Lost Girl Recap S2E1: Something Wicked This Fae Comes

Thank goodness for Syfy. Season One of Lost Girl ended just last week, and Syfy isn’t planning on torturing their fans with a hiatus, nope, they’re giving us season two now! It's like they know me and my impatience! And it's only fair since Canada has already seen it. I know it's made in Canada, but Lost Girl goes to Fan Expo up there, and we have nothing like it. Plus Season Three is now filming so it’s premiere is just around the corner, and I need to be caught up before then. Now let’s jump in.

Season 1’s finale dropped a lot of bombs, Trick used his blood, Aoife was Bo's mom and batshit crazy, the Ash is likely dead or dying, Bo found her mother only to lose her, and Dyson lost not his wolf but he sacrificed his heart to the Norn. Oh my.

Bo and Hale do a little tunnel hunting, searching for some underfae, that were pets of the Elders, who are all dead thanks to Vigilante Barbie, Aoife. Dyson is MIA, and Kenzi joins the fun just in time to almost become a birdie snack. Bo gets scratched, and Kenzi gets take out, which has been happening too much with Dyson missing.

A tow truck comes to help some carney folk, and ends up dinner instead.

Trick is nearly healed from his little writing session and Lauren muses over his fast healing. Hale gives the update on the underfae hunting. Lauren gets a call of a body found filleted, a fae kill. Hale and Bo roshambo it, and Bo loses. As much as I love Dyson, so far I’m digging on seeing more Hale, yeah yeah I know it’s only 5 mins into season 2, but I love me some Siren.

Bo brings Lauren along for the ride to look at the kill site, and her glee brings out the snark in Kenzi. Bo notices the large number of tracks in the mud nearby. Kenzi suggests asking Trick for a tracker since Mr. Dyson has flown the coop, and Bo worries he may never come back. But Kenzi knows better, she hasn’t canceled her team Dyson membership yet, she knows he’ll come back, eventually. And timeline is established, he’s been gone three weeks.

Finally we see Dyson, who’s just been hauled into the police station, thankfully Hale is there to welcome him home after a little roadhouse brawl. Hale used a little of his sweet siren magic to get Dyson off, but Dyson claims he could have handled it. Hale gives Dyson the update on the fae. He’s needed at home, but just Bo’s name fills our favorite wolf with sadness. Hale has no clue how not normal things are gonna be.

And yes folks, the circus is in town, with there small carny hands, and smelling of cabbage. The culprit in the filleting regurgitates the skin, and the ringmaster (?) gives it to a lackey. What secrets does this skin hold, and why is the hand so perfect when the rest of the skin is less so. Ewww.

Bo and Kenzi’s new tracker has a bad case of allergies, and he’s not sexy like their previous one. Wow, big fail on both accounts. But dog boy comes through, and Kenzi gives him a large bag of pharmaceutical grade allergy medicine. Before leaving he warns the girls that the Circus folk are fae, not one like they had assumed, but all.

In circus land, Bo meets Zael the Ringmaster. Bo brings greetings from the Ash, and Zael drops the act immediately. Bo cuts to the chase immediately, and asks about the body. Zael tries to explain quickly, and shows that the filleter is in his cage. Zael offers her a place in their freak show, Bo politely declines, and although she claims everything is all good, just a little bit of paperwork to file, she has other things in mind. They see a little girl, and then she’s gone in a blink, creeping Bo and Kenzi out and they hightail it out of there.

Over at the Dal, Buzz acts as though he’s on a campaign trail instead of just doing the Ashes bidding, which does not please Trick one bit. Hale calls and tells Trick, and therefore Bo, that Dyson is home.

Dyson fumes over his bargain with the Norn, polishing some chrome, seriously, and looking way too sexy when Bo bursts in and slugs him a good one. Sad wolf looks good on him and all, but it seems that his stay in doucheville has rubbed off on him a bit. He bypasses all of Bo’s questions and focuses on the case at hand.

Lauren comes back with her report. All she knows is that it’s fae. Bo tells the small group about the fae circus folk, and offers to show Dyson the group, but he brushes her off, taking the findings with him to Hale. Trick tries to keep things light, and asks for her help to take her mind off Dyson.

Dyson and Hale head to Camp Carnie, which has been abandoned. As in everything, cars, clothes, everything has been abandoned.  Not only that, but they’ve made sure that Dyson can’t track them, by salting their path. But they left something behind, some charred skin.

Lauren looks over the skin, and finds that there was a tattoo on the inside. Which is very old, and while the deceased was wearing it. Ouch. The tattoo is a map. Dyson calls Trick, and tells him about the map. Trick of course knows of a few things it could be.

Bo and Kenzi talk about Dyson, and his current dick head moves. He’s completely going against everything Kenzi has learned from Romantic Comedies. Poor guy gives up his heart to save the girl, and she calls him a dick, ok so she doesn’t know the extent of his sacrifice, but still she needs to cut the guy some slack.
Something has been eating Trick’s book, a Tesso, which eats books to gain knowledge, and can transform into rats. Eww. His jacket is from the Sluagh, the wandering damned, which seem to be the carnie folk. They became outcast by trying to play the light and dark during the war. And surprise, surprise they’re known for their thievery.

Lauren tells Bo about her latest results, while Bo tries to get Lauren to rest. The guy missing his skin was light fae, a doonie, a helpful road fae. Although she couldn’t derive anything more from the map, she did get a lead from the tattoo on his hand. Using the Ash’s access, she found two more men with the same symbol, men who I’m guessing are dead or in danger. Lauren finally takes a siesta, and I’m wondering why the writers are pushing Lauren so hard. I am not a Lauren fan, I don’t trust her, and she isn’t about sexing somebody because her boss told her to. Bottom line, I dislike her, and don’t want to see her paired with Bo again. Please, please introduce someone new rather than more Lauren and Bo. It was awful the first time around, and I really really hate Lauren.

Kenzi catches Trick, in what she thinks in the middle of dissecting the rat. Instead Trick is just trying to remove a bit of parchment caught in his teeth that spells trouble.

At the crack shack, Kenzi delivers her news, just as Bo finds the skinned man’s hand tattoo in one of Lauren’s research books. Seems the Sluagh are after the Sword of Agros, and Bo just found the location. Dyson calls with more bad news. One of the two guys on Bo’s list is dead.

In Lauren’s lab, she finds that Ralph was carrying a sheath, as in, inside of his body. He was carrying the Sword of Agros.

The Sluagh needed the sword to steal the Ash’s land. The Ash performs a ceremony called Bo See Nah Ta La , he marries the land. He promises to protect the land, and the land brings prosperity It takes corporeal form, he mates. Kenzi whispers to Hale “Talk about laying some turf.” “Pounding some ground” Hale follows up with. Haha, but killjoy Dyson doesn’t even crack a smile. So his funny button is broken too. The Sluagh needs to fully sever the already weakened bond. The skin map will take them to the heart stone, which when broken will sever the connection and allow the Sluagh to claim the land for their own. Trick plans to summon Buzz to see if he knows the location of the heart stone. Bo tries to get Dyson alone, but Dyson is having none of it. Rather than beating around the bush, Kenzi comes right out and ask about his wolfy manistration. Dyson cracks a smile, and tells her he missed her too. And Hale even mentions how different Dyson is. Dyson finally confesses about his shoddy deal with the Norn, but Hale points out that the fae tales end with a kiss, and that Bo’s lips are super charged. Plus, before this moment becomes a Celine Dion song, doesn’t he know that Love will Find a way?. Hale tells him that what the Norn took, Bo may be able to get back.

 Buzz talks about the good ole days, and Trick tries to get him to focus on the heart stone. He and Kenzi try to keep him on track as he draws them a map, and finally Bo confronts Dyson. She gives him one heck of a pep talk, and gets the tiniest of smiles.

Dyson and Bo head out to search for the heart stone. Bo opens a door and nearly gets skewered. Dyson saves her just in time. The Sluagh were prepared for them, and they find that they have a rat in their midst, not the Tasso kind, the traitorous less furry and cute kind.

Our dear Blood King roughs up Buzz, for his traitorous acts. The acting Ash is a bad, bad man looking for a big payout. And unfortunately, they may be too late. Cut to Zael using the sword to break the heart stone. The land takes form, and not only is she smoking hot, she is not pleased.

The group is assembled, and they grill Buzz. Tesso was looking for an incantation to supercharge Zael by funneling sex energy for them. Sexy pagan underground flash raves can’t be too hard to find right? And Kenzi knows where to find one, and a little too happy to locate it.

Kenzi, Bo, Dyson and Hale go into the rave, and Bo is hungry. There is more than a little sexual energy in the place. Hale plans to split up. He and Dyson working together to silence the Tesso, and Kenzi tries to get Bo to focus, threatening to cuff her muff. Whoever writes Kenzi’s lines is a genius, seriously I want to lick their brain, and taste their brilliance, but not in a creepy Hannibal Lector way.

Bo and Kenzi split up, and Bo spots the creepy little girl from the circus, and Dyson comes up from behind all Stalker style. He’s intense, and they share a smooch, and he sends her on her merry way.

Zael mounts the Land, but Bo interrupts before he can have his fun. Hale and Dyson find the rat man, and while Hale goes over a plan, Dyson snaps his neck, cutting off Zael’s power source. Poor guy. Maybe he should have just used a Cialis instead. Bo sends the Land on her way, and Zael tries to get Bo over to his side. But Bo is less than sympathetic, outcast or not, she doesn’t plan on giving up her home.

Trick share a drink with Dyson, toasting to the Sluagh leaving. He thought the Sluagh were his punishment, he tells Dyson he used his gift to keep Aoife from hurting Bo. And his gift always has a punishment. Dyson doesn’t tell him about his sacrifice though.

Dyson sees Bo, and it looks like it may be confession time. She asks if they’re gonna start this reunion over again, and he asks if she’s going to punch him. Awww, this isn’t going to end well. She asks where he’d been, and he shuts down. So she starts, she tells him that she could feel him with her during her fight with Aoife, and though she asked him to stay out of it, but she’s thankful for his interference. Dyson finally tells her that he asked the Norn to give her his strength, and that he had to pay a steep price. The Norns take what is valued most, and he didn’t know at the time what it was. He offered her his wolf, but instead she took his love for her, and that smoking hot kiss at the rave was their last. It was his test, and they failed, he feels nothing. It’s a big blow, with repercussions likely to be felt all season long.  

The creepy little girl is back, and she tells Bo she isn’t a part of the Sluagh. She comes to warn of impeding disaster, terror, tragedy, plague, and to bear witness. She isn’t sure of specific, only that Bo is drawing her. The light fae’s covenant with the land with the land will repair over time, but this is far worse, something old is coming for Bo. And season two’s big bad is alluded to.

Season 2 is starting off strong. Whose excited?


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