Prometheus says Suck This Fans

Well, it looks like at least one crew member won’t make it home, or will he/she?  Ridley Scott has kept us guessing for months whether Prometheus is a prequel to Alien or not.  Though he says no, we have found out there is a tie-in to the Alien franchise with the robot/cyborg creator, Weyland Industries. 
The new international trailer for Prometheus offers more views of what we can expect.  I suspect these may not the aliens we’ve seen before, but it appears Ridley has included a new, more terrifying face sucker plus an eye worm. Eww, gotta love that. There's also a glimpse of what looks like the dead alien and it's chair for the beginning of Alien.  One thing is for sure; Prometheus will increase your heart rate, terrify you, and make you think twice about visiting a strange planet in hopes of finding alien life forms.  “Big things have small beginnings.”


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