Mix a corrupt NYC police department, the Russian mob, the Chinese mob, and a kidnapped girl from China.  Stir and add a pinch of Jason Statham.  Well, maybe a dash.  Oh hell, throw in the whole bag.  What do you get?  SAFE
Jason Statham stars as former elite-agent, Luke Wright, who lost a lot of money for a betting Russian mobster.  He stumbles upon Mei (Catherine Chan), a girl both the Russian and Chinese mobs are chasing.  The Chinese mob is using Mei for her eidetic memory.  She has a code in her head that everyone including some high ranking NYC police officials desperately wants.  Enter Statham to save the day.

SAFE is probably one of my favorite Statham movies.  The basic plot is believable, the fight scenes; plenty, there’s genuinely humorous dialog and good music.  The beginning jumps around in time a bit, but settles into the present time after the first 15 minutes.  There’s no love interest here (rare for a Statham film), but there also isn’t any room for one.  Any attempt to add a lover for Statham would have seemed forced.

Is it realistic?  Hell no, it’s a Jason Statham movie.  Is it bloody and violent?  Of course, it’s a Jason Statham movie.  If you enjoy ass-kicking (literally), non-stop action and funny (not corny) one-liners, then don’t miss SAFE.

Opens in theaters today.


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