “bang buddies” Kenzi is upping her defense plan, which includes Siren backup. They go in to see Bo, and she’s not exactly down in the dumps. She’s swinging high literally, and as they ponder her sanity, I wonder if I could get a swing in my room. Bo is not only sane, she’s all too happy since she and  Dyson didn’t break up, they were broken up. And finally her lightbulb has gone off. Dyson really loves her for her and not all the other things she is, or he did, and now she’s on the offensive, she plans to win back her boy. Cue then Rocky montage.

Meanwhile, this week’s big bad packs a wallop. The girl is brought is with a bag on her head, and she gets away from her captors. She runs, and they chase, and she stops, they catch up. She does this weird little porcupine flick, and they fall over dead. I’m not sure she’s the actual big bad of the week, but she definitely doesn’t want to be caught, apparently there’s one last thing she needs to do. I don’t blame her, I bet they didn’t wash her head bag, or maybe she left the iron on in her apartment.

Hale and Dyson walk the tunnel where the light fae Pocupine girl escaped, apparently her captors were jailers, and they weren’t killed only knocked out by her quills. She’d been locked up for a long time, about eighty years and they were moving her for something very special.

Bo and Kenzi head to the Dal, where Trick is of course pouring drinks. Bo immediately asks about the Norn, but before she can get answers some big wig walks in. The light fae are busy prostrating, and Bo doesn’t let Kenzi do the same, though she attempts to follow the cool kids’ lead. Trick fills them in, the guy is the Black Thorn, an emissary from the old country, come to make a proclamation, and he announces the start of the games to appoint a new Ash. Bo immediately makes a call to Lauren, and tells her the good news, but Lauren is all weird and twitchy about it. She’s borderline panicked instead of gleeful like she should be.

Hale goes over the appointing of the new Ash. No wenches and mead, but there is a stag hunt. He also gives an explanation of the crazy titles. The light fae get their names from sacred trees, the dark from dead warriors. I would rather be known as a Maleficent than be called the Ash for all eternity, though I guess Ash is better than being called Yew or Broom. Bo asks if a new Ash is a good thing, Hale says that it depends on who wins. Kenzi wants tickets to the main event, and Hale offers to let one of them be his date, but Bo quickly shoots him down.

Back at the crack shack, Kenzi ponders Bo’s game plan since she nixed her party chances. Bo wants to keep both herself and Kenzi as far away from fae politics as possible. Apparently, Mommy dearest left a bad taste in her mouth where politics were concerned. But Kenzi only see the medieval fun to be had. Bo isn’t swayed, persistent in staying away, right up until she’s reeled in. That little stag hunt that Kenzi was so intent on seeing, just landed on their doorstep, Bo won’t be Switzerland this time. The Porcupine girl is in her home, and she needs her help because not only is she a quill thrower, she’s to be the stag.

Dyson hangs out at the Dal long after last call, to deliver some news. The Black Thorn wants the Ash replaced as punishment because of the attack on the Elders, which lead to the death of most of them, but hasn’t brought up Aoife at all. So far no one knows that Aoife returned, but Trick isn’t relieved yet. He knows the Black Thorn hasn’t shown his hand.

Bo questions the Porcu-tag. She’s being hunted so the Ash can prove himself worthy by besting her, when it seems that her only crime was loving the wrong guy. Hamish was dark fae, she’s light, and they were planning on running away together, even though it was considered treason. The night before Hamish’s wedding, they planned on running away, but she was captured instead and charged with treason. Poor girl thinks that Hamish is innocent, and wonders who betrayed her. Um, I’m guessing him, but before they can ponder further, there’s a knock at the door. The Porcu-tag is ready for her fate, but she wants to see Hamish one last time, which would be really sweet if she didn’t spend the last 80 years in lock up because he betrayed her to save his own skin. Maybe he’s not a douchebag, but my money is on the likelihood that he had a hand in it, maybe an inadvertent hand, I’ll give him that much. Bo stands her ground as light fae break down her door, and Dyson comes to intervene. Dyson wants the girl turned over, and promises to keep her safe. The Porcu-tag,  Sabine, goes quietly with Dyson and the other guys, and Bo uses this inopportune time to vent a little about Dyson’s jacked up love letter he’s played out for her but Dyson isn’t ready to write any more flowery prose, and Bo doesn’t push when he promises a later. Don’t read into it Bo-bo, that boy is only going to break your heart.

Bo heads to the Ash’s compound, and the Black Thorn is just a smidge too happy to see her. She wants her guest back, but he’s not likely to turn her over, Sabine was his stag first. And he clears some things up about light and dark fae. Humans are food, either the fae eat from them or they die, circle of life and all, but the dark fae hunt for sport. The light respect the kill and don’t over hunt, and Bo is an obnoxious vegan in his metaphor. Way to score brownie points, she’s not offended. And he goes on, the stag is a willing sacrifice, yep you read that right, willing. Sabine volunteered to be hunted, maybe she was having a Katniss moment, maybe she cares about regaining the honor of her family but Bo tells him she plans to grant Sabine’s final request anyways. He gives her a red hot gift, and invites her as his date, extending the invitation to Trick as well, which is a little weird. I thought Kenzi would be more his type, but then again everyone loves the Blood King.

Kenzi is a little jealous of Bo’s couture; Bo just wants The Black Throne gone. They pay a call to Hamish, and Bo reveals that she has a date with Dyson to talk on Saturday, signaling the start of Operation Woo, which shall entail cleavage. Hamish is shiftier than I expected. This is the guy that Sabine risked it all for? He’s gotten all of Bo’s messages, and he’s not exactly interested in seeing Sabine. Bo continues to push, and Hamish disappears, literally, which is a hellava lot more effective that sticking your fingers in your ears and going lalalala until she goes away. Hamish uses Bo’s dumbfounded moment to slam the door in her face. Kenzi takes that as a cue to walk away, but Bo plans to save Sabine’s life instead, you know, without anyone knowing.

Bo researches the Ash contest. First they gather in the Gyllenhaal, not Jake or Maggie, but rather a party. It’s the first competition of skill and cunning, where votes are cast. Those with the most votes become contenders who will later compete in the hunt. Sabine can survive the hunt if she makes it to the bell, but it’s never happened. Bo can’t be a contender because of her lack of allegiance; Dyson doesn’t have time to get through the vetting process. Only a person of noble blood could throw his towel into the ring at this point, good thing there’s someone of that description near by, someone everyone knows.

That someone is Hale and he doesn’t really like the idea, and likes the idea of being Ash even less. The girls threaten, beg and cajole him with no luck. They point out that he doesn’t have to win, just run, and losing can be a further dig to his family. Cornered Hale finally agrees.

Bo lays out the plan. Hale is going to use his Siren skills to curry favor, Bo will incapacitate opposition, and Dyson will be the muscle. Poor Kenzi has to sit this one out. Bo places importance on teamwork, but Dyson’s little kiss off seems like anything but. Trick escorts Bo in, and casts his vote for Hale before excusing himself. And we get Hale’s full name and title Baronett William Haley Francois Santiago of Clan Zamora. Oh, if only Kenzi was there, the jokes she would have made, instead Bo makes a small crack, and Hale threatens to lullaby her into a corner.  Bo runs into a handsome competitor, Mr. Green, whom she names as her first target, and its all back to business.

Sabine sits as guest of honor, as Hale whispers his sweet words into everyone’s ears. Bo approaches Mr. Green, and immediately sucks chi with him. She tries to spell him into going home, but he’s immune to her, not that he didn’t enjoy her efforts. Hale continues working the room, and Dyson intervenes as his drink is mickeyed by a competitor. Bo continues to suck face, dropping Hale’s opposition, and proving to herself that she still has it. She and Dyson have an awkward encounter, and he takes advantage of a distraction to get away. Poor guy then gets cornered by Trick. Dyson is taking his lumps, not blaming anyone for what he did, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Trick points out that he’s punishing Bo, and Dyson points out that he’s not himself anymore, and that Trick didn’t want them together in the first place. Touché.

The Black Thorn takes Dyson’s place in the conversation with Trick and tilts his hand just a bit, he knows that Aoife is Bo’s mother, and Trick’s poker face sucks. What he plans to do with that info is still to be seen though.

Bo finally goes to see Sabine, and she tells her the bad news that Hamish isn’t coming. Bo asks if Hamish could have betrayed her, but Sabine is adamant that he loved her, and couldn’t. Okay, maybe he’s just a coward, which I guess is better. Bo divulges her plan for Sabine to help her win the hunt by the rules. Sabine isn’t interested in risking more lives, isn’t looking for the fairytale ending, and Bo runs off at the sound of a noise, which leads her to Hamish. He did come, and he does love Sabine. His family betrayed her all those years ago, but even now Hamish isn’t ready to fight, in fear of making things worse for her. So traitor, no, coward, yes.

It’s Stag Hunt time. The competitors will be Hale, Mr. Green, and the chicky who tried to poison Hale. They go over the rules, and with a blow of the horn they’re off. Sabine is doing a great job of touching every single freaking tree she passes, so for her sake I hope none are werewolves, which Mr. Green is either a wolf, some fae with a killer olfactory, or weirdo who likes the smell of trees in the morning. I’m not discounting any possibility at the moment. Poison girl catches up to Sabine first, but she gets a face full of quills, which allows Dyson to sneak up on her. She instantly trusts him and they go off in search of the bell.

Seriously,  he must put out some sort of hot, alpha, protective scent, because everyone instantly runs off with him, not that I blame them. Bo and Kenzi spot the bell, and keep watch for Sabine. Dyson and Sabine also locate the bell, and Sabine hauls ass for it, but its too late Mr. Green has her in his sights. He takes down his stag, shooting her though the heart with and arrow. New Ash crowned, and Dyson takes control of the body. Mr. Green figures out who Bo is, and makes a veiled threat.

Once clear, Lauren comes in, and removes the arrow. Hamish spun Sabine out of the kill shot, resulting in a flesh wound and Lauren, administers the antidote to the poison. Sabine got her happy ending. Mr. Green got his crown. Dyson got an apology and an offer he couldn’t accept. Bo got her heart broken.

The Black Thorn and Trick finally have a drink and hash things out. Looks like the Black Thorn isn’t black hearted, he may have pointed Sabine in Bo’s direction and he wasn’t in town just to crown a new Ash, or to check out Bo. He was looking into rumors about a Blood King, a rumor Trick would like to disappear. Trick wants no power, and for Aoife to remain wherever she is. Black Thorn gets the message for his counsel, loud and clear.

Bo and Kenzi bond over ice cream. Bo feels like she made an ass of herself, because well she did, but Bo’s eternal cheerleader doesn’t see it that way. Kenzi tells her about the first guy she fell for, and the subsequent “Tim Effect.” Her head understood it was time to let go when it was over, but her heart didn’t and she could never get the same feeling back because something inside wouldn’t let her. The Norn is causing the “Tim Effect” on Dyson, but he did it all for her, and now Bo has to let him go and she’s got to tell him she’s okay with them just being friends, even it’s a lie. Kenzi goes to get more ice cream, and Bo is alone. Cue sobbing uncontrollably to a Celine Dion song ala Bridget Jones.

So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Anyone else ready to go Norn hunting and restore Dyson? And what was up with Lauren’s panic attack over a new Ash? Or what about the new Ash? 1) what the hell is he? And 2) how big of a prick is he going to be?


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